B1 West Awards – Fall 08

It’s about damm time!

I want to hear it from the B1 West for these awards!! Go to the message boards and let me hear it!  What do you like, not like, who’d i disrespect or respect too much??

MVP – Ike Andesy, Ruckus – The Big Man On Campus was an absolute beast this season and ate up the competition in the B1 West. When he was focused and intense there was nothing he couldn’t do on the floor. He averaged 22 points and 17 rebounds. Think about that, it’s an absurd combination. Dude blew away the competition and only got better as the season progressed and the Ruckus built a bit of chemistry. Now the challenge is carrying the squad through the playoffs and shocking the rest of the B1 leagues. Tough, yes, Impossible, Never.
Runner Up: TJ Unger, VMan, BadBoy LeRoy

RoY – Kevin Coffey, Hopefully Sober – Big Red came through in a huge way for Hopefully Sober this season and earned himself top honors as the leagues best rookie. The big fellas was a relentless working on the glass this season, had a variety of moves in the paint and could step out to shoot the 3. I was green with envy as his teammates encouraged him to let it fly. His contributions on the defensive end were invaluable as HS had one of the better defenses in all the land. It was a great rookie campaign for Coffey, and we’re hoping he, and HS are making a comeback.
Runner Up: TJ Unger, Mark Popolizio

Defensive PoY – Vernon Garnett, Dynasty Heat – This was one of the toughest awards to hand out, as there were a number of guys that were deserving, but as usual, I went to my default and picked the toughest big guy in the league to score on. What can I say, I like blocked shots, lots of rebounds and a big presence in the paint,. V-Man was all of these things and more for Dynasty Heat, and they’re a completely different team when he’s anchoring the D.

Offensive PoY – Thaddeus Unger, Scalped Tickets – The Tickets were an up and down offensive squad, depending on if the 3 was falling or not, but their constant source of points was none other than one of the best rookies. After finishing as runner up in both the MVP and RoY department, I thought it was only fitting that he’d take home this award. TJ was all over the place on every possession for the Tix, making plays happen and keeping plays alive. Aside from his scoring, he led the league with 6.3 offensive rebounds per game. Yea, that’s going to help your squad out a whole lot. And most of those he turned to immediate points, whether for himself or two a wide open three point shooter. Excellent work all around for one of the hardest working guys in the league. Nothing flashy, but TJ got it done week in and week out.

GM – Ricky Ng, Steamboats – Honestly I don’t know how the Secret Asian Man does it. He balances a 10 man roster, keeps all the egos happy and in check, plus finds a sliver of time for himself to bomb away a couple 3s. Nothing wrong with that really. And he did it all so well that this Steamboats squad, desipite not having a 6footer in the line-up took the #1 seed and a bye into the playoffs. Sure there was a noticeable lack of video footage being shot this season, but for those of you wondering, the Steamboats still have you scouted out. They know all the tricks and techniques you’re going to use, have no doubt about that. Juggling a 10 man roster, have the most prepared team in the league, it’s a lot of pressure, but one that the Secret Asian Man has handled well this season, and has been for seasons, he’s earned this one.
Runner Up: Bill Mioline, Hopefully Sober

MIP – Jon Glumac, Irate CTC – Gluuuuuuuuumac had a career season, coming out of the gates hot for Irate CTC and keeping up his improved play all season long. He’s been drifting from team to team for the last couple seasons, can he just get a stable squad that he can get comfortable with so he can really shine? Keep tossing up those 3s Jon, they’re falling!

All Defensive Team
VMan – DPoY of course heads up this squad
BMOC – Try and score on him a second time, no really, just try
Brandon Freeman – Rebounds blocks, steals, he does it all
Leng Teng – Pootie beats his opposition to a pulp with quicks not power

All CAC 1st Team
Ike – Big Man On Campus rules the school
BadBoy LeRoy – Best Crunch time scorer in the league, no I don’t have the stats to back that up, but just believe me here.
TJ Unger -The engine that drop the Scalped Tickets to their great start
Vernon Garnett – Does it all week in and week out

All CAC 2nd Team
Leng Teng – No one has a sicker handle, or is quicker, than Pootie
Mark Katz – First season back and he’s still an all-star, I’m not surpised at all
DMart – Damien was the Dime Man all season long for Dynasty Heat, and he led the league, now if only his offense comes around in time for the playoffs
Cliff Mathurin – The calming influence for Ruckus, do you thing man.

All CAC 3rd Team
Martin Yuan – Offensively carried the Steamboats, finally out of MJD’s shadow
Jon Hurov – Another breakout star for the Scalped Tickets
Mark Popolizio – Did a whole lot of everything for HS, brought a ton of energy and attitude as well
Brandon Freeman – Hit the boards harder than any one, pound for pound best rebounder in the L?