B1 East 5v5 Spring 2009 Awards Show

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The third season of B 5v5 is in the books and this has to be the best season to date. While the West won the Unification bout last season – I’m putting my money on this season’s team coming out of the East. Yeah, yeah – I’m bias – but why would I sit and watch the games if I didn’t get invested in hoping “my side” won?

As most of you remember – Freebie Frail and I went toe-to-toe in the Mid-Season All-Star Selection Show. I even posted it on the main site on my blog as I received numerous compliments on how I destroyed Frail’s manhood and basketball acumen in roughly three picks:


We do the same for the Awards since we share the league and I guess I should let the rookie writer have an opinion even though I will smack down any and all of his Sabermetric arguments. Frail’s starting to emulate Tibbs in a way – and the veterans in this camp know – that’s not a good thing.

I allowed Frail the freedom to go first last time we tangled – so I’m taking the lead here. We start with the Defensive Player of the Year Award. I’m going with his first mid-season pick for his losing All-Star squad and last season’s MVP – Andy Herlihy. Herlihy led the league (again) in Defensive Player Rater – even though I don’t subscribe to the validity of the Player Rater formula as I go by my eyes first and foremost. Herlihy is the backbone of the Heavy Hitters and scores about 35-40% of the team’s points as well. The 6’5” giant edges out quite a few competitors for this award – but since I will spoil things and say he is losing his MVP trophy this season (unless Freebie Frail convinces me otherwise) I think Herlihy is head and shoulders over any of the competition – especially Frail’s No. 2 All-Star pick, James Molyneaux.

Tell me I’m wrong Frail – please tell me I’m wrong. Even though we are not drunk yet – I’m saucy over my first-round loss in B2 East this week.

M3 ~ Ha referenced with Tibbs now? What is the world coming too?

But I will argue your pick of Herlihy as the Defensive PoY. The player rating means very little … itís inflated by rebounds. And while Molyneaux does not get a ton of boards he is one of the most athletic, if not the most athletic, player in the East this session. He averages 3.4 blocks per game and what I visually witnessed (you know with my own eyes) him do against Royce there is not a chance in this world you will tell me that Herlihy is a better defender than Molyneaux. Just not going to happen.

In my eyes the Defensive PoY is someone that totally changes the game defensively. Molyneaux did exactly that. His best games came against the leagues best.

Letís review:

      6 blocks vs. Buckets (Preston and Kaplan)


      6 blocks vs. ODB (Royce)


    4 blocks vs. Half Priced Apps (KO)

That right there is 16 blocks against the 3-4 best big men in the league. Thatís got Defensive PoY written all over it.

BFab ~ Is there a secret love affair with Moly that I am unaware of? Seriously – to play defense you need to be in the paint at 6’4”. One would think someone who can dunk on the fly could grab more then six rebounds a game, no? 1.3 a night off the offensive glass?? With all those missed threeís you think he could stat pad?!

Also – both players played in every game and the difference in blocks is 0.3. So you are telling me a one more block every three games gives Moly the nod over the defending MVP??

The matched blocks head to head and we agree – at least on paper – that Moly plays on the better team. In fact how are you giving the award to an admitted raw offensive player who lives for the dunk and loves playing on the perimeter? How is that defense? Numbers donít tell everything either ñ the man changes the game in the paint.

Trump Card – When Herlihy is not defending the paint and the Hitters honor – he’s defending our state’s health care reform. I know you love embedding your silly links to Muppet Movies and such – so how bout this nugget from the Mass Health Care Connector website. And I quote:

“At 6-foot-5 inches and 225 pounds, Andrew Herlihy of Malden is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. He also has to be on top of his game running after-school and summer camp programs for kids” ~ Health Connector. Check out the testimonial yourself:


Take that Cold Blooded and this argument is over.

M3 ~ Ok next award. I don’t have all day to argue when you start posting HR generated pieces of work. Whatís next? People start going off the written words of the write up!

Next up is Offensive Player of the Year which is easily defined as the best offensive player in the league.

Two names immediately come to mind:

ï Dave McLaren
ï Todd Billet.

After watching DMac win a game almost on his own a few weeks ago it is definitely hard to pick against him. But he also plays on a much more “complete” offensive squad thus making his life that much easier. Todd Billet is what he is. Ya know … a former D1 player for the University of Virginia. So his numbers are obviously expected. With that said I would like to give the nod to Todd Billet.

Wait are you still there? Because from the sounds of it there will be no disagreeing from you on this pick.

BFab ~ Hey – you are starting to wise up – as I agree that Dolla Billet is the man with the plan on offense. He sometimes tries to incorporate his teammates too much – but the only thing I would look at for him is games played. And in my mind – it’s the 7-game minimum I use in these Awards Selection Shows that Billet does surpass.

DMac is THE MAN. If there was a trophy for the smoothest character the CAC has to offer – we’d have ourselves a surefire Hall of Famer. 40 points in Week 9? Billet can’t even say that this season. The Mac to everyone’s D is pretty much the only argument to hold water. Love flashing ì4 ñ 0î with my hands from the balcony at the CAC at DMac when he is reffing cause he KNOWS I know the ‘four-zero’ for the veteran from Suffolk is filthy!

