B1 East Preseason Preview – Winter 09

Plus a Sneak Peak at the Lines!

Yea I know I’m running behind today – what else is new? Oh it’s friggin cold out? Haha — you’re all a bunch of f’in comedians!! For those of you not signed up on the message boards, I’ve included a peak at what the lines look like on a weekly basis.  If you sign up for the boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) you’ll be able to comment on my thoughts, banter with other players in the league, and just make a general fool of yourself, like I do on a daily basis.  Get signed up and join the banter!!

B1 East Preview….
7 (Tie) Fuego Fuego & Infinite Hoops – The Two new teams I know nothing about, so they have to be ranked last. Sorry guys, you’ve got to earn your respect. I had heard rumor that CUBA was on Infinite Hoops before declining to sign a long-term contract, maybe he could fill us in on his former teammates??

6. Uh-Oh – It’s tough to rank a team that went 0-10 in it’s last incarnation ahead of anyone, but Uh-Oh picked up DZundl and Five Hard Fouls at the last minute to give themselves a shred of respectibility. Can they compete on a weekly basis though? We’ll find out soon enough!

5. 3 Of Us – These guys usually save themselves just for 3v3 tourneys and Summer time runs, so I was pleasantly surprised when Heffernen shot me an email asking to save his boys a spot in the Winter League. These guys have the youngest legs in the league, freshest lungs and liver (I’ve been killing mine for way too long, as have most of you) so should run all over teams. Should being the key word of course. Cuz who really knows?

4. Team Blue Chips – Honestly, I liked it better when Mudarri Sour had named his team Cha-Gina. I think he should have kept it this season just as a giant FU to Weapon X (the player, not the team). They’ve made a couple offseason moves that I can only assume are for the better. Vinny DiMento going to be an MVP candidate in the B1 just like he was in the B2. I’m pumped for another season of these guys bickering with each other over missed layups, lapses in defensive assignments and just suckitude in general!

3. Scalopini – NEPC frontman Scott Perry is putting in his own squad back into the B1 after a season off, and it will be great to have him back. According to his own words, they have a fairly stacked roster, but I can’t put them ahead of the two known quantities. Not that I don’t believe him, mind you, but because I have to show some shread of restraint. Anytime I could get a reference on the team name, that’d be great Scott. Good luck and welcome back!!

2. Half Tapped – Adding a former B1 East MVP (Sweens) along with his brother is going to turn a team that won just 1 regular season game last season (on a forfiet!) into a title contender this season. Hell, Mike Sweeney was hoping I wouldn’t post the Awards from the Fall 08 season so he could be the returning MVP this time around. Alas, I actually did them for the East (North? What are you talking about?) but Sweens definitely has to be one of the front runners for the award this season. This team has a another brother combination, as the Lappys are back again as well. That’s right, Sweens and Lappy, reunited at least (cuz it feels sooooo goooooooood!!). It’s a winning formula for Half Tapped, and the best news is that there are no Sunday games, and so no excuses to show up hung over!!

1. CAC-N-Ballers – Undefeated in the B2 East, including the Unification Game, moving up to the B1 East, making no roster changes and they’re still ranked as the top overall team! Yea I’ve got that much respect for Big Country and Big Ant (ok and maybe Chet, but just maybe!!). This dangerous duo is going to be too big even for the B1 to handle, and they have an outside chance of running the table on this league too. That’s right, I said it! Now, the question is whether or not the rest of the B1 will answer the call and give these guys a tougher test than they got last season in the B2.

6:20 PM CAC-N-Ballers vs. Infinite Hoops (-12.5)
CAC-N-Ballers are going to pick up just where they left off last season i nthe B2 and start steamrolling teams, showing no mercy whatsoever. Now that Chet, BLau, Randall and PK are getting a second run in the C League, let’s hope it helps their confidence and jumpers going into the Wednesday night game. You’d be surprised at the number of guys that show marked improvement after picking up a second night. What’s that, it’s logical to get better at something the more often you do it? Oh, well maybe I’m the only one that’s surprised by that then….

7:10 PM Scalopini vs. Team Blue Chips (+1.5)
No Idea what to expect out of Scalopini, but what the hell, let’s make Blue Chips the underdog so they get upset at me fornot respecting them. That’s in page 1 of the Weapon X guide to being a good captain. If Mudarri knows how to read, he’ll have that down pat.

8:00 PM Uh-Oh vs. 3 Of Us (-8.5)
Based on reputation only fellas, 3 Of Us needs to get this win to get off to a good start. Uh-Oh is only gonna have 4 tonight, so no subs, coming back after a long CAC layoff, spells disaster…

8:50 PM Fuego Fuego vs. Half Tapped (-7.5)
Welcome to the league Noobs – have fun taking on one of the favorites in the league. Like the 6:20 game before you (shockingly I didn’t do this on purprose, it’s just the way it played out) the new guys get a taste of the best the East has to offer in their first experience at Wall Ball Arena. Sweens will begin his MVP campaign, Lappy will hopefully not throw too many balls high on the wall, while Mario and Pressberg look for a spot to fit in. This should be a fun free wheeling team to watch.