B1 5v5 East Mid-Season All-Star Classic

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Well – instead of the usual banter about the B 5-on-5 that generates a lackluster response or 10 – Frail and I decided to give you something you actually never got last year. No, no – Frail is not getting you all Vegas hookers or a night with JBerr and I’m not breaking out the Genzyme gold card (yet). But we are going to pick a mid-season All-Star team since each and every one of you were robbed last season out of a legit All-Star game at the end of the Winter season.

Usually the All-Star Selection show is reserved for the end of the year ñ but since you did not get a game last year AND since this league is shaping up like a NBA breeding ground with all the talent roaming ñ letís get a mid-season All-Star ballot on the docket.

Tibbs and I did something similar at the end of the Winter B2 West season and chose sides in an All-Star game. I, of course, took it to another level as I “coached” one side and Tibbs…well, he did the clock and thought he’d win by osmosis

FRAIL: Whoa whoa whoa … I can give them a night with Jberr. Guys need to make offers. I can make things happen. Who wants Jberr first? Hallsy? Nah – she’d eat you alive. Actually ñ letís take that out of the blog and scratch that. I don’t think anyone of you could handle her.

Back to this All-Star thing. Yea – BFab and Tibbs did this last session and guess what? Bfab sold me to the devil and didn’t pick me. Instead, I had to play for Tibbs and well … we lost but I take ZERO blame for it. I did my part. Guys need to step there games!

I am out for revenge now. BFab is going down. I see more games. I see more players. And I can read his mind. I know exactly what he wants. And I will deny this the glory of saying … I can GM better teams. Because I will prove him wrong here. And when it matters later this year if his group can make it that far. Thatís right I am already talking smack for B2.

BFAB: We all (all three of us) know exactly why Tibbs’ “team” failed – and you were a part of that failure. Selfish sally statements – like “I did my part” don’t cut it on undefeated, undisputed B2 Unification Champions. But why not focus on the task at hand? But before we do that – let’s compare resumes:

– BFab – 5 championship banners.
– Marc Frail….Bueller….Bueller…zippo, Mr. Backstreet Boy.

I’m 1-0 in All-Star games as a GM – I don’t plan on losing to a guy who can’t handle Half Priced Apps – no less choosing a team that controls his destiny. Your GM resume consists of failures – I donít expect any different here.

FRAIL: Whoa was that a MikeD reference?

BFAB: Maybe I mixed up who I was talking to – but shockingly MikeD actually has a banner.

FRAIL: He isn’t even associated with that team – unless by reference or reverence – so he can say he won something since 1986. Tibbs has a banner as well. Need I say more? Even I could win there were only 5 teams

BFAB: Tibbs and MikeD have 1 apiece – you have none – and you are taking on a tall task here. This is not like taking on Five Hard Fouls in a 3-point shooting contest, M3. You think you can “best” me in an All-Star draft? But I do agree – Big Nice was winning championships when you were in diapers and there were two leagues and three teams. ëWhen OíCal Ruled The World (imagine that)í

FRAIL: I have learned while I am still learning how to play basketball that I can pick great teams. Letís explore what I have down. Quantity does not equal quality. You get 5 teams a session. You are like the #1 pick in the NBA draft with the amount of chances at a banner. I put a team in a session (well to if you count A1):

– Session 1 – Unification round.
– Session 2 – Preseason #1 A1 and a 5-0 squad that looks posed to waltz.

I trust my talent department. Not even a few weak jabs from you could knock me off my barstool. But enough about what I will do to you later this session in another league. I thought we were having a draft?

BFAB: Well – since I am the elder statement of this format I am giving you the first pick. It worked for me the first time in last season’s B2 All-Star game so why change something that is not broken. Snake draft. I get the next two. BUT are there stipulations? Does a player have to be drafted from every team? Does a player have to have a certain amount of games played?

Or we going purely by the player rater – which is so flawed – hence the reason Tibbs lost to me.

FRAIL: You can draft whomever you want but minimum of two games played. Because in theory that means they will meet the five-game minimum. Thatís right guys … if you do not play in 5 games you can kiss the playoffs goodbye. New World Order is coming through.

