B1 East F10 Awards…Finally!

B1 Easters,

I FINALLY got around to doing the B1 East awards and this season was one of the most difficult seasons in terms of choosing awards. Once again, as always, there were numerous candidates for all the awards and it was extremely difficult to pick and choose, but hey, it has to be done. This is my 4th season running the B1 East and once again it was a blast. I want to thank everyone for playing hard this season and making this season one of the best in recent memory. Note that these awards were chosen not just on stats alone, but team results and whether I liked you. Seriously. With that I give you the B1 East Fall 2010 Awards!

MVP: Romario “Roach” Santos (Sin City Shooters)
Runners Up: Chris Snow (Fuego Fuego), Max Kinkade (Team Ramrod), Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us), Kap (3 Of Us)
Where do I even begin here? Roach was absolutely ridiculous this season averaging 28 ppg, 7 asstspg, 11 rpg, 5 stlspg and 1.5 blkspg. He led Sin City to their best season ever at CAC and first ever playoff birth (I think?). This guy was unstoppable at the end of games as a menace on both ends of the floor. People know about his offensive skills but his defense is what really separated him from the pack (1st in DPR). I was trying to think of a way in which I could give this award to someone else but it wasn’t possible. Roach earned this season’s MVP award and I commend him on an unreal season.

OPOY: Chris Snow (Fuego Fuego)
Runners Up: Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters), Alex Lanfear (The Upstate Connection)
Just like he is every season, Snow was a monster on the offensive end of the floor (defensive too!). Snow was the heart and soul of Fuego and he continued his yearly assault on offense to the fine tune of 32 ppg, which led the B1 East. Snow was sensational in the post this season combing that with his deadly 3-point stroke that had opponents wondering WTF? Without Snow, there is no telling where Fuego would be this season. Snow should be recognized for his colossal effort week in and week out as he was the driving force for a solid Fuego squad. Good season big fella and I look forward to battling it out with you next season.

The “Scott Mulholland” Defensive Player of the Year Award: Max Kinkade (Team Ramrod)
Runner Up: Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us)
Numbers don’t always tell the full story and this is the classic case. Kinkade was a beast on defense this season often guarding the opposing team’s best player and doing so very effectively. Just from watching him play each week I hoped he would never D me up because I know it would be a tough go of it. Kinkade’s defense should never be overlooked as he can stay with the best of them. I am pleased to award Max Kinkade the SMulDPoY award for he really earned it this season.

RoY: Scott Green (The Upstate Connection)
No runners up here, as this one was a no-brainer. Green came into the season after a few weeks and gave Upstate a much-needed boost as they had attendance problems all season. Possessing maybe the best mid-range jumper in the league Green averaged a solid 21 ppg to go with 8 rpg and he was easily the savior this season for Upstate. Green’s athleticism and quickness proved to be a tough matchup for teams (including me personally!) and he is well deserving of this season’s RoY honor.

5th Man of the Year: Tom “T Hizzle” Heffernan (3 Of Us)
Hizzle volunteered to come off the bench this season after the team decided it was best to go the season with a set substitution pattern. It worked out to perfection. Literally. Hizzle’s selflessness allowed 3 Of Us to run the table with an 8-0 record as he provided 3 Of Us with a force coming off of the pine. Anytime you can get 18 ppg and 13 rpg off the bench you are in good shape and Hizzle’s great season did not go unnoticed. Hizzle wins this season’s 5th man of the Year award in a landslide and should be proud of his strong season off the bench.

Most Improved Player: Eric “Nordy” Nordstrom (Heavy Hitters)
Runners Up: Jose Romero (Sin City Shooters), Scott Ellinwood (Team Ramrod)
Nordy came into the season with some skills no doubt but this season he really elevated his game to a whole new level. Nordy was not only top 10 in PR, but he averaged an ungodly 22 ppg and 14 rpg. Nordy provided Heavy Hitters with a legit inside presence dominating teams with his patented mid range hook shot. Nordy was a monster on the glass and should get a sh!t ton of credit for helping the Hitters achieve the 2 seed. His progression over the course of this season should credited and I can safely say Nordy was the most improved player this season.

The Kap Award: Payne Schoen (Team Ramrod)
Runner Up: Bill Warren (The Upstate Connection)
My main man Payne wins this season’s most coveted award, The Kap Award. Payne provided Ramrod with toughness and strength (the muscle!) that every team needs to be successful and Ramrod was just that. Payne was a beast on the boards and did all of the dirty work to help Ramrod turn in a great season. Payne was also a fun guy to have around though. Payne constantly engaged in friendly banter with me to lighten the mood making it a pleasure to watch and play against Payne. Watch out for this guy on the court though: he will knock you out (not on purpose of course) if you aren’t careful.

All Defensive Team:
Max Kinkade: SMulDPoY!
BArms: you don’t want this guy in your face for 40 minutes.
Roach: 5 stls, 1.5 blkpg at the PG position!
Snow: a big defensive presence under the rim for Fuego all season.

All Offensive Team:
Chris Hall: the best 3-point shooter in the league and maybe the best I have seen at CAC.
Snow: OPoY!
Lanfear: always all over the court on offense, inside and out.
Roach: MVP! MVP! MVP!

All “Chuckers” Team:
Chris Hall: bombs away!
Majic: he is never afraid to launch from deep.
Romero: provided a terrific deep threat for Sin City.
Ellinwood: one of the league’s deadliest 3-point shooters…when he’s on.

All Guard Team:
Dan Linehan: a true unsung hero for 3 Of Us being among the league leaders in asstspg while shooting the 3-ball at a 43% clip.
Roach: I mean the kid is a legend and MVP!
Kinkade: maybe the toughest cover of all the guards on this list.
Chris Hall: deadly from deep especially if you fall asleep (see Ramrod).

All Big Man Team:
Chris Snow: the best big in the league in my eyes.
SMul: this is just a staple at this point in his CAC career.
Hizzle: 5th Man of the Year and one of the league’s best rebounders.
Nordy: 14 rpg and MIP!

First Team All Stars:
Roach, Chris Hall, Kinkade, Snow

Second Team All Stars:
Lanfear, BArms, Nordy, Jeff Hall

Third Team All Stars:
Bingham, JMul, Majic, Hizzle

Honorabe Mention:
BMul, Albert, Polin, Payne

It was once again a pleasure serving as your B1 East commish this season and I am looking forward to seeing who comes out on top. Hopefully you all return next season for some more B1 action as we will have ONE B1 division consisting of 10-12 teams. Good luck to the 4 remaining teams in the playoffs and I hope you all had as much fun this season as I did. Oh and don’t forget to sign up soon for next season and make your league payments early to take advantage of the $100 team discount!