B1 East Winter 2010 – Great Season to All Players!

I want to thank everyone in the B1 East for an unbelievable season. This was my first year running a league and I thought you all made it as easy and fun as possible for me, and I appreciate that. There were a lot of great and talented guys in this league and I hope you all come back next season (it’s never too early to sign up!…just click here!http://www.cacbasketball.com/signup-leagues.php ). As for the awards, a lot of people were worthy of a lot of awards, but there are only so many to hand out. There will always be snubs, and I apologize for this. Feel free to rip me for what I missed, or didn’t miss, or whatever, but at the end of the day I did my best to get it right. So talk amongst yourselves, give me feedback on how I can do better, and enjoy!

MVP: Chris Snow (Fuego Ocho)
Runners Up: Scott Mulholland (Genzyme), Kyle Sachowitz (Scot Pollard), James Evans (SAB)
This award was a really tough one to choose because there really were so many candidates who could have taken it. In the end though I had to give it to the Snow Man. The guy was just an absolute beast the whole season. Snow was unquestionably the most VALUABLE to his team, literally putting Fuego Ocho on his back and carrying them to a playoff birth. Snow led the way in the playoff-clinching victory over Genzyme in the last game of the season, and I knew right there Snow was my MVP.

Snow’s MVP award can be backed up by the consistent numbers he put up throughout the whole season; and he did it with a finesse not many big men possess at CAC. When you look at all of the statistical categories, Snow was among the league leaders in nearly all of them:

PR: 4th overall, 52.85
PPG: 8th overall, 20.5 ppg
RPG: 3rd, 12.3 rpg
APG: T-17th, 2.8 apg
BlkPG: 2nd, 2.8 bpg
FTs: 4th in avg. makes pg, 3rd in total attempts, t-2nd in % (didn’t include the guy who went 11/11 on the year)

In addition to these numbers Snow was also one of the most durable players in the league as he played in all 9 regular season games. The runners-up all had great seasons, but none of them were as valuable to their team as Snow was. Congrats big man on a great season, and this session’s MVP award.

OPOY: Kyle Sachowitz (Scot Pollard)
Runners Up: Brad Mulholland (Genzyme), Scott Nascimento (Wiser Time)
The offensive talent in the B1 East this session was at an all time high, making this award that much harder to hand out. At the end of the day though, I had to go with the guy who led the league in offensive player rater in Kyle Sachowitz.

Sachowitz was new to the league this year, and he brought with him a style of play I haven’t seen at the CAC before. Sachowitz literally did it all on the offensive end. He averaged 28 points per game which was good enough for second in the league (yesterday the site showed O’Keefe leading the league in ppg, right now it says Kyle, who knows what happened…Tibbs!). First, second, whatever the guy was a scoring machine hitting floaters from crazy angles and hitting clutch threes on a consistent basis. What separates Kyle from the rest of the candidates though is his passing skills. Sachowitz was third in league (barely behind me….HA!) in assists at 4.33 per game and this number could have been even higher had Frail not been known as the assist-assassin from the scorer’s table.

Regardless, Sachowitz was an absolute beast offensively whether or not he was scoring or passing and his efforts had to be rewarded. Congrats to Kyle on winning the OPoY award in his first season.

DPOY: Scott “Mohammed” Mulholland (Genzyme)
Runners Up: Chris Snow (Fuego Ocho), Tom Heffernan (3 Of Us)
What can you say about SMul that hasn’t already been said? The guy is the epitome of defense. Just look at the numbers: 4.3 blocks per game and an ungodly 16.2 rebounds per game. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. SMul has an uncanny knack for playing the ball, deflecting passes and disrupting shots with a smooth calmness most players can only hope to possess. I covered all 9 games for Genzyme (except for when we played them of course) and I can honestly say SMul took defense personally. If a guy scored 2 points on him he was pissed and you could tell from his expression. Every team can only dream to have a guy like SMul under the rim protecting that sh!t like it’s his child but only Genzyme can brag to have the honor of taking the floor with him week in and week out.

