B1 West S10 Preview

And here we go, with another solid season of B1 West action! Last season, Basketballs Deep emereged from the West and won the Stick (B1 Unification Game!) so the West Side has a lot to live up to this season. We’ve got a handful of squads ready to battle it out twice a season with some good rivalries sprinkled in (Vladi vs Yavor, Henderson vs Tibbs, McTomney vs E-Town, etc etc) so should be a great season! Onto the rankings!!

6 – Vajazzlers – Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Serge’s team might not be the worst in the league (hell we have 2 noob squads) but after ranking his A1 team FIRST in the league, I had to balance it out somehow. Thankfully he put in a second team so I could. Sure they’ve got some solid names on this roster, Sam Quinn, Lappy, and sure Yavor (only b/c his gf will show up to every game!) but that doesn’t mean they’ll come together and play well. Plus they’ll have attendance issues for the first few weeks. Reciepe for disaster and an 0-2 start if you ask me. PLUS every time they play ETown or Gamble(?) it will be a rivalry game, so the pressure will just increase. Yea I’m seeing a season of floundering around at the bottom of the standings. That enough Hate for you Serge?!?!

5 – BranchOut Tech – Aside from McTomney, I know no one on this squad, so they’ve got to be ranked at the bottom of the barrel. Fortunately for them, I love to hate on Serge, so they’re not ranked dead last at least. McTomney has put in a band of his fellow work ballers so who knows if they’ll be any good. We do know that Pat can score 30 on his own without breaking a sweat, so that’s a hell of a good start for a new team. He’s played in the league before and knows the level of comp, so don’t be shocked if they’re much, much better than I’m predicting.

4 – E-Town – Spurned by McTomney for his own team, ETown signed Vladi for a full season this time around, giving themselves some much needed fire power. That’s a great free agent signing, stole him right out from under my nose, you bastards. They’ve got the usual core of AC, Fitzy, JayShoe and MILTON around him. The games Vladi did play last season the offense just looked a lot better, ran smoothly and they scored more points in bunches. That’s a good sign of things to come for these guys if they want to challenge for one of the top spots in the league!

3 – Fresh Meat – New pick-up regular Jay Mitchell has coralled a group of guys and gotten his first team involved with the CAC leagues. Get ready for a roller coaster ride man, and more importantly STATS being tracked, should be a fun first season. I don’t konw a whole lot about this Fresh Meat Squad (I think they want to be renamed Ball Don’t Lie) but if DMart and Ike are in the mix, this squad will be pretty sick.

2 – You Wanna Gamble? – Why yes, yes I DO! I couldn’t let this league only have 5 teams, so a little last minute scrambling, and here we are. Z and Kaplan should carry this squad offensively, I’ll distract teams with my pastiness, and Ryan and Hal (2 cac rooks) will get a chance to have a big impact on the squad. Lots of fast breaks, minimal defense and tons of stat padding, plus lots of side bets. Should be a fun season in the West. The only way this team could have been any more degenerate / better was if I could have convinced the King O Spain (Bush) to play with us. Alas, he has a busted elbow. Probably from his bookie…

1 – Scot Pollard – Hands down the best team in the league, and if they don’t go unbeaten and win the West then the season is a collosal failure. Yea, I’m not trying to put any extra pressure on you HENDERSON, but I’m 2-0 in our last two matchups. So good luck beating You Wanna Gamble? Anyway, I’m off track. The Jumpman was recruited by his college buddy (and pg @ colbysawyer) Chris Burke. It’s the same team from B1 East last season (allegedly) and they’re adding someone who, if he’s not hammered from free genzyme beer, could be the best player on the squad. He won’t have to be though, just get boards, as this team is loaded with fire power assuming Burke can hit the broadside of a barn on Thursday nights. With Kyle averaging close to 30 this team will steamroll the competition.

Week 1 lines

7:10 PM You Wanna Gamble? vs BranchOut Tech (+3.5)
Knowing nothing about my first week opponent, know nothing about how my team will play together, but still, I’ve got to have myself as a favorite in week 1, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

8:00 PM Scot Pollard vs E-Town (+14.5)
Ok, so the whole ‘winning’ and ‘playing better’ thing for ETown will have to wait until next week when they’re not playing a borderline A2 team, even if Terry is hammered.

9:40 PM Fresh Meat vs Vajazzlers (+7.5)
I don’t know a whole lot about this Fresh Meat Squad (I think they want to be renamed Ball Don’t Lie) but if DMart and Ike are in the mix, this squad will be pretty sick. Wait, I pulled that quote directly from my preview? Gah I got nothing here folks. Serge has to play 40 minutes, so yea, gl with that Vajazzlers!!