An argument could be placed for Hallsy as he is all about offense. You see his defense lately?? GEESH ñ just ask Watchell Very Happy

Gabe O’Malley comes to mind as well – but when a guy leads the league in assists and points and is shooting 44% from beyond the arc…well – thatís the O to the Fence!! Billet it is – I think we should stop since it is only 3pm. Not a stitch of alcohol in the Evil Empire and I need fire power to make you look silly again.

Wait – my building is connected to the new Genzyme break room – Dante’s – guess we can continue….

Ok – on to Rookie of the Year. usually I would roll with GM next as Rookie of the Year is #2 in my mind in awards – but this one is an intriguing one. While you chose the last award – I’ll give your the surefire four guys that can lay claim to the coveted RoY Award:

In no particular order:

1. Mark Heinold
2. Carlos Riberio
3. Mark Heinold
4. Sam Kaplan

Your chess move, Poncho.

M3 ~ Hmmm intriguing list.

Riberio is still in 16, in high school, with six games? Impressive. Never saw him play but I heard great things. Maybe he is an Ocal in the making. Ya know … join before you hit puberty in hopes to be the big catch amongst the females patrolling the womanís leagues.

Kaplan is an interesting character. Played at Yale. But to win the RoY he needed to show a greater ability to take over games. He is probably the biggest guy you just don’t notice on the court at times. I know that sounds weird, but itís true. Excellent player but just disappears statistically.

Heinold has been solid the last few weeks, but where was he early in the year?

hmmm something is fishy here. Heinold is listed twice. This leads me to believe you are indirectly showing me your card. Screw this list. The RoY in my opinion is High Noon’s Gabe O’Malley.

Top 5 in scoring and Top 8 in rebounding in his first CAC season. Even more impressive itís in the 5v5 setting where we all know stats are much harder to obtain. He provided High Noon with a go to guy down the stretch and was an excellent passer in the post. His fade away was near unblockable. Hopefully High Noon keeps this guy next session and beyond.

BFab ~ First it’s all about Molyneaux and now you are off the Cold Blooded bandwagon? How does “Rookie of the Year” not make the playoffs?? Derrick Rose revived a craptastic Bulls squad in 2008-09, no?

I only had to ask once for his name and with a team with Josh Watch Tower, Nim Cohen, your bosom buddy Molyneaux, and Brian Ross hogging the ball – Heinold was pretty content playing the silent assassin. SILENT NO MORE!! I vote no awards for non-playoff teams. All-Stars – YES; Awards? NO. I like amending the rules as we go?! Yes – Kaplan seemed to defer to much – but he is the most talent of the bunch

M3 ~ You argued me into not taking Molyneaux for the DPoY.

Derrick Rose did get the Bulls to playoffs. Congrats to him. How many of the past NBA rookie of the year got there team to the playoffs? Lets scroll back 1 year … Kevin Durant won the award and well the Supersonics didn’t do so much. Letís scroll back 1 more year … Brandon Roy won the award and his team did not make the playoffs.

Enough about the post season. This is about the best rookie … and the best rookie by a fair margin was Gabe O’Malley.

Statistics don’t lie here:

ï O’Malley: 20.1ppg; 8.3 rpg; 41.2pr
ï Kaplan: 14.6ppg; 6.2 rpg; 30.1pr
ï Heinold: 13.8 ppg; 5.3 rpg; 29.7pr

Statistics don’t lie here.

BFab ~ Iím having a tough time relenting since High Noon are considered Genzyme’s arch nemesis. Who in their right mind would toss Khalid Lakanwal off their team with three weeks to go before the season? Kariuki – that’s who. Serves them right that they didn’t make the playoffs. So you relented with James Molyneaux – so that means I need to relent? That’s not how it works, bucko.

So you go “all Tibbs” on me with stats, sabermetrics, and player rater. You just said Player Rater favors the big men. In a sea of talls – Heinold is a star. We will have to agree to disagree as anyone – big or small – that can score 20 PPG in their rookie season in this league – especially on a dog-team like the one Kariuki put together – deserves a nod. But consider this a favor from Frail – not me….

On to the GM of the Year. While I think it is a personal slap in the face to call O’Cal or Mazzone, or Press, or even Turin a rookie in this league – for a team of graybeards to come in and go 7-3 in a very competitive league in their very first virgin voyage into the 5v5 arena – well, I think that speaks volumes for a team that has played together since a very famous person stated “I did not have sexual relations with TiCal’s mom”.

Speaking of arch nemesis – O’Cal has a grudge against anything and everything I bring to the table. I even being free beers on Thursdays and he fails to partake. I donít get his rusty demeanor towards me and I know you would love to spend a few evenings in his basement after calling him the best point guard since Chris Paul – so I assume this one will be fine in your twisted mind as well? I have a feeling you are going to turn your back against O’Cal for the first…wait – you might have your back turned often for O’Cal….

M3 ~ Oh here we go … bait me into an argument.

So you say the CAC vets are not accustomed to the 5v5 action?