Scott’s defensive skills and intensity have been well documented though. This is hardly his first DPoY award. He has won DPoY awards at literally all levels of play so we know this session was no fluke. Mohammed will have to chalk this award up as just another day at the office as he has proven season after season that he is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball. Hell, CAC should rename the award the “Mohammed Award” after the guy. Yeah I said it. Write that down Tibbs.

RoY: Jeff Graham (Cream Boat)
Runners Up: Kyle Sachowitz (Scot Pollard), Roach (Roc Boys) 
This season’s RoY award was actually the toughest for me to hand out as there were a sh!t ton of candidates. In the end it boiled down to Graham and Sachowitz, and since Sachowitz got the OPoY award I decided to go in favor of Graham. Graham’s game caught my eye from the very get go when I covered their first game of the season. His knowledge and execution of the game is off the charts. Not often can you find a guy who shoots lights out from 3, drives to the lane with ease, AND plays terrific defense.

Graham did it all this season. Captaining the newbies in Cream Boat Graham and his boys took this league by storm. Even against superior opponents Graham had his guys fired up and always ready to play. This guy is a born leader and he backed it up with his play. Graham was in the top 10 in PR, 6th in PPG at 21 per game, 1st in 3pt % at 48% (sick considering he took 40 threes), 6th in assist at ~ 4 per game, and 1st in steals with over 3 per game. Those are great all around numbers if you ask me.

Graham’s numbers combined with his humility on and off the court make him more than deserving of this award and I hope to see he and Cream Boat back next season.

GM of the Year: John Thompson (Roc Boys)
This was the easiest award to give out this session. Sure Jtho and I talk sh!t all day to each other on the boards but in the end it’s all love. And I have to give the guy credit at the end of the day. He put together one hell of a squad this year.

After Jtho broke away from Snow and Marotta (don’t know he is? You might find out soon…guy is a BEAST) I wasn’t sure what he was thinking leaving these two studs to form his own team. I guess he knew what he was doing. Jtho put together a star-studded all guard squad around him with the likes of Roach, Tyrone and Omar – all who can flat out ball. With his new crew in tact Jtho and the Roc Boys put together an unprecedented season, going 7-2 on the year and making sure everyone knew about it (and they just beat Scot Pollard to go the B1 East Finals!).

After being ranked near the bottom of the league in the preseason rankings, Roc Boys came out of no where and took this league by force, behind their veteran B1East leader in Jtho. Jtho didn’t care that he had the youngest team in the league (by far too!). He knew they could play and they proved they could. Good job putting this group together John. This award is well deserved and I applaud you and your boys on a great season. Good luck in the East finals.

5th Man of the Year: Tim Davenport (SAB)
SAB was the best team in the league from top to bottom, largely because of their depth. This depth started on a weekly basis with Tim Davenport coming off the bench. Davenport is a relatively quiet dude, but for those of you who don’t know him well should know he is a proven A1 commodity and starter and can fill up the stat sheet with the best of them.

Davenport would have easily been a starter on any other team in the B1 East but the depth and talent of SAB forced him to come off the bench. Davenport though took it like a man though and did what was best for the team. When he entered the game, his impact was felt immediately. His size, strength and nose for the rim made him a very difficult guy to cover and I think a lot of teams this season had a bitch of a time manning him up (I know we did!). In the end, Davenport was able to put together an excellent season off the bench. He averaged 12.3 ppg, 8 rpg, 1.7 apg, 1.3 spg, and 1 bpg. Those are high quality numbers for a 5th man especially when considering his minutes were limited compared to the starters.

More importantly over the course of the season Davenport really improved his jumper. I remember when we played SAB I told my team to let him shoot from the outside. From that game on I swear to you Davenport started hitting his outside shots like he was Reggie freaking Miller. Whether he worked on his jumper or not I don’t know but I can tell it has definitely gotten better. Davenport should be given a huge amount credit for SAB’s strong season for when SAB had to go to their bench they knew they weren’t getting a scrub, but a proven commodity who could contribute in numerous ways. Good season Tim, and good luck in the A1 playoffs.