I donít care about Tibbsí player rater. I am drafting the best. I will give it your call if we must draft at least 1 guy from every team. But I do recall last session it was prison rules and team affiliation meant nothing.

BFAB: We did toss the NBA rule to the curb that every team needed to be represented – with that being said – you’ve never seen Slow Dance Monday’s and the B2 game consisted of only 12 players being selected from 12 teams. The deck was stacked against the lesser-lights yet only two teams were not represented. I remember Drago being one of them and the Beavers being the other until I deftly chose Dan Valles knowing Tibbs would never want a guy who hustles and plays dirty when needed.

FRAIL: Oh wait that was the draft my team got 3 guys. Interesting

BFAB: But with 20 guys – 10 to a squad we have a bevy of players to chose from and maybe it makes it a little more difficult for a green GM like you to take a veteran GM like me on mano y mano. Yeah – you got three guys in – and you still couldn’t win a title or an All-Star game with your great team building. My old man memory is slipping ñ who did you lose to again?

No need to answer that. You taking first pick? Or are you stalling?

FRAIL: Ha … 8 … 10 … sounds like the number of drinks we drink after doing the games tonight! And yes you won … you divided my team and left me to dry, but its time to draft!!

With the first pick I take – Andy Herlihy. There are so many choices … but the guy is a beast. Plays with a solid group. Team guy. My guy.

BFAB: What’s great? I am watching “Midnight Run” on Encore Mystery and then realized you were picking your nose in Sister Mary Jane’s second grade class in 1988. Or reading the Old Testament figuring out how the yamika fits on your N-Sync Hair. That leaves me with two selections:

FRAIL: No idea what any of that stuff is. How old are you again? Pre BC? Wait what is that sound? MVP MVP MVP …oh thatís right I took last years MVP. Funny how that works.

BFAB: Well – you made this very easy. You want team guys?? You left the ultimo team guy hanging around and he is the straw that stirs the top ranked team going into the second half of the season on the board

I go inside and out with my two selections. One who jacks ëem and one you cleans up the mess. I got the Half Priced Apps Kevin Ostrander and Genzyme’s own Todd Billet. K.O. is the be-all end-all on both ends of the floor in this league. He exonerates himself from MikeD (personally said he tossed him to the curb) and is taking his boys on his shoulders tied atop the division at 4-1. And you think I’m leaving Billet off my team? Please. This isn’t as easy as it looks now is it? Oddly enough – I just checked and while you have “Mr. MVP” who leads the league in PR – I got the next two and I have my inside-out connection. That’s right – that’s called building a TEAM ñ one guard, one big man.

FRAIL: ha! See for all your choices I have the counters. Great choices BTW. But not enough. KO is a stud. Billet is well Billet. But my next selection is the Anti-KO. And thatís Molynaux. Maybe a little high … but I do recall Cold Blooded punching Half Priced Apps in the face and well Molynaux dropping 19 with 4 blocks on KO. So that will give me 2 of the best shot blockers in the league.

BFAB: Not a chance. And I’m not telling you why cause I know you will overreact and ìpull a Tibbsî
And drafting Molynaux this high is a REEEEEEEACH. Nim would even concur.

FRAIL: My next selection is going to be Big Brian Ross. Everyone needs a sharp shooter. I will take mine in the form of a 6’8 Boston College giant. I dare you to even try to enter the paint.

BFAB: Love it – absolutely love it. Totally set you up. If a guy shows for two games out of six – you think he is showing for the All-Star game? No way JOSE. And there are very few 6 8íí replacements here.

FRAIL: Herlihy, Molynaux, Ross … I hope you draft a team of 3pt shooters because I got you covered.

BFAB: That’s the difference between you and me. I draft guys that care to show up and care to play. Ask Greenberg. Cold Blooded has not even had their BYE yet. They’ve played six and he’s shown to two.
But you are very bottom, top, and very horizontally and vertically heavy with these three.

FRAIL: He has missed one game since he joined. Nim wants a banner. No way Nim lets a stud like this watch TV all day.

