B1 West Preview – Spring 09


You’ve all been yammering on and on about this preview, and here I am delivering! Now I expect to hear something on the message boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) from this league for the Spring 09 season! No deafening silence like last season, you know when I lead in the league in PR.  Then we had something to talk about, but noooo, nobody wanted to. Anyway, I’m breaking away from playing, but DMac will be holding you down behind the whistle as I heckle from the Balcony.  This should be a great season, let’s get on with it already!!

9. Dynasty Heat – I don’t know about this roster.  B1 West isn’t the same as the Lunch Run, and despite bowing out of the first round in the B2 North playoffs last season, this team wanted to move up.  Who am I to argue? It’s their own doomed fate!  DMart added Watson as a solid go-to guy, but even with VEE, Frazier, Reeves, et al, there isn’t enough O or D on the squad.  Yea, I usually don’t rip into teams like this in the preview (I save that for lines and write-ups) but I want them to know what they’re up against, and that’s a loaded league.  Good Luck guys, you’ll need it!!

8. CTC – The second team making the jump from B2 North to B1 West, and they’re slightly better equipped to handle it.  Eric Spindt (another guy I want on my All-Lefty team) can score 30 a night, and Grog can get it done in the paint while Katz has finally foudn the stroke.  The key will be the toughness of the other three guys.  If B.Free, Kap, and Cross can find a way to man up and put in quality minutes, CTC can pull off some upsets, but it’s not going to be easy.

7. Little Nasty – Raj has taken the Little Nasty franchise and started to expand it even further.  Not sure where that’s going to get him in this brutal league, but rumor has it he’s plucked Harvard’s all-time assist leader to help make the team competitive.  Yea, that’s a step in the right direction.  I wonder who’s going to guard him in this league?  Hopefully Raj signed a couple other big guys though, because this league is taaaaaall.  I’ve got faith in my man to come correct, but I can’t put his roster of guys ahead of any of the other known commodities.  Just because I rank them here, doesn’t mean they’re garbage, the rest of the league better not sleep on Little Nasty!!

6. The Bag Jobs – And they’re back in the first of the returning favorites to come back to the B1 West.  Everyone’s favorite three point bombers are going to continue to pound away from downtown.  You think I like to shoot 3s, wait until you see the Boom King and Fidler on the Roof bombing away.  And we haven’t even gotten to Billy the Kid yet.  Not the biggest, strongest or fastest team out there, but their propensity to take copious amounts of 3 pointers will keep them in games.

5. We Go Both Ways – Ha, lots of jokes here, none of which I’ll use, all of which I’ll save for the write-ups.  This is the type of team that comes together over too many post game beers at the 99s.  Jumpman, Playboy, PStone, EJ, LJ, JBerr.  Really? I don’t know, the team is just missing something, oh yea, someone who will actually pass the ball!  Most of the time, this team is  going to have to play zone against, well everyone.  Sure they’ve got plenty of offensive firepower to work with, but will they be able to stop anyone? Heaven forbid one of the ‘guys’ misses a game and they have to trot out the 2-2 zone all night long. My bet is that on the occasional Wednesday night I’ll make sure the Jumpman gets nice and liquored up, feeling too sick to be effective or play the following day.  Yea he’s that much of a vag.  Yikes that could great really really brutal.  JBerr just wanted to play in this league so she could rub up on the guys some more.

4. Genzyme – Does anyone know who’s really on this roster?  I assume the returning nucleus of Lawson, RoY and Kmiec are coming back.  But what about Mulholland and O’Keefe. Is Billet returning to the 4v4 court? Why won’t BFab answer my emails? I get a whole lot of nothing out of him.  This was an up and down squad last season, and the league just got a whole lot tougher.  We’ll see soon enough if they will be able to compete against the likes of the NutHuggers and WGBW, as well as BagJobs on a regular basis, but until then, I can only dream of implosions and a season with zero banners for Genzyme.

3. Captain Turds – Once again, Albert’s rolling with the same crew of chuckers and is going to have to carry them to victory on his own.  I feel like every season I say “THIS is the season for the Turds/Gym Shoes etc, but they always find a way to fall juuuust short.  I blame, still, the disappearance of JLoh.  He left Albert all alone (seriously, Matt and Tim? Worthless), so Mike had to call in his buddy Max to at least provide some support.  Now before Scott cries and thinks I forgot all about him, just know that he’s the one steady guy on this floor, and he’s the ONLY one that should shoot more 3s.  To beat the best this season, they’re going to have to be able to open up defenses with the 3, and Scotty will have to be the one to do that.  Can’t leave that to me-first guys like Matt or Tim.

2. NutHuggers – OD thinks he’s slick does he?  This team is good on paper, but can they get it done on the floor? Last time OD played at Wall Ball Arena in a league, with a ref, he was terrible. Just ask me, I was there, every week.  No it’s not frustrating when the biggest guy on the floor refused to cross the three point line or get a rebound.  Yea, good luck with that guys!  The one thing that could save the season is if Chise really is rehabing in the B1 West this season.  That’s sneaky, tugging on my heart strings like that to get him into the L.  But if he doesn’t show, as Mike D is now reporting, then this team could be in trouble.  The only thing a line-up of OD, Cheese, Mike D and Lu could win is an ‘oldest lineup’ contest.  They’ve got that won hands down.

1. No Hope With Dope – The Reigning champs are #1 until further notice.  I don’t care if the Nuthuggers, WGBW, or Genzyme is the hot new sh!t, you’ve got to beat the Champs first!  I’m sick of Mazzone, so I’m not going to slobber all over him anymore.  Everytime he shoots 3-15 from downtown, you’re all going to hear about it. So you know, tomorrow.  This team is just loaded, with the exact same roster they had last season, the potential to go 10-0 is there again.  Geoff, if he can get to all the games, takes defensive pressure off the entire team, Cleary is the only ‘true’ guard, and Lighthouse just needs to reign in those emtions (ok, and the 3s) to be effective and not turn into a missed layup machine.  With quality bigs like Shane and Adams off the bench, there’s no reason this team shouldn’t repeat.  I don’t see a single squad beating them on the way to defending their title.
Someone tell me that’s going to work…