B1 East Fall 07 Awards

We really need plaques…

Everyone loves award season, and at C.A.C., that’s no different.  All season long guys are gunning for their stats and some recognition in a few write-ups, and the awards are the ultimate shout-outs.  Any complaints, as always, blame someone else, like Brian the ref.  But since I saw all these games to, I guess I’m the only one that can be blamed, so forward me your complaint, or post a formal request for my resignation.  Both will probably result in nothing of substance getting done.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Winter Leagues that start on January 21st ! Leagues will fill up fast, as C.A.C. ball is still growing and becoming more popular ( http://www.crfcbasketball.com/about.php ).  On to the Awards!!

MVP – Tony Awad, CTC – Easiest decision I’ve made since accepting the post as Player President.  Tony averaged only 29 and 16 for an entire season for the first place CTC squad and led the league in our very own, made up, completely inane player rater.  But really, who doesnít love it?? Stats arenít everything, but Tonyís impact went beyond just the numbers as his mere size intimidated other squads before they stepped onto the floor.
Runners Up: Sean Murry, Mike Ambra, Kyle Sachowitz


Rookie of the Year – Sean Murray, Mustard Gas – The Boom King made an immediate impact on the league, even earning his first nickname in a matter of weeks.  As the season wore on, he adjusted from 3 point threat to the perfect complimentary slash/kick man on a team loaded with three point threats.
Runners Up: Tony Awad, Mike Ambra, Luke Gordon


Defensive PoY – Erik Brown, NU Slackers – I know, itís a boring pick and I do it far too often, but Phi Slamma Jamma is still the anchor that keeps teams from blowing up scores on NU.  Until someone firmly replaces him as the leagues best defensive player, heís always going to have the best odds to win this award.
Runners Up: Matt Scabilia, Tommy K, Andy Kazeniac


5th Man – Rick Johnson, Nappy Headed Bros – Rick had a great year coming off the bench for Nappy most of the season.  He got better as the season wore on, giving a lift to the offense when Tommy and Luke were bricking 3s from deep.


MIP – Mike Mohr, NU Slackers – Easily his best statistical season at Wall Ball Arena, Mohr is thriving in the NU offense, and they get better every single season. Now if he can add a couple quality subs, heíll be in the running for GM next season.
Runners Up: Mark Zermani


GM of the Year – Brian Wadman, Mustard Gas – The StreetWalker of Charlestown had checked out the league before and knew what was needed to win ball games.  Heís built a high scoring offensive minded club that can run with any that played itself into the # 2 seed this season.  Hereís to hoping these guys stick around and make things interesting for seasons to come.
Runners Up: Kip West, Tom Kahana


Andy Danielson Memorial Sportsmanship Award – The Data Nuggets – These guys came to play team ball every week, played clean and always tried hard.  I never heard of them griping to officials, no one got Tíed up no matter how intense the game was and they always played to have fun.  Their cheering section helped as well.  What clinches it here is that they didnít absolutely flip on me when I told them all they needed to do to make the playoffs was get a win in the last regular season game.  Of course, they won, and still ended up missing the playoffs, somehow I still have a job.


All Defensive Team

Erik Brown – Always the last line of defense, and toughest to overcome

Matt Scabilia – Trying to go by him is like trying to run through a brick wall, very painful, highly unsuccessful

Tommy K – Swipes leader benefited from some solid D behind him

Andy Kazeniac – About time some Data Nuggets got some love around here


All C.A.C.

1st Team
Tony Awad – MVP is hands down the best player in the League
Sean Murray – The Boom King made quite a splash and fit in nicely to the East
Mike Ambra – No one else could have carried the load for ORA like Ambra did
Luke Gordon – Four rookies on the 1st team?? Itís a banner year for newbies in the East


2nd Team
Kyle Sachowitz
 – Taken over as Pollardís go to guy
Dan Adamson – Perfect compliment to the Boom King
Erik Brown – Phi Slamma Jamma is now one of the vets in the East and has this spot locked up
Tom Kahana – RoY a second option?? It just means more open looks


Honorable Mention
Bill Buckley
 – I canít wait until we record 3point %, the new, younger Tosti
Mark Zermani – Much, much improved shooting the key to Ballers success in the middle of the season
Tim Beagan – Becoming a familiar C.A.C. face and leading the Nuggets oh so close this season
Jim Murray – Sniper as point guard? Murray does it all
Brian Greenberg – Weapon X stepping up from the B2 to have another solid season
Matt Scabilia – A Freak on both ends of the court with his athleticism