BFAB: who’s covering Billet’s 50 in from those three? No one…NIM AINT WALKING THROUGH THOSE DOORS!

FRAIL: I got a plan. And that plan I will follow. Even if it is a trail of empty beer cans. It will lead to full ones.

BFAB: Speaking of that ñ Iím empty handed. (14 seconds later) ñ now, Iím not

FRAIL: Good maybe you will start drafting a real team soon.

BFAB: Iím shocked you have yet to pick anyone from your team of love children. You know who they are probably by pet nicknames. And it stays that way with my two selections.

You want someone to cover Herlihy?? I’m taking someone who actually may care just as much as I do when it comes to winning. And Iím proud to say we can finally say we join forces. I like pairing myself with winners – and Preston Raymond is a winner.

He’s winning in A1, he’s winning in B 5-on-5, heck – if I have it my way – he’ll be winning in B1 next season as well when I get him the sales operations job sitting right beside me. Then – Iím taking the one guy I feel I failed with. Sure – I got him in the interview door but some hi-jinks must have occurred as my word should be gold within the Evil Empire walls.

These two words will have you sink into your Coors Lite stupor even deeper – Royce Henry

FRAIL: So Preston and Royce?

BFAB: Did I studder? So far – Billet, Ostrander, Preston, and Royce

FRAIL: Guess that means I am up and I donít even need to ponder this one. I take Gaines and OíCal. I will keep adding size and then add the best PG in the CAC. If OíCal can turn Tibbs into a winner he can lead this team to victory. Also you do know that Molynaux also stuffed the hell out of Royce? You keep drafting and well I keep recalling what I have seen.

BFAB: This is an All-Star team not the team that can jump the highest. Man – Moly was such a reach and you know how I know that? You keep bringing him up to justify it.

FRAIL: Not a reach. I am a man with a plan.

BFAB: Gaines and Ross….who’s a “team player” there?

FRAIL: I knew who’d you take. And I picked my kryptonite early. Instead of waiting on it and watching someone else take it. Just as I watched Mytro go in A1 when I was the only person who knew who he was.
Ocal is Super Glue. He made Tibbs powerful again.

BFAB: I’ll give you O’Cal – but as he blushed slightly from the “best point guard in the CAC” comment he just realized on your starting team – he is guarding Billet. And Tibbs lost to Gerrity ñ so even OíCalís magic is wearing off and heís BY FAR not the best player on this team. Heck – not even the best guard. Are you watching games or Hallsy’s g-string? Seriously.

FRAIL: You do know I could play a 3-2 zone with my size. Thatís right … not a 2-3 zone but the old school 3-2 zone.

BFAB: O’Cal sits for his brothers – he runs the team in B 5-on-5 and manages the minutes and defers – but he’s not guarding Billet and hell – he’s not guarding his own teammate either. My team is going to run your guys out of the building by the six minute mark of the first half. Zones?? Please ñ you sound like Karikut now.

FRAIL: Yawn … you are talking about DMAC now? Yeah heís a stud but I watched as Preston and his “BIG” squad held him to 14 points shutting down his lanes. I countered this pick 3-4 picks ago. OíCal is Moses. He could make me shine. I trust him with my team. He brings out the best in everyone. And of course he would love nothing more than to stick it to you. This is a dream come true to him. Now it does not compare to my first time but its close (First time reference being that Tibbs said being drafted by O’Cal was better than his first time).

BFAB: I’m going with two guards better then O’Cal. And yes – O’Cal, Mazzone, probably Turin and Finn would like nothing more to see me lose to a parking ticket never mind a hoops game but you are not as drunk as you type as I am rooooooling with DMAC as my two-guard and then as my sixth-man – Mr. Energy – I’m again sticking with what I know – Khalid Lakanwal. Kid Khalid off the bench?? Spells Billet and DMac? Couldnít think of a guy with more heart to run my second squadron

FRAIL: OOOOOH – BFAB taking Genzyme?? Never would have thought that! How about a recap of the pics so far? You know if you arenít too excited over there.

BFAB: Honestly – my shorts are getting a little tight.

