B1 East Fall 07 Playoff Preview

Even I can have a little holiday spirit in me, and it’s about time it was reflected in my work.  With the airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I decided to rank this season’s playoff contenders by their attitudes and traits.  It’s amazing how easy this really was once the ball got rolling.  Sure I’m not going to tell you much about who’s going to come out of the East, mostly because I don’t know, but I had fun doing this, so deal with it.


CTC – Lucy – The meanest, nastiest, crabbiest member of the Peanuts goes to the biggest and baddest that the B1 East has to offer this season.  Most of the time it just seems as if CTC is toying with the rest of the league, they can pull that ball away any time they want.  They will show now mercy, no matter who their opponents are and expect to win everytime out. Lucy, so much smarter and better than her peers would be proud of the beatings that Tony Awad and the CTC boys put on the rest of the league.


Mustard Gas – Snoopy – Mustard Gas and their free wheeling, improvisation play would make Joe Cool jealous of their style.  Snoopy’s flashy lights on his doghouse would pale in comparison to how the Gas lights up the scoreboard.  He’s engaged in battle with the Red Baron gunning down as many fighter pilots as they’ve knocked down threes.  Heck the guys from Gas should start dancing the Beagle every time they knock one down.  It’d become more popular than the wiggle was.  Snoopy versus Lucy clashes were always the best in the strip, and the same would be said should the top two teams meet in the Finals this season.


Scot Pollard – Pigpen – Maybe my favorite sequence from the movie involves Charlie Brown actually standing up for one of his friends, defending Pigpen,

“Don’t think of it as dust. Just think of it as the dirt and dust of far-off lands blowing over here and settling on Pig-Pen! It staggers the imagination! He may be carrying the soil that was trod upon by Solomon or Nebuchadnezzar or Genghis Khan!”

Sure Scot Pollard may seem dirty and unclean when you play them, but just think of them playing like Europeans, different ball that you may not be able to understand, or like, but it’s part of their identity.  And yes, I actually have a “favorite sequence” from a 1960s cartoon that I just saw last week.  Donít judge me.


Nappy Headed Bros – Linus – Ah, Lucyís younger brother.  Not as big, mean or tough, but still could get the best of her in the end with his wit and belief in himself.  Nappy is always clinging to their security blanket (Tommy K) while doling out words of wisdom.  Just like Linus, the guys preach from the Gospel of Luke (Gordon) about the virtues of life and their squad.  Sure they could easily get knocked out in the second round, but you never know when it comes to a sibling rivalry.


NU Slackers – The Adults – You know who Iím talking about, the characters that rarely show up, always reprimand the kids, and you never have any idea what they’re saying.  NU is the same way, except they’re always making noise on the court, usually amongst themselves, and it’s never nice.  It’s tough to root for them because you never see them (on Sundays) and don’t know who they really are, but they play their role and are vital to the storylines.


ORA – Sally Brown – Sure Sally has her upsides, but she’s still a minor character in the film and ORA, in their first season in the East, are still trying to figure out where they belong in the cast.  The good news is that Ambra represents their upside, and they might end up surprising some people and playing a more prominent role than anticipated.  I just want to hear someone on that squad say Sweet Babboo!!


Cake & Bales – Peppermint Patty – They really are the “funny looking kid with the big nose.”  I can’t quite figure these guys out.  They came out of the gate like gangbusters, knocking down their opposition with ease, but have been on an extended losing streak for sometime now.  Like Patty, it seems like Cake & Bales sleeps through their games, not deciding if they want to try until theyíve already lost the game.  Snoopy always ends up duping Patty and causing her problems, something I see Mustard Gas doing for C&B next week.


Beantown Ballers – Charlie Brown – Good grief, but who else would get the loveable loser role then our # 8 seed for the second straight season?  Yet again the Ballers were teased, given a glimmer of hope, and then had the ball snatched away from them as soon as they won a few games.  But unlike Charlie Brown, they get a chance to redeem themselves against Lucy, getting the kind of payback that Brownie Charles could only fantasize about.  Itís not easy knocking off a number one seed, and they might be just end up uttering ‘Rats’ all night long.

This link should make reading the preview worth it… [2].