B1 4v4 Season Preview S12

By Capitol P

So it’s that time again. The summer is (almost) here, and after a long 3 week offseason, it’s time to get back to work at the Wall Ball arena. We’ve moved from Wednesday Night to Tuesday night, and kicked the B2 East out of the CAC and banished them to the outer reaches of Somerville or something.

Then I had to put Sam in a headlock because he thought he was going to be working this league for some reason, and I was simply not having that. No 18 year old is going to take my league from me. Have fun at the Cambridge Y with the C league, Sam..

Last season’s champs, Ourselves OFF (or is it OFF Ourselves? I’m still confused about that) are returning to try to continue their undefeated streak from last season, but it will probably be more difficult this season than last season, when there were only 2 other teams out of the 6 that were even remotely capable of beating them.

Luckily for Scott Bailey and company, only one of those teams came back for more this season. The rest of the league is made up of the cream of the crop from B2 (aka the teams that wanted to keep playing Tuesday night at CAC), and a bunch of teams that have a bunch of players I’ve never heard of or seen before.

That being said, here is my pre-season ranking/preview for the summer, followed by a few Bold (and baseless) Predictions..

9. CTC – This is a group of guys who have been playing together for a while now, so I don’t expect a donut from them, but after being a middle-of-the-pack team in B2E last season, I can’t see them being a contender in a bigger, deeper league this season.

8. RBM – Rookie Alert! None of these guys have ever laced up for a game at CAC, so I have no idea what to expect, beyond the entertainment of the wall sneaking up on a few of them on fast breaks. It should take them a few games to get used to the thunderdome, and then I will be able to judge what I’m seeing.

7. Akamai – More Rookies! Not only are they all rookies, but there are 10 of them! I’m speechless..

6. Pick-Up All-Stars – I was supposed to play on this team, but I decided I’d rather not compromise my integrity and should just stay impartial and keep my drunk ass on the balcony. There are only 3 guys on the roster so far, but word in the team offices is that Cruz and Mitchell are recruiting some serious talent to run with them after Frazier, Kuz and I declined. And then there’s CUBA, so that may negate some of that talent.

5. Beers After – I like the team name. More of a mantra. We are getting into the portion of the program where I actually know who some of the players are. Leone and the Laham’s crew is a bunch of guys who mostly played in the 5v5 leagues. Let’s see how they adjust their games to the tighter spaces of the Wall Ball Arena.

4. 6’3″ and Up – I hope this isn’t false advertising. For their sake. If it is, I expect them to be in trouble. Also hurting their chances: JTho. He may be big and tall, but if he doesn’t take his big and tall ass in the paint, and instead decides he wants to go 2 for 10 from 3 every night, it will be a long season for the tall (?) guys.

3. Upstate Connection – I don’t know any of these guys, but a quick perusal of their stats from previous seasons and leagues shows a bunch of guys who are solid players. No idea about their size, but just off the numbers I saw, I like these guys to be one of the more competitive teams this season. But if they aren’t big enough, then they too will fall to Off Ourselves.

2. Team Bring It – The roster is looking a little light for Bobby right now, but I expect the usual cast of characters to show up for this team this season.

1. Ourselves OFF – They have the reigning MVP returning (Shaeffer-Hines.. Wait, did he change his name in the offfseason?), the guy who should have been the MVP (Polansky), and the guy who could have been MVP if he showed up more (Corbett), and with the departure of Kuz for draftland, Khalid is now officially the best pg in the league. 11-0 last season (including playoffs), and counting..

Bold (and baseless) Predictions:

– At least one of the rookie teams will turn out to be really good, and end Off Ourselves’ B1 dominance. Maybe Akamai will show up with a roster full of D2 all-americans. There are 10 of them, so some of them have to be good, right?

– Adam Polansky will win the MVP as a makeup call for last season. Not much of a reach, since I give out the awards.

– JTho will lead the league in missed 3’s. I thought these were supposed to be bold predictions?

– Beers After will show up drunk for late games, and change their name to Beers Before. I might change my name from Capitol P to Beers During.

– Bobby C’s face will show some sort of emotion during a game. Now there’s a bold prediction!

– Scott Bailey will average 10 assists per game because he will bring me beer every week. (Yes, I do accept bribes for stats – Beer and weed, no cash)

– The league will continue to be fun for everyone involved because it is Kap-Free. Self-explanatory.

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