FRAIL: Stop eating then ñ BOOM ROASTED!


– PG Billet
– SF Preston Raymond
– PF Royce Henry
– C K.O
– 6th man – Khalid Lakanwal

FRAIL: Very nice ñ and for me:

– PG ñ OíCal
– SG ñ Lance Gaines
– SF ñ James Molynaux
– PF ñ Andy Herlihy
– C ñ Brian Ross

I think my big four 4 average … hmm lets say 6’4” and up? With OíCal being the glue.

BFAB: Ross is your center? Kid is still jacking threes in his sleep and you donít think he does that in an All-Star game? Hey – there goes another one.

FRAIL: Center? Yes. I think he could stand up straight fully extended and still win the jump with your team. He will pull whomever you got guarding him out of the paint. But I think its my turn. And I got two picks.

Time to shake things up. You are still smiling over there and I need to change that. What better way than to shake this draft up a bit.

BFAB: Couldnít be happier as I smell a Corporation pick other then I have to dip into the wife’s Mike’s Lemonades

FRAIL: Ha … rookie move! I bet they are diet too.

BFAB: too lazy to pour the good stuff…HEEEEEYYYY – they aren’t but I think that’s a pot shot.

FRAIL: chicks dig the diet label. And so does BFab

BFAB: and ask Filosa what happens when pot shots come my way ñ oblivion

FRAIL: My next to picks go where this draft was headed. And I will take Gabe O’Malley from High Noon. First year guy who knows how to fight in the paint. Sure he is playing with boys but veteran leadership is hard to find. And for my next pick … oh wait … you guessed it. Thunder Dan Smith from The Corporation. I need a ball handler. And thus far he has proved to be very unselfish and calm. Reminds me of myself.

BFAB: You portray the cool, calm, collected type but when you lose consistently to an old man like me I know, the CAC world knows, and even Heather knows – it burns you deep. Didnít you call OíMalley your grandfather or something??

FRAIL: No no no. That was someone else you were referring too. But I did call that team old. But ìoldî is in. And I like Gabe who is a solid baller who performs week in and out and he can help Ocal keep this ship afloat. Also – if ìoldî was out there wouldnít be a cougar and we all know everyone loves a night out at the Warren Tavern.

BFAB: HEY – we agree on something Smile

FRAIL: If and when you see me break a water cooler (yea I went there) then you can say it burns deep. Until then you still to this day have no found a way to make me mad.

BFAB: I need instant offense off the bench and right now – as he reads this – he is thanking the sexual innuendo gods that he does not have to take directions from you. The second pick from the top-dawg leader of the pack so far this season – Chris Hall.

FRAIL: Whoa wait a second … Chris Hall still plays CAC? He is beyond Filosa status.

BFAB: My second selection from the other 4-and-1 team in the mix – the Half Priced Apps – is – are you ready…UNDER RATED – clap clap clap clap clap (come on clap with me) UNDER RATED – CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. Jim Rahill

FRAIL: Now itís getting near the end. I need guys to fit the mold.

BFAB: I have 8 winners – you have 7….well you have 7….I got two more and you have three but donít leave me an easy selection.

FRAIL: Pick 1 ñ sleeper shockerÖBlake Baldwin from the Rebels. Baldwin is not the leading scorer, he is not the leading rebounder, but heís a guy who just gets it. Creates, Scores, and incorporates. A guy that follows his shot and has no fear. Not the first option on that team so I think his potential is far from tapped.

And finally while … no team should have 3. I need my OíCal Version 2.0. So I will take Cokley from Buckets.

I need a sub for OíCal like I need more Cowbell (well rather more super glue). You will flame me for this pick. But I donít care what you say to be honest. Guy doesnít get stats but take him out and that team is like melted candle wax. I am further proving that PR does not equal success.

BFAB: Now Iím all for making the team “friendly” but this is not a g-string convention Frail. This is an All-Star team. Moly was a significant reach with pick #2 – but he’s certainly an all-star. This one is just tossing spaghetti on the wall. Why would you not take O’Cal’s running mate since it seems you want to move into his mama’s basement?

