B1 West Winter 09 Awards

Last, but certainly not Least

MVP – Mike Albert, Matt, Tim & the Turds – Looks like this team should be renamed “Albert’s Groupies” for next season as they benefited from the intense focus of their main man. Sure he didn’t score as much as MVPs in the past, but look at that line – 19.2 ppg, 17.6 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.9 spg, 1.7 bpg – what more could you possible ask for? Sure he could have scored more if he needed to, but that’s an effecient 19 points. Guys don’t pass him the ball, he goes and gets their missed shots. Plus, guys like Matt and Tim would have been complaining that they weren’t getting ‘their stats’ if they were forced to pass to him. He kept everyon happy and content. Oh and leading them to a 7-2 record (only losses against Cummupins) doesn’t hurt either.
Runners Up: Mazz, Tibbs

Rookie of the Year – James Bushell – Really, the Shepard was the only logical choice, one of the few guys that hadn’t played in B1 before, and definitely the best of the bunch. Sure the A1 stats of his aren’t much to look at, but when he’s in a league where he’s the same size as everyone else, he’s going to just run you over on his way to the hoop. The Midnight Meat Train, some call him, others the Machine, to his loyal subjects, it’s the King O’ Spain, or simply BushManDude. No matter what way you look at it though, Bush and his 18ppg topped all rookies in terms of production and entertainment value this season.
Runners Up: Shane Doyle

GM of the Year – Fred Bermont, Bones Sayz: Cummupins – I was wondering how this team was named after Freddy’s Dog, and of course it’s because he’s at the reigns. So how do you assemble a juggernaut? Well his boy Shane got the call up from B2 as well as snatching Cleary from his Clubhouse. Of course his boys Mazz and Adams were along for the ride. All that was left on the undefeated puzzle was convincing Meyer to play (when he could as always) and presto, a 9-0 team that’s upped the ante in the B1 West. So much so that guys are already recruiting for next season to make it an uber B1, like a cross between the West and A2. Everyone better step their game up, and we can thank Bermont for setting the wheels in mostion.

Defensive Player of the Season – Max Kinkade, Matt, Tim, & the Turds – Surprisingly long, surprisingly strong, and surprisingly quick, this is one Turd that you didn’t want to step on. Max was the quiessential guy that most teams looked at and thought “We have a mismatch there” (I admit it, McFly did too), but uh, no they didn’t. Max has really stepped his game up the last couple seasons, and his focus on the defensive side of the ball is what is really helping put the Turds over the top and giving them a shot at an elusive title. Don’t mess with a Turd!!

Offensive Player of the Season – Jon Mazzone, Bones Sayz: Cummupins – You knew I couldn’t deny Mazz from every major award, right? The Man was a force unto himself, scoring at will, and shockingly, landing at 2nd in the league in assists per game. Yea, that’s with passing to Lighthouse who blows layups and js as well as I do. In all, over 50% of Cummupins offense can be attributed to Mazz, and if that doesn’t define what the Offensive Player of the Year is, I don’t know what else will.

5th Man of the Season – Shane Doyle, Bones Says: Cummupins – After rolling with the Cleary Club last season, Freddy brought Shane into the B1 fold, mostly, I think, to make sure that Lighthouse would see the rock more. But Shane stole the spotlight on more than one occasion, flashing his game that finally adapted to Wall Ball Arena. As if Cummupins needed any more size, Shane was verstile enough to bang with the bigs and chase around the shooters. Everything you could possibly want out of a 5th man, Shane provided this season.

Most Improved – Milton Bernal, Comeback Tour – The Comeback Tour needed a major boost in offensive production down the stretch, and Milton, firing away from 3, was able to give that to them. He also worked his @$$ off on defense, usually against bigger and stronger guards, but never backed away from the challenge. The result was the Comeback Tour getting their season together at the end and nearly pulling off a huge upset over Genzyme in the first round of the playoffs. None of that would have been possible without Milton stepping his game up.

All Defensive Team
Max Kinkade – DPoY headlines a tenacious squad
Tom Kahana – See that, he does play D!!
Geoff Meyer – The most intimidating post presence
Collin Vataha – Still the most verstile D man in the L

All-Star Teams – These are the guys that are going to represent the B1 West in the All-Star game on April 23rd. I’ll be sending out emails to confirm everyone’s attendance, and there of course will be replacement options to make sure we get 6 per side. Go to the message boards to vote on who got snubbed!

1st Team
Albert – MVP keeps adding to his hardware
Mazzone – Does he ever not make the first team?
Tibbs – I get to put myself on 1 of 3, right?
Murray – The Boom King has still got IT

2nd Team
RoY – Making sure he knows his place in the pecking order
Kmiec – Just to piss him off, a hair below his teammate
Max Kinkade – Not just Albert getting the pub for once
Pat FIdler – On the Roof was a man among boys

3rd Team
Lighthouse Bermont – Bones Sayz: Gimme my accolades!
The Shepard – RoY, All-Star, it’s a banner season for Bush
Fitz David – The Rock that CT could always lean on
Cleary – Captain Ken is an All-Star no matter the league