B1 East is BACK! Fall 2010 Preview

I want to take this time to cordially welcome all of you to the formidable B1 East Fall 2010 season. Last year we had an exciting finish to the B1 East season with Roc Boys taking the title after a heroic comeback against the Mulholland trio and the 6 Foot 7 Rangas. We have 7 returning teams this season and with the Roc Boys gone the title is up for grabs. Who is going to take it you ask? I will let you know my thoughts and predictions on the upcoming B1 East season here in this post as well as giving you all updates along the way.

I am STOKED (yes, I said stoked) for this season as the B1 East will be as good as it has ever been this Fall. But enough of the boring stuff. Everyone in this league brings in veteran talent so I will bless you with my preseason rankings in the subsequent paragraphs. Be sure to check the boards for week 1 lines which will be up sometime tomorrow before lunch.

Thank you all for joining the B1 East and I am looking forward to a season of exciting basketball.

Here is the breakdown for my preseason rankings, starting with number 9.

9 – Sin City Shooters

Sin City Shooters return to the B1 East for the third straight season and don’t let this ranking fool you. Bingham and co. have improved each and every season but until they make the playoffs and show me something I have to put them on the bottom. I will say though these guys battle week in and week out and I wouldn’t be shocked if they proved me wrong this season. Bingham better have a monster season though if they want to make a playoff run this go around, though or it will be another loooooong season for the Shooters.

8 – Silky Johnson

Honestly, I know very little about these guys and I am going solely on what Tibbs told me, but after going through the rest of the teams in my head I couldn’t find a spot higher than this in the preseason rankings. The B1 East is going to be extremely tough this season so I couldn’t find it in myself to rank an unknown squad any higher than this until I see them in action. I hope Silky proves me wrong because I have heard good things, but until then they occupy the 8 spot.

7 – Heavy Hitters

It pains me to rank the Hitters this low to start the season, but the loss of Andy Herlihy (according to the roster online at least) will really hurt these guys this season. Hall is an electric offensive threat though, maybe the best in the B1 East, but will he have enough help for the Hitters to win games on a consistent basis? I am not sure. The Hitters will compete each week as Hall should have another monster season, but whether or not the Hitters can play with the big boys is a big question for them going into the season. Regardless, I am happy to see these guys back in the East and I look forward to actually getting to play them this season!

6 – Upstate Connection

Upstate Connection really made a nice run to end the season last year, behind epic performances each week from Alex Lanfear. These guys have the talent and personnel to compete with the best of them, but attendance issues and consistency will be their downfall. If Upstate can figure out a way to put together solid performances each week I think they can be in the mix for a title run. That run, however will be dependent on Alex Lanfear. He MUST show up to more games than he did last season or Upstate will be heading downstate sooner rather than later.

5 – Fuego Fuego

B1 East staple Fuego Fuego returns for yet another season of CAC basketball and Snow and his boys should be in the discussion once again to compete for the B1 East crown. Last season FF really put things together to end the season coming up with some impressive wins (including knocking off my boys and ruining our perfect regular season…thanks) and they should have some good momentum going into this season. Snow will make sure his boys are in the mix at the end as he is one of the best big men in the league, and with the return of MattyBells the legend, Fuego could be a pain in the a$$ this season, at least for me personally. Look for FF to be a tough team inside with some question marks from the perimeter (cough, cough Matty?).

4 – Team Ramrod

Ramrod was hands down the 2nd best team last season during the regular season but came up short in the playoffs losing to the Rangas in the semifinals. Ramrod brings back the same cast led by Albert and Kinkade and they are a scrappy group of guys who will certainly be there in the end fighting for B1 East supremacy. With two quality big men in Albert and Payne and a solid inside-outside game with Kinkade and Ellinwood, Team Ramrod will pose serious matchups problems for a lot of teams this season. Ramrod should be have some extra motivation this season after a disappointing finish in the spring en route to another solid season in the East.

3 – 6 Foot 7 Rangas

This makes me happy. Not only do I get to piss off Scott and Brad by putting them 3rd in my rankings I also get a chance to rip on them for a few sentences. The Rangas are a solid squad, no doubt, but Brad is a shell of his former self since his ankle injury and as a result I feel like the Rangas lack the guard play to actually win this thing (heyooo!). Nonetheless they are certainly a top 3 team in the league and should be there in the end when it’s all said and done. Last season they were primed to take the B1 East title but couldn’t seal the deal against the quick guards of Roc Boys. Scott will do his thing under the rim and on defense, but until the Rangas prove they can close big games I have no choice but to put them behind the ELITE teams in this league.

2 – 3 Of Us

Of course there is a lot of bias here but I have to give Snookie’s Cookie the benefit of the doubt over 3 Of Us. When 3 Of Us met Hall and company in the playoffs a few seasons ago, Hall had his way leading his boys to a 3 point win en route to a B1 East title. Since then, 3 Of Us has added Majic and last season 3 Of Us won the regular season with an 8-1 record. Led by the scoring machine in Majic and reigning DPoY in BArms, 3 Of Us will be in line for another solid season with Hizzle, Lil O’Cal and Kap picking up the pieces. Look for 3 Of Us once again to be among the favorites to win the B1 East, with an excellent balanced attack on both ends of the floor.

1 – Snookie’s Cookie

First of all I love the team name. Good job guys, now I get to make Jersey Shore references all season. Alright enough of that. Snookie’s Cookie is new to the B1 East this season but not long ago these guys rolled as Off In Your Face behind CAC stud Jeff Hall only to lose in the B1 Unification game. A new team name along with some new faces, Snookie’s Cookie in my eyes is the preseason #1 team in the B1 East. SC will return to the B1 East after a short hiatus led by CAC legends in Jeff Hall, Rugga and Greg Polin and these guys are flat out winners. Rugga is a true point guard who really knows how to get his guys involved and Polin is a flat out beast in the paint. Then there is that Hall guy I keep mentioning who is the glue of this team. Hall is a legit baller who can score from inside and out while filling up the rest of the stat sheet week in and week out. Hall is in line for a MVP-like season and he should lead SC to a solid year and likely a deep playoff run.

There is your B1 East Fall 2010 preview. I am EXHAUSTED so I will save Lines, Bold Predictions and story lines for the morning. Stay tuned.

On a side note don’t forget to visit Tommy Doyle’s in Kendall Square and Harvard Square for their terrific food and drink menu. TD’s is our league sponsor so let’s give them some love after games for some discounts on food and beer.

Thank you all for playing in the B1 East this season and I look forward to getting the action started tomorrow!