B1 North Fall 07 Awards

Everyone loves award season, and at C.A.C., that’s no different.  All season long guys are gunning for their stats and some recognition in a few write-ups, and the awards are the ultimate shout-outs.  Any complaints, as always, blame someone else, like Brian the ref.  But since I saw all these games to, I guess I’m the only one that can be blamed, so forward me your complaint, or post a formal request for my resignation.  Both will probably result in nothing of substance getting done.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Winter Leagues that start on January 21st ! Leagues will fill up fast, as C.A.C. ball is still growing and becoming more popular ( http://www.crfcbasketball.com/about.php ).  On to the Awards!!

MVP – Todd Billet, Genzyme – Like it was ever in doubt from the moment that Dolla Dolla Billet stepped onto the floor that heíd be this seasonís MVP?  You’re kidding yourself if you think anyone else even had a shot at taking it down.  He’s helped change the perception of the Genzyme squad and helped make them winners in every league.
Runners Up: Ed Finn, Preston Raymond


RoY – Jason Lohmiller, Gym Shoes & Jersey – J-Loh and his team made quite a splash in the B1 North this season, earning the #1 overall seed heading into the playoffs.  Itís tough enough to overcome quality competition, but week in and week out J-Loh had to overcome the heckling of his own teammates to perform.  Giving him this award makes me feel as dirty as a Jersey Girl taking a free ride on the Money Train.
Runners Up: Mike Dinh, Mike Albert, Aziz Sayigh


Defensive PoY – Collin Vataha, Vance Refrigeration – He’s the toughest defender in the league because he can push around the big guys and chase around the shooters.  No one does more for his team than Vataha does and AK makes sure to utilize all his skills on a weekly basis.
Runners Up: Nick Baum, Todd Billet


5th Man – Van Tran, Genzyme – With Billet a permanent member of the Genzyme squad, someone had to be sent to the bench, and usually it was the late arriving Jean Claude Van Tran.  It didnít matter, as he was still able to nail threes without any warm up time and because of the double teams that Billet received.  Leave him open at your own peril.
Runners Up: Deon Provost, Rob Vigneau


Most Improved Player – Adam Kneeland, Vance Refrigeration – The Rattling AK may have taken some teams by surprise this season with his improved post game and sneaky spin move going to the hoop.  But even as teams caught on he was able to score and contribute to Vanceís offense.  He even earned himself a free burger, and now, an award!


GM of the Year – Ian Urquhart, Bubbles Depot – Added Ed Finn after the first week of the season to make sure his team was competitive and could challenge for a title.  A five game winning streak had them looking like a favorite before attendance issues plagued them down the stretch.  Count on him putting in another solid squad should he so choose.
Runners Up: J-Loh, Tibbs

Andy Danielson Memorial Sportsmanship Award – Mike Albert, Gym Shoes & Jersey – Albert took a beating in the post week in and week out and never complained.  He didnít go to the line nearly enough and did a great job adjust to the officiating his first season in the league.  I rarely saw a sour face or grimace no matter what bad call had just been made.  Add on that he always cheered on his squad from the bench and riled them up to have fun, and Albert is the easy choice here.


All Defensive Team

Collin Vataha -Can guard any position and thrives doing it

Nick Baum – Relentlessly in your face all game long

Todd Billet – Full court pressure all the time, and if you can guard Raymond Felton, youíre going to be fine in this league.

Cheese – Strongest guard and best box out in the league


All C.A.C.

1st Team
Todd Billet – Youíve heard it all before, the man is money
Ed Finn – Kept Bubble Depot relevant and in contention
Jason Lohmiller – Scored a lot, and contrary to popular belief, contributed in other ways as well
Preston Raymond – Underappreciated by his team and the press, until now, dudeís a Beast!


2nd Team

Aziz Sayigh – Could drop 40 at anytime and tough as nails
Mike Dinh – The Jason Kidd of B1 North, always did everything on every play
Mike Albert – The Enforcer for Gym Shoes trained and hardened by the women at Bentley
Collin Vataha – D PoY one of the most athletic and versatile in the league


Honorable Mention
Ian Urquhart
 – ICU the perfect spot-up compliment to Fizzles slash and kick
Carl Clary – Soulja Boyís shot was on point this season and his decision making was much improved
Mike Sweeney – The Killers go-to scorer and still deceives teams with his moves
Adam O’Connor – Had a tough time adjusting to the North comp, but still a beast when he took it to the hoop
Mike Fritz – Tough as nails and impossible to stop when he takes it to the rack
Keith Schoefield – Schoeís nifty spin move to the hoop fooled many a defender all season long