Take a peak yourself. Almost everyone one of those guys has played 5v5 and most of them pretty recently. So while I think itís a big step to take your A2 powerhouse to the 5v5 the end result does not impress me that much.

What I find impressive is that Preston took that Buckets team to an 8-2 record. Even you yourself chuckles at that team. Yet they will hold the #1 seed in the playoffs starting next week. The fashion they have done it also has been impressive as there whole squad has hardly played full games together. Either Kaplan or Gaines is out almost every week. Ill admit I am shocked they are 8-2. Most teams if your #1 or #2 options don’t show you don’t win. But somehow, someway, Preston has gotten this group to play together and win.

When I compare them to Big Nice, Genzyme, or Half Priced Apps I don’t see the glory and star power. But the standings don’t lie. And they do in fact hold the #1 seed for the playoffs. I tip my cap to Preston. Its a true challenge to take a group that hasn’t really played together and throw them into the pit with a teams that been playing together for many sessions and win.

BFab ~ This is not getting fun – cause while my mid-season All-Star team would be a double-digit favorite over your group of has-beens you have trumped me here. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I will extend my argument though that email chats do not express feelings the right way – well, that’s what my side dishes tell me when I say stop emailing me – but what I meant was the Big Nice team had not played AS A UNIT together in 5v5. I understand by just clicking on guys like Jon Press and TJ Mahoney – even McLaren ñ on the CAC website they all played 5v5 at some point. But it was O’Cal that brought it all together. In polling a few GMs around the league – the Big Nice team is the one to fear in the playoffs. No one fears Abe Ortega.

But with that – the GM Award is built for getting bozos like Ortega and Brett Rover (luv ya!) to play as a team and if Preston looks back on this season – there was a distinct possibility his team could very well be 10-0. PRay is my man – even though he’s the only one in the history of the CAC – not even Filosa – to toss me from a game and cost me playing time and a loss in round one of a B1 playoff game. Shame on you.

You would think by now we would be up to MVP – but not yet. I have a special award given out only once in the five year history of being around these parts. It was handed out in the B2 West three short seasons ago and another plaque will be handed out this season again in B2 West – but in my inaugural season here in the B 5v5 – I needed to hand out the UN-GM Award. This one goes to the GM who complete obliterates a good thing. Someone who goes from the top of the heap to the bottom of the pig pile. It should be named the Jamison Cush Award for going 0-10 one season after making the playoffs for about five seasons running with the same exact squad. Sure – injuries – vacations to Europe – all a factor – but good GMs overcome that….guess who this is for?

M3 ~ Yikes … Un-GM award.

My only guess could be ODB? Going from a Championship team in the fall with Playboy to rock bottom by the summer?

BFab ~ No no no no no. They lose their best player – that’s difference then not being able to motivate the Winter champion from B 5v5 to show up and play a few games to get into the playoffs and relying on the guys only when you realize with three games left – it is possible that you may miss the second season altogether.

That’s right Kariuki. You toss Khalid and Van – one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure – and those two are sitting with frosty mugs at the 99s next week while you study for your 70 summer classes at MIT. You, my friend, receive the second-ever UN-GM Award. Do you get chemistry tips from MIT so you can work with me at Genzyme, Frail? This was pretty obvious…

On to the top prize of the night. And this one is all me. While you go through the rosters and try and find the best of the best – you can come up with arguments for a handful of players. Sure – there might even be guys better then this one – but he is the most valuable to his team. He runs the show, he gets under Rahill’s skin for not shooting, and he buys rounds at the 99s – all the important things. When he is not taking care of priorities – he is killing Herlihy, Royce, and any other big man in the paint on a weekly basis.

His nickname says it all – KO. Knockout punch for MVP in my book.

M3 ~ Oh you were waiting for me to reply to that? I figured it was so obvious you could just pick that one yourself.

BFab ~ So no more man-love for your best PG ever (TiCal) or the most athletic person youíve seen outside of gay porn (Moly)? Surprised you didnít get his name into this MVP discussion.

Finally we agree. We agree in the beginning and at the end. And thatís where the MVP belongs ñ save the best for last.

B2 East 5-vs-5 Spring 2009 Awards:

MVP ~ Kevin Ostrander (Half Priced Apps)

Offensive Player Of The Year ~ Todd Billet (Genzyme)

Runners-Up ~ Dave McLaren (Big Nice), Chris Hall (Hitters), Gabe OíMalley (High Noon), Paul Zermani (Half Priced Apps)

Defensive Player of the Year ~ Andy Herlihy (Heavy Hitters)

Runners-Up ~ James Molyneaux (Cold Blooded), Chris Hunter (Half Priced Apps)

Rookie of the Year ~ Gabe OíMalley (High Noon)

Runners-Up ~ Mark Heinold (Cold Blooded), Carlos Riberio (Slow Dance Mondays), Sam Kaplan (Buckets)

GM of the Year ~ Preston Raymond (Buckets)

Runners-Up ~ Sean OíCallaghan (Big Nice), Jamil Ball (Running Rebels)

UN-GM of the Year ~ Kariuki Thande (High Noon)

Runners-Up ~ Royce Henry/Cheese (ODB)