B1 East Summer 07 Awards

What you’ve all been waiting for!

MVP – Pete Wilson, CTC – Things could have gone horribly wrong with CTC this season.  They have so many scorers that anyone on this roster can pick you apart, complaints about shots and minutes could have arisen.  But Pete was the glue that held it all together.  Ferocious on both ends of the floor, he didnít care whether or not he was scoring, he did everything else, finishing in the Top 4 of Player Rater, Assists, and Rebounds.  Will it mean playoff success?

Runners Up: Urquhart, Tibbs, RoY


Rookie of the Year – Henry Lo, CCSC – This season Iím giving the nod team success over the more impressive stats.  Lo Rider played in only 6 of the 10 games, but CCSC went 5-1 in those games and heís a big reason theyíre the 3 seed heading into the playoffs.  If heís back for the postseason, it turns CCSC into a favorite to go to the Unification game.

Runner Up:  Kahana (really it was a toss up and the nickname will stick regardless)


Defensive PoY – Collin Vataha, Vance – Collin is usually called upon to shut down the oppositionís best scorer, whether is be apoint guard (Wilson), shooting guard (Sweeney) or anyone else (Caleb).  Sure he didnít put up the stat numbers, but anyone that played against him knows that Collin was by far the best defender in the League this season.

Runner Up: Phi Slamma Jamma, Pete Wilson


Most Improved – Tom Biggins, Vance – Another season, another improvement for Big Shot Biggins.  The numbers across the board went up, the confidence to nail those half-court jumpers was there, and he still played way too unselfishly.


GM of the Year – Brian Fabry, Genzyme – The guys on Genzyme may not get a ton of love in the awards, but thatís because they all play so unselfishly, and well together, that none of them put up the huge numbers they are all capable of.  Fabry has put together a squad that has had a consistant core of guys, and thatís why they finished with the best overall record this season.

Runners Up: Orin, Wilson


Andy Danielson Memorial Sportsmanship Award – Matt OíBrian, Genzyme-  This season I know Iíve made the right call, as Matty O has come into the league and been a breath of fresh air, for both Genzyme and the officials.  Everyone gets angry at themselves on the floor, but Matty O never takes it out on the refs and tries to make sure everyone has a good time while winning games.


All Defensive Team

Collin Vataha – Itís all been said

Erik Brown – Swat Master extraordinaire

Pete Wilson – The most aggressive in your face defender in the gym

Jason Tibbetts – Help-side D gets it done



1st Team

Pistol Pete – MVP leads the way

Lo Rider – As does this seasonís RoY

RoY – Led the league in PR, way too many rebs for a little guy

Collin Vataha – His importance to Vance canít be overstated


2nd Team

Tibbs – Big pickup for WCW

Sweens – WCW teammates getting it done

Urquhart – Sniper from anywhere on the floor

Danny Fahey – Picked his numbers back up on an awesome offensive squad


Honorable Mention

OG – Consistant presence for CCSC, shouldnít have been coming off the bench

Everyoneís Favorite Point Guard – More than anyone else, responsible for Genzymeís rise

Phi Slamma Jamma – Led NU to their best record yet in the East

Keith Schofield – Big Fella a Beast for Genzyme in the paint

Anthony Silva – First timer that with another season under his belt will help his team make big strides

The Rattling AK – Just slips in as his numbers only keep going up in the B1