B1 5v5 Awards

Here’s at least my take, Eric I’m curious to hear what you think:

Jeff Dickson
Runners up: Abel, Brooks Dyer, Royce Henry

Abel was my early pick for MVP but his team slipped the last couple games and while Brooks is the heart of BSC-Wellington, the emergence of Shane Brunette on the offensive side has decreased the value to his team. Henry I stand by my statement: he has the ability to be the single most dominant player on the floor…when he chooses to. While it certainly is a great thing that he lets his worthy teammates help him carry the load, it nonetheless knocks him out of the MVP race.

Jeff Dickson, more than anyone else, nearly single handedly carried Boneyard to the top of the standings. While the whole team offers their contributions, Dickson is the one that separates the squad from the middle of the pack. He steps up and propels the team to victory whether it’s draining a three, driving to the hoop, or getting to the line. Without him, the team would likely be a lower half seed rather than #1.

Brendan Lang
Runners up: Chris McMahon, Abel

Never really got a chance to see McMahon, but he must be doing something right given he leads the league in points. Maybe Eric will make the case for him. Abel could score in bunches but he had his streaks where nothing would fall. Bacon’s Lang took it to the next level: he could score at will. When the deep ball wasn’t dropping (which was only every now and then), Lang switched up his game to the strong and unstoppable drives that won him the award. He obviously liked to score. And score he did.

D-PoY (Beast award)
Shane Brunette

Not even close here. Every board was his. A monster lurking down low, embarrassing opposing players with block after block, long lurking arms snatching passes. Brunette was the epitomy of an animal, with a motor to kick too. Don’t think anyone ever was able to put a body on him and I’m starting to think nobody ever will.

Floor General of the Year:
Ben Max
Runner up: Brooks Dyer

Both of them were the heart and soul of their team but it was Max that eeks this out due to his nonstop support for every single one of his players. They miss a shot, Max tells them to shoot again. Miss again? Just keep shooting. He wanted to see his teammates succeed more than anyone else out there. Future coach? Hopefully.

Tommy award: Estella
How could I not give him an award? LET’S GOOOOO!!!!! DAHHHHHH!!!!!!! They should start giving out points for intensity.

Finals prediction
Gotta go with GTL. They’re too deep and except on a horrible shooting night, were unstoppable. Could see Lotion here too if Royce Henry takes over.

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