B1 5v5 East F 2010 Awards Show Hosted By Capitol P And DRuff

The regular season is over, and you know what that means.. Time for the B1 5v5 East Regular Season Awards Show!! Hosted by Capitol P and DRuff!!

We have a lot of awards to get to, all the usuals, and one or two new awards too, so stay tuned.

Whoever said “Save the best for last” may have had a point, but every rule needs to be broken, so we are going to go with the big enchilada right out of the gate:

Most Valuable Player: Sam Taub
DRuff put it best: “The most dominant player on the team with the best record and in the league. This was an easy choice” Thanks. Couldn’t have said it better. Honorable Mentions go to Mike Dunleavy (Love the NBA names), Adam DeChristopher (See below), and Andy Herlihy (Kept his team competitive all season).

Rookie Of The Year: Adam DeChristopher
Again, this was an easy call. The guy just showed up with no prior CACsketball experience and led the league in scoring, 3-point shooting, Player Rating (PR) and Offensive Player Rating (OPR), and even made top-10 Defensive Player Rating (DPR)
Honorable Mentions Mike Dunleavy (Second in OPR and third in PR) and Michael Jordan (Didn’t crack under the pressure of his name and tattoo).

Why do we call it “Rookie of the year”? Shouldn’t it be “Rookie Of The Season”? We run 3 separate seasons every calendar year here at CAC. Maybe we should get all the ROS’s from each calendar year to play a round-robin tournament for the rights to be called “Rookie Of the Year”.

Druff says “P!! Focus!!”

My bad…

Offensive Player of the Year: Adam DeChristopher
The ROS strikes again. That’s right, I’m calling it now. It’s “Rookie Of The Season”, not “Rookie Of The Year”. If The Corp had finished with a better record than 4-5, the ROS might have won the MVP. Honorable Mentions go to Sam Taub (MVP! MVP!), Javier Fores (Is it Fores or Flores? Probably should have cleared this up early in the season), and Lance Devero (Scores almost as much as he talks).

Defensive Player of the Year: Andy Herlihy
League leader in DPR. Played hard for 44 minutes. Was like running into a brick wall trying to get around, through, or by him. What else can you ask? Honorable Mentions go to Jim Daigneault (B1 5v5 East’s very own 2005 Andre Kirilenko), Mike Dunleavy (So close to winning an award), Adam DeChristopher (MVP! MV-I mean, ROS! ROS!)

Sixth Man: Chris Bruff
So what if he only played six games this season, and the only reason he was coming in off the bench was because he was late to the game? Whatever the reason he wasn’t starting was, when he came into the game, The Corp got big down low (no homo). Honorable Mention goes to JJ Naimkey (one of the most efficient scorers coming in off the bench, he should have played more).

High Riser: Lance Devero
DRuff Says “Had some of the illest dunks this year”, including one in week 8 against the Wolverines where he had to pull himself from the game after the play because, he said, even he wasn’t expecting that. Honorable Mentions go to Jim Rahill (White Men CAN Jump, sometimes), and Quincy Nunnally (It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a skinny brotha in a CAC jersey!)

Now, speaking of the High Riser award (DRuff says “Good transition, P”), I was lucky enough to be one of 15 people to witness something that I don’t think any of us expected to see, or even knew what to do at first when we saw it, and it inspired me to create a new award to honor it, and since I couldn’t come up with something more catchy, I have named it after the player who inspired it. So, we have the inaugural…

Ryan McAndrew Award for Most Unexpected Dunk: Ryan McAndrew “The Captain”
It was week 8. King BrewHA is playing The Wolverines. Late in the game, The Captain gets the ball on the far side bass line, spins toward the bassline, takes two steps toward the bucket, and… Did he just dunk it?!! 2 seconds of silence, then “Ooooohh!!”

GM of the Year: The Captain
King BrewHA lost their starting PG from last season when he moved for a job, so what does he do? He goes out and signs perennial MVP candidate and eventual F2010 MVP Sam Taub, for what I can only assume was a 30 rack of PBR and a half ounce of strawberry cough. Honorable Mention goes to Fidel Castro (or is it Juan Castro calling the shots these days?).

It wouldn’t be a Boston-Area league sponsored by a bar named Tommy Doyle’s without giving out a…

Tommy Award: Phil Van Voorhies
He didn’t put up flashy numbers, but he was all over the court making plays for his team. It was down to him and Jim D, and he won out because I have to show love to guards. Honorable Mentions go to Jim Daigneault (He didn’t put up flashy numbers, but he was all over the court making plays for his team) and Jeff Clem (He didn’t put up flashy numbers, but he was all over the court making plays for his team).

All-Defensive Team:
Andy Herlihy
Mike Dunleavy
Ryan McAndrew
Jim Daigneault
Sam Taub

All Stars
1st team
Sam Taub
Adam DeChristopher
Mike Dunleavy
Andy Herlihy
Ryan McAndrew

2nd team
Lance Devero
Javier Fores
Quincy Nunnally
Joe Fabiano
Kevin Ostrander

Chris Bruff
Phil Van Voorhies
Jim Daigneault
Chris Laham

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