B1 East Spring Intro

It is my pleasure as the B1 East Commish to welcome all of you to the Spring B1 East Hoops league at CAC. I am Kap and I will be running the B1 East for the second season in a row and I am pumped to do so.

Last season the B1 East was as deep as it has ever been with competitive talent from top to bottom (well, maybe with the exception of Tibbs’ team). In the end, Cream Boat, led by superstar rookie Jeff Graham, battled JThompson’s Roc Boys in an EPIC B1 East Finals showdown. Roc Boys prevailed, but went on to lose a heartbreaker in the B1 Unification game to the B1 West winner, Basketballs Deep.

It was a hell of a season last session, indeed, and I am expecting more of the same this go around even though several new faces and teams are blessing us with their presence. Let’s take a look at who we got competing this spring in the always hotly contested B1 East divison:

Newbies: The teams listed here are either new to CAC, new to B1 East, or I know nothing about…if your name is spelled wrong, I apologize and you should blame Tibbs as I copied them right from the league site.

Heavy Hitters: Chris Hall, Dennis Droggitis, Eric Nordstrom, Hank Lucas, Kevin Mason, Rodney DeMedeiros, Seth Waterman, Steve Jacobs

Conor Larkins: Conor Larkins, Andrew Smith, Christopher Caswell, David Murphy, David Rosenthal, Kent Greenfield, Mark DeFeo, Noah Winkeller

Oh n Tin: Andy Pyman, Eric Anderson, Ethan Baron, Jeff Kendall, John Drislane, Mike Arroyo, Rhett Richard, Ryan Lanier

The Firm (played these guys in B1 West, new to B1 East…watch out!): Andrew Ward, Chris Smith, Josh Bruno, Juma Crawford, Manny Allen, Matt Johnson, Todd Cogdell

Team Ramrod: Isaac Aaron, Max Kinkade, Mike Albert, Payne Schoen, Scott Ellinwood

The Upstate Connection: Alex Lanfear, Andreas Schneider, Dan McNamara, Kyle Audi, Richard Mulherin, Trevor Gardner, Zachary Parker

Oldies: The teams listed here are returning from last session or from sessions not too long ago. I will list the team only and any changes they have made or thoughts I want to throw out there.

Genzyme: Lost the Mulholland brothers who left to bring their old squad back (see below). We will see how this affects their title hopes.

3 Of Us (my boys!): Added Majic! Don’t know who he is? You will.

Sin City Shooters: Clifford a full-time team member this go around? If so, I expect Sin City to improve significantly after last season’s disappointing campaign.

Roc Boys: B1 East Champs! Running 6 deep and will certainly have a bulls eye on their backs.

Fuego Fuego: Marotta is BACK! Snow and Marotta may be the best 1-2 punch in the league.

6 Foot 7 Rangas: Took one season off and now they’re back, but without Reed Jucket. Can the Mulholland’s carry a team? Yes I am talking about all 3.

There you have it. Six new teams, 6 old ones. As I look at the rosters I see a sh!t ton of talent across the board. We should have some great games and competition this spring. Check back next week for my preseason power rankings. I want to get a look at the new teams (since half the league is new) before I post my preseason rankings. But for now, to get the blood flowing and banter going, I will bless you with some of my preseason story lines, bold predictions, and thoughts.

Story Lines:

1. Tibbs is NOT in the B1 East!?…that’s right…no Tibbs…guy has been in the league for like 50 years…I guess last year’s pathetic display made him think otherwise this time…or maybe he’s just whipped…yeah I think that’s it.
2. The Mulholland brothers leave Genzyme and start their own team….interesting…what’s up with that fellas?
3. The Firm moves from the West to the East…B1 West powerhouse has moved over to the East side…good move guys, the West only has 6 teams this session! Gross.
4. Welcome Majic to B1!…this guy is my early season MVP candidate…just sick nasty…glad he’s on my side…this is a guy 3 Of Us really needed
5. Marotta is BACK!…we missed you buddy…welcome back

Bold Predictions: sorry if these aren’t bold enough for you, deal with it

1. Sin City makes the playoffs with a .500 record or better.
2. One of the 6 new teams will win the East.
3. Fuego Fuego will only lose 2 games.
4. 3 Of Us will go to the B1 East Finals.
5. Roc Boys will suffer a sophomore slump (that’s right John)

There you have it kids. Those are my preseason introduction and thoughts. Feel free to email me atmattkap123@gmail.com with any questions or whatever. I can take on any hate you want to lay on me too. I am looking forward to this season and balling on all you bitches…just kidding.

Week 1 Lines up tonight or tomorrow!

Kap over and out.

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