The Kap Award: Lee Greenberg
Runners Up: Tibbs…yes I really do like Tibbs’ game (Sullivan’s Tap), Chris Burke (Scot Pollard)
I created this award (obviously) to represent the player whose game I liked the most in the league this season. Sure it helped that Greenberg is part of the same elite tribe as me, but that wasn’t the whole reason I picked him. I picked him because he plays the type of game that every team needs in order to be successful and SAB has been a proven success for 2 seasons now. No Greenberg doesn’t drop 30 per game and no he doesn’t make highlight reel plays night in a and night out. But what he does do is the little things, especially in clutch situations needed to win big games. Greenberg made numerous plays down the stretch this season for SAB that allowed them to win games and roll to an 8-1 record. Fighting for a loose ball. Grabbing an offensive rebound over 2 guys. Making the extra pass to get Ruff a wide open 3. I love these types of players who are truly in it for the team and Greenberg should be applauded for his work and effort this season, even if it doesn’t show up on the stats sheet all the time. Great season Lee and congrats on winning the inaugural Kap Award.

All Defensive Team:
SMul – in his last 10 leagues he has won DPoY in 8 of them; league leader in Def. PR by far
Snow – owns the paint; knows how to use his length and size to block shots and rebound on the defensive end
Hizzle – 4th in Def. PR; 3rd in blocks per game
BArms – didn’t put up the defensive stats like the other guys but easily one of the best on ball defenders in the league; guarded the best player for every team and made a valiant effort on all of them; more than deserving to be on this

All Guard Team:
Roach – quickest guard in the league; great handle; can get to the rim
Jeff Graham – RoY!; lights out from distance; excellent passer
Sachowitz – OPoY!; great FT shooter; great nose for getting to the rim; great passer
O’Keefe – flat-out sick scorer from inside and outside the arc; most deadly 3pt shooter in the league

All Big Man Team:
SMul – DPoY!; shot blocking skills are insane; top-notch bball IQ
Snow – best all around big man in the league on both ends
Greenberg – best rebounder in the league in my opinion; great bball IQ; excellent team player
Hizzle – great touch and finesse for a big guy; great shot blocker; top 5 rebounder in this league

First Team All Stars:
Chris Snow – MVP!
Kyle Sachowitz – took this league by storm with sick offensive numbers
Scott Mulholland – most fundamentally sound player in the league; MVP of his team hands down
Brad Mulholland – led the league in PR; great season for the young vet

Second Team All Stars:
Jeff Graham – the heart and soul of CB, one of the best teams in the league; excellent feel for the game
James Evans – MVP of SAB; would have been MVP of the league if his numbers were better…but that’s not the SAB way (see last year’s B1 winner…)
Chris Burke – teamed up with Sachowitz to have arguably the best backcourt in the league; put up some monster games at key times
Romario Santos – one of the best guards in the league; he’s the engine that drives Roc Boys (7-2!)

Third Team All Stars:
Scott Nascimento – standout guy on a team that struggled; had a great season that should be noted
Bryan Bingham – see previous; always brought his best effort on a weekly basis even during the 80game losing streak
Tim O’Keefe – top two in ppg! 3-pt champ! (makes per game)
Greg Maneikis – despite tailing off down the stretch he had a great season overall and should be rewarded

That’s it for the B1 East Winter 2010 Awards. I hope everyone enjoyed them I put a lot of effort into them so don’t rip me too much. However, please express your opinions let me know what I missed or any feedback you may have. Remember though, I’m only human. As for you All-Stars, 1st and 2nd teamers will be part of the All-Star game, and if anyone from those teams can’t make it we will select fill-ins from the third team. Stay tuned for an email from your commish, Jason Tibbetts.

Kappa Don over and out.