B1 East Fall 08 Awards

You’ve Waited long Enough

Get to the Message boards to let me hear what you’ve got to say about who got snubbed, how I messed up, or even, how great of a job I did!  There are only a couple spots left in the Wednesday night leagues for the Winter 09 season, so if you haven’t signed up yet, go for it!

MVP – Jeff Hall, OIYF – After conferring with O’Cal, my Sunday night source, hearing Rugga plead his case, and not having a standout guy from the rest of the league jump out at me, I decided that Jeff Hall had indeed earned this season’s MVP award, despite having only seen him play once. It was very helpful that he blew away the rest of the league in the player rater and finished in the top 3 of the stat categories that are on the main league page. That was some easy research for me to do. What’s this, he scores, rebounds, AND finds the time to pass the ball. Damn, that’s every players dream to have a guy that can do all that for you on your squad. All you’ve got to do them is knock down some open shots. OIYF finished tied with the best record in the division and is making noise in the playoffs, all in part to the stellar play of their, and the league’s, MVP.
Runners Up: Mike Albert, Josh Bruno

RoY – Sergei Vinokur, Redeem Team – In a league that was filled with great rookies, Sergei takes the cake as the hardest working, quickest shooting of the entire bunch. And there was nothing wrong with that, as the Redeem Team needed his services on the offensive end of the floor. For a while there, I thought he was going to average almost 40 a game. Sure he tapered off, but still led the league in scoring and was a big reason for RT making a run this season. His return is key for them (as is Cadmans) as they step up to A2 next season. Bring your A game boys!
Runners Up: Jeff Hall, Justin Foster

Defensive PoY – Mike Albert, Gym Shoes – Consolation prize? Maybe, but Not So Fat is absolutely impossible to score on. I love that he’s gotten more vocal after blocked shots this season. Sure, sometimes it sounded like he was yelling like a girl, but that was just to make sure you were too intimidated to come back to the paint. If you did, he probably swatted you away again. I tried to warn people, but no one would listen!
Runner Up: Greg Polin, OIYF

Offensive PoY – Matt Forelizzi, Kutol – Forelizzi was by far one of the best scorers in the league this season, and his importance to Kutol’s efforts can’t possibly be understated. The man was a menace, even when defenses finally figured out to key on him, he was still shredding the nets on both ends of the floor. How many of you can say that??
Runner Up:

GM – Jeff Ruggiero, OIYF – Rugga gets the nod for this one for sucking it up on the Sunday night slots, adding a couple key new guys, and generally staying the hell out of the way and letting his team play. No one likes a meddlesome Player/Coach, especially one that can’t find his J! Rugga made sure that all his new parts played well together and quickly adapted to the physical, confined nature of Wall Ball Arena. It took a few seasons, but he finally put together a contender!!

MIP – Maddrey Goode, The Firm – I’m not sure where his game has been the last couple seasons, but it’s nice to see Maddrey coming back around, being more aggressive on offense, and crashing the boards hard. Somebody get Maddrey some more PT next season and he’ll keep making leaps and strides, and it will continue to show up on the stat sheet.
Runner Up: JFoster (from the start to the end of the season made the biggest strides)

5th Man – Jamil Ball, Runnin’ Rebels – Jamil took a back seat on his B1 team, so much so that he came off the bench in 7 of his 8 games. It didn’t seem to affect his play (just his PT) and he was one of the most productive guys on the Rebels, and definitely the most productive fifth man in the L. He’s still picking pockets even when everyone is expecting it, at nearly 4 per game! People, he’s gonna go for the steal, protect the ball! Without a defensive team nod, I had to find somewhere to recognize his accomplishments this season, and since he came off the bench, willingly, this was the best spot for him.
Runner Up: Tim Cheisa (shouldn’t start for Gym Shoes!)

All Defensive Team
Mike Albert – Didn’t even have to resort to throwing shoes this season
Greg Polin – Was it the Sunday Hangovers that allowed OIYF to play such great D, or Polin in the paint?? I’m thinking a little of both!
Bobby C – Since he hasn’t sent me an email in a while, I assume I’m keeping his stats correctly
Matt Peredna – Best rebounding little man in the league, and the best hands as well

All CAC 1st Team
Jeff Hall – One more round of applause for the East MVP!
Mike Albert – Narrowly losing out on the MVP award (again) he’ll have to settle for first team as another consolation prize
Blake Baldwin – The heart of the Runnin’ Rebels
Sergei Vinokur – Made a huge splash for the Redeem Team this season

All CAC 2nd Team
Bobby C – He was so close to the first team, but I thought Bobby could use a little slice of humble pie before stepping up to the A2 next season
Bruno – You know it, I know it, the whole gym knows it, Bruno is taking that 3!!
Mario Casal – Who didn’t love it every time Super Mario hoisted a three? The opposition, that’s who
Matt Forelizzi – OPoY would have been a number 1 scorer on any squad this season

All CAC 3rd Team
Andy Kaz
 – Sniper that kept the Data Nuggets Competitive
Sean Denyse -That’s right Polin, he has THIS to hang over your head now!
Max Kinkade -Calming influence on the Gym Shoes boys

Andrew Ward – Lots of potentials for this spot, but had to give it to Andrew for helping carry the Firm over the second half of the season