FRAIL: Move into? She lives with me. And I donít need another big guy who doesnít want to play in the paint. I got enough of those.

BFAB: So you made this so easy ñ Iím taking one of the bigs from Big Nice – I’m taking Jon. Jon Press that is.

FRAIL: Not the big name? That whole team is etched on every CAC groupie bed post. Whoa BFab sticking it to Mazzone yet again? Who needs Filosa vs. BFab … I propose Mazzone vs. BFab.

BFAB: It leaves Mazzone on the outside looking in cause – just like Press ñ Iím taking my high energy sleeper from Slow Dance Mondays – Dan Adamson. Adamson is averaging a double-double with no one even in the same zip code as he is in the height department on his own team. Meaning he is banging the boards with the big fellas all on his own and holding his own as well. No need to toss me in a cage with Mazzone. You havenít picked him either and you just said you donít need another big not in the paint. I just feel itís been a tough season for one of the originals. I guess I expect more from a guy who scored 50
against us once. Mazzone is yours and you got one spot left to fill.

FRAIL: But see BFab … this is where I set you up. With my last pick I take Mazzone. Because no only did I just set you up … now I have a motivated group that wants nothing more than to stick it to you. Just like you played firing up Greenberg and then left me for Tibbs.

Consider this payback.

BFAB: Once again – I draft a team. Mazzone is a legend in the walls of the CAC but he doesn’t seem to be getting things done in the first 5-or-6 games. So there is plenty of time for Mazzone to prove me wrong OR for him to shoot 30 times coming cold off your bench to give you a few gray hairs cause Mazz plays second-fiddle to no one. You think Mazzone wants your charity 10th man selection?? I think not.

FRAIL: I think Mazzone seeing your round body on the sidelines will be enough but 10th man? He is the 5th man. Knowing your drafting strategy is half the battle. I knew you’d never take him so why waste early picks on a sure thing?

BFAB: Youo say “no team should have three reps and then you go with four guys from Big Nice? Seems a bit of a stretch in my book with the Half Priced Apps and Hitters only getting two ñ talk about motivation. In fact other then Mazzone – the one other I felt was slighted was Henderson

FRAIL: I do recall early predictions saying Big Nice was a team of all-stars. All-Stars donít win championships .. but they do make great all-star teams.

Henderson is a solid pick. And maybe this is the motivation for him to make the final all-star roster cut. He has shown flashes (owning Hunter from HPA and nabbing them there only loss) but then relatively disappears in other games. The new guy needs consistency.

BFAB: Well ñ that does it folks ñ make your voices HEARD! Who was snubbed? Who are we not watching closely enough? Does Big Nice deserve four selections at 3-2? Go to the Message Boards (the link is along the left side of the website) and tell us who would win this game on the floor. Who you got?? We want to hear your vote!

Ok – for those lazy folks who can’t find the link:  http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php

If you don’t have a Login and Password – contact Tibbs ASAP – get on the boards!

Here are your complete teams:


– PG – Todd Billet – Genzyme
– SG – Dave McClaren ñ Big Nice
– SF – Preston Raymond – Buckets
– PF – Royce Henry – ODB
– C – Kevin Ostrander ñ Half Priced Apps
– G – Khalid Lakanwal – Genzyme
– G ñ Chris Hall ñ Heavy Hitters
– F ñ Jim Rahill ñ Half Prices Apps
– F ñ Jon Press ñ Big Nice
– C ñ Dan Adamson ñ Slow Dance Mondays


– PG ñ Sean OíCallaghan ñ Big Nice
– SG ñ Lance Gaines – Buckets
– SF ñ James Molynaux ñ Cold Blooded
– PF ñ Andy Herlihy ñ Heavy Hitters
– C ñ Brian Ross ñ Cold Blooded
– C ñ Gabe OíMalley ñ High Noon
– G ñ Dan Smith ñ The Corporation
– G ñ Blake Baldwin ñ Running Rebels
– G ñ Ryan Coakley ñ Buckets
– F ñ John Mazzone ñ Big Nice