B1 West Summer 08 Awards

Spreading the Love all Around the L

You may think these awards are a day late, but in reality, they’re almost a week early, as no other league got their awards up until the day of the Quarterfinals. That’s right, that’s next week, and if you think I’m getting off the hook based on a technicality, well then you’re right.
With 13 teams in a loaded league, this may have been my toughest season yet trying to sift through all the award contenders. Of course, that means no one is going to agree with any of my choices, but my word is final, so deal with it.

MVP – Terry Henderson, Thunder Down Under – I know there will be plenty of wailing and gnashing of the teeth (especially from the Genzyme corner) but Henderson was the most indispensible player to any team in the league. Replace him with anyone else, and TDU isn’t nearly the formidable opponent that they’ve been all season long. It helps that he’s got the stats to back it up too, lapping the field by nearly 25% over his closest contender (again, the Genzyme corner). Nothing like adding hardware to the mantle, and after just two seasons, the Jumpman is going to need to start clearing out more shelf space.
Runners Up: Kmiec/Roy, MJD, Watchel, Paul Collins

Rookie of the Year – Tim McCusker, NEPC – Another award where there will be some complaining out of the Genzyme camp, as Tommy K wants to win this award for every league. But without Tim McCusker, NEPC would not have been able to stay afloat in the very competitive B1 West. He stepped onto the floor and made an immediate impact, lifting some of the burden from Lamberti’s shoulders and willingly mixing it up whenever possible. Don’t agree with my choice? Head to the boards to vote, but McCusker is the pick for the Summer 08 season!
Runner Up: Watchel, Collins, Brian Anderson, RoY

Defensive PoY ñ Phil Scialdoni, Cleary Club – Phil was a ferocious defender, an intimidating presence, and impossible to go through. You’ve got to try to go around him, and that’s not easy given his enormous wing span and unquenchable appetite for leather pancakes. The Monster of the Middle that absolutely was the key to Cleary Club’s phenominal defense this season.
Runner Up: Kmiec, Dinh, Ken Mullane

All Defensive Team
Phil S – Mmmmm….leather pancakes….
MJD – Lead the league in steals by a wide margin, always active hands was the key.
Kmiec – Absolutely impossible to score on when locked in
Mullane – Heart and soul of the Tickets defense

Most Improved ñ Jesse Pugh, The Big Tickets – Jesse not only improved his stats across the board from his first C.A.C. season, he did it while stepping up from B2 to B1. I’ve always said that it takes at least half a season to adjust to the rigors of Wall Ball Arena, and Jesse, with his increased aggressiveness and tenacity, has adapted himself quite nicely. Not to mention he’s knocked down his fair share of big shots this season. His continued improvement will be key if the Tickets want to stay competitive each season.
Runner Up: Dan McD – from start of the season to the finish

GM of the Year ñ Fabry, Genzyme – He should enjoy this while he can, because in order for him to win this award, it will have to be that one of his team’s overachieves. Swindling Tommy K with the ‘Married to Employee’ move, pushed Genzyme from Contender to Favorite in the blink of an eye. The first, and last, award Fabry will win from me, as C.A.C. is cracking down on the Genzyme monopoly
Runner Up: Mike D for his Bribes…

5th Man ñ Leng Teng, Steamboats – Seriously, I have no idea why the Secret Asian Man is keeping everyone’s favorite Pootie Teng on the bench for such long stretches of the game. Is there a clause in his contract that will release him if he plays more than 60% of the time? That’s got to be the only reason I can think of for bringing the cat with the sickest handle in the league off the bench. Pootie can do it all, score, D up, and dish the rock with the best of them. I have a feeling that he’d be a starter on any other team in the L, put him in coach!!
Runner Up: Dan Ziminski

1st Team
Jumpman – Call him a stathunter all you want, but he never fails to come through
Kmiec – Listed above Tommy K = More Valuable to team?
Kahana – Two nods from ‘Zyme despite the loaded league, that’s how good these two are
Watchel – Unstoppable force the key to ColdBlooded’s success

2nd Team
KO – The Anchor for the Wolfpac
McCusker – RoY gets 2nd team nod in a loaded division
MJD – Ice water just pouring through those vains
Zarmon – Go-to guy for the Hooligans on both ends of the floor

3rd Team
Paul Collins – Opponents continually underestimate how good he is
Phil S – Can I use the leather pancake bit again?
DJ RyB – WTF’s lone rep and this could easily be Pretty Ricky’s spot
Brian Anderson – One of the few consistant members of McLovin’ and their biggest impact player

All-Snubbed Squad
You know what, with such a loaded league and so many good players, not everyone could make the All-CAC squads. Even still, in a 4v4 game, I bet these four guys would give any squad listed above a run for their money
Phil Lord, Mark Lamberti, Anildo Miranda, AC