B1 5v5 Playoff Preview and Awards

By BRob

the playoffs are here, with that in mind remember to sign up for the spring season – the link is here:


I guess with that now discreetly out of the way, we should also talk about matchups and the season that was left behind. So here we go – Wednesday’s matchups look like this:


Fidel’s (-7) v. Jorts: Fidel’s took one on the chin last week against the Beavers. The Jorts looked kinda listless against the Tickets. This one could go either way depending on how well the Jorts shoot from deep. They have a big advantage in the paint, but Fidel’s has it from behind the arc. Look for Fidel’s to re-establish their winning ways and eke this one out.

Big Tickets v. Beavers (-5): I’m giving the nod to the Beavers in this one. Ben Max v. Jason Kayce is a wash as both guys will smother each other on d. That then begs the questions – Will Adio play in this one? Will Jason Oifer step up? Will Pete Arcoma continue his hot shooting from three? In their last game the Tickets looked like a squad ready to make a run in the playoffs – but will they run out of steam against this tought Beavers squad?

Season Awards

MVP: Ben Max – dude never stops running and literally wills wins out of his team. Makes everyone on the Big Tickets better.

Offensive Player of the Year: Patrick Nee – guy is lethal from three and deadly in the clutch; let Fidel’s to a 9 win season

Defensive Player of the Year: Shane Brunette – better give it to the man who averages 16.5 rebounds and 4 blocks a game. I don’t think there is much argument on this one.

First Team All B1 5v5

PG: Max
SG: Adio Ashafa / Jason Kayce
SF: Patrick Nee
PF: Mike Greer
C: Shane Brunette

Second Team

PG: Ryan Kelley
SG: Jay Bramwell
SF: George Karageorgos
PF: Pete Arcoma
C: Anthony Hightower

That’s it, good luck in the playoffs. Fearless prediction: Beavers by 3 in a rematch with Fidel’s. We’ll see how that holds up.

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