B1 West Preseason Preview

And you get a sneak peek at the weekly lines!

We’ve got another small (6 team) league. I blame the B 5v5 for poaching a lot of the players that usually troll around Wall Ball Arena. This past season, B5v5 blew up from 9 teams to 17, while A2 and B1 West are down to 6 each. You traitors! Don’t they know that their stats are way better in the 4v4 leagues?? They’ll come back around eventually, just you wait.

While I’ve got your attention, I’m using the preview to give everyone a glimpse of the pre-game lines that are posted on the message boards for most of the leagues.  If you don’t have an account for the message boards and want to get in on the banter, you should get one! Go here (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php)!  Even if you just want to read the lines and not chime in (but you should!) it gives you a little something extra to make the leagues interesting!

1. BONES SAYZ: Cummupins – The only thing more gay than LightHouse Bermont keeping everyone on his GChat list uptodate about the latest Shenanigans that his dog Bones is up to is naming his team after him. That’s just Terrrrrrible fellas. I mean really?? Ah well, this is a team loaded with Size (Mazz, Freddy, Geoff, Adams, Shane) and uh, one guard in Cleary. Yea I know they don’t really need a point since Mazz is going to just dribble up and shoot 3s, but still, they needed someone to pass the ball, so Ken signed on. You know Mazz will be striving to average about 35 per game in this league and win yet another MVP, the questions remains whether or not anyone can stop him.

2. Genzyme – As Tommy K put it last night “Genzyme may have the best B1 backcourt EVER this season.” Of course, he was refering to himself and Tim O’Keefe. I may have to do a bit of research on his statement to see if it holds up, but he could be right. O’Keefe caught some flak on the boards earlier this week with players wondering how he’d mesh with the Jumpman and others in the B 5v5. After the first game, I think everything went just well (the all important W), so he should be fine on this team. All Tommy wants to do is shoot 3, Lawson too it seems like. They’ve got the speed at the guard positions, but their interior D looks like it could be a little soft. That’s right, Kmiec, I’m calling you out!! Get angry and play hard, will ya?!

3. Matt, Tim & The Turds – One game already under their belt, and the Sunday night crew is off to a good start, taking care of the Comeback Tour. They’ve moved over from the East, requested all the Sunday games and now have a distinct advantage over all the other teams. While someone like me will wake up hungover as hell and be pissed that I have a Sunday night game, the Turds will expect it, and, hopefully, not get nearly as plastered on Saturday night. Except Tim, he seems a bit slow like that. My only concern for this squad is burnout – MNicey is playing on 2 different Genzyme teams (TRAITOR!!), and Who Know Who is sure to be worn down with this redonkulous team name. He was unhappy week 1, and stole everyone’s rebounds as much as he could. Should make for some GREAT team chemistry

4. Hello McFly – So the team name may need a little work (that’s what she said) but the roster doesn’t. The Good King took pieces from Serenity Now (him and Bigs), Vance (Collin, Tibbs) and his favorite A1 5th round draft pick, Jim the Janitor Bushell, to make a run at the B1 title. In the East, this is a top team, but they might struggle for respectability in the WestSide. They’ll be rellying way too heavily on the 3 ball and AK as the point guard. And here I was, just making fun of N.W.O. in the B2 for not having a true point, and neither does my team. What goes around comes around, I’m just pumped for an extra couple of match-ups with Mazzone in yet another league!!

5. Comeback Tour – AC has brought his ETown boys back to CAC with a new team name and a new attitude. They had a rude awakening at the hands of the Turds last Sunday, though. When, and I do me when, not If, AC gets his jumper back, the rest of the league better watch out, as he and Fitz always make a formidable duo to overcome.

6. Warriors – The new guys are almost always ranked last – no offense intended, we just don’t know who you are, so this is where you start. Time to start movin’ on up…

5:30 PM Genzyme vs. BONES SAYZ: Cummupins (-5.5) 

The top two teams in the preseason poll start off facing each other. I’m just not going to take it easy on either of these teams this season. Anything less than a championship for either of them is going to have to be seen as a dissapointment. Genzyme would love to get the jump on Cummupins in the standings by pulling out a win tonight, but it will be tough to score against all the bohemiths that will await them in the paint. I don’t know who I’m rooting for in this one, I guess Cummupins is at least the lesser of two evils (Ken and Fred balance out Mazz and Adams, while RoY as a teammate does NOT balance out the fact that he’s playing for the Evil Empire)

8:50 PM Elbow Deep vs. Warriors (+6.5)
So the game plan for ED seems to be everyone stand around and chuck 3s. That’s a good idea right? I’m 5-7 so far on the season, so i’m bound to nose dive with a 0-5 night. Good thing it’s coming against one of the teams that’s new to the league. I’m putting the over under on the Bush/AK combo hating playing with me at about 15 minutes of PT. Go Team!