***B2 4v4 North S13 Preview***

Here we are for another season of B2 4v4 basketball!!!! This season marks my 2 year anniversary as a member of the CAC staff, and the past 6 sessions have been a joy to watch. Tonight we’ll have 6 teams starting their journey to be the top 4 to play for the outright B2 crown!! Let’s get started with the preview!!


Pre-Season MVP: Greg “Mid-Range” Polin (IHML III) – With no Malcolm Green this season, the man who came in 2nd in my voting process, and the man who Roberts believed deserved the title is my pick here. The man was a beast all season and at times didn’t sit a single minute in games. It was debatable if he was supposed to be MVP last season, but why we bringing up old shit? Anyway, I expect Polin and co. to bounce back after a dissapointing loss to North Champions Wu-Tang Financial (now named Cheddar Cheddar Gnar Gnar, what!?).

Pre-Season Defensive Player of the Year: Ross “Workhorse” Goldberg (Channel 4 News Team) – Making their annual Spring/Fall run, C4NT comes back with by far the best shot defender I’ve seen in any league I’ve watched in my CAC lineage. Goldberg averaged 7.2 blocks per game in his last outing and 4.4 blocks per game in his last 4 seasons. The man is a shot changer on defense and I see a lot of teams having trouble with him on defense and they will struggle to defend the Stockton-to-Malone-esque (look at all those hyphens!) pick and roll with him and Shea.

Goldberg to the competition…….

Ok on to the totally biased and usually wrong Power Rankings!!!!


#6 Bosstown Ballin’

It’s a team full of CAC rookies with 2 players that have some experience, Glen Harrington’s stats shine, but he hasn’t played since the fall of 2010. Don’t count this team out, they could be this season’s Wu-Tang Financial.

Team MVP: Glen Harrington

#5 Kar-Chun Network

Last season was disappointing for 5 Whites Don’t Make a Wong, especially when Ray Wong went down with a nasty ankle injury in the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully the name change will change things around for Teal and co., but it will be an uphill climb for these guys.

Team MVP: Ray Wong


#4 Channel 4 News Team aka C4NT

This team usually skips out on the Winter Season, but when they come out, they play hard every single game. Goldberg is the anchor on defense, and Shea’s a marksman from 3. Zafran’s ppg will have to step up if they are only showing up with what’s on paper now.

Team MVP: Ross Goldberg


#3 Cheddar Cheddar Gnar Gnar

Last season’s North Champions and runner-up in the Unification Game, Wu-Tang Financial comes back with a new name but a full season under their belt. Is it too early to call these guys “wily vets”? These wily vets come back with a player from the A Draft by the name of DeLasMorenas, bringing 8 points and 4 rebounds per game with him. If he’s the big this team needed, Venell can go to his natural position at forward and hopefully stay in games without fouling all those bigs. Can these boys repeat? Time will only tell.

Team MVP: Dylan Venell


#2 The Worst Kind of People

Bermont. Doyle. Averett. Fitzgerald. Mazzone. Whitney. Each guy has a rap sheet of stats dating back to the league’s origin in ’04. Hell some of the guys still sport CRFC jerseys! With jersey prices reduced to $10 (go get your new jersey today!!! You like that Tibbs??), maybe these guys will hang those faded jerseys in the CAC Hall of Fame and look fresh to death. Anyway, these boys are perennial contenders, and I expect these guys to be at the top of their game after a dissapointing loss in the semi-final to Get It Inman. Watch out for the old guys, they’re coming for revenge.

Team MVP: Shane Doyle


#1 I Hate My Life III

The name so nice they had to name it thrice!! Wait, does that even fit here?? Eh, whatever…the I Hate My Life dynasty  gets a sequel to the sequel as the third rendition of the team looks to be the team to beat. Take away the one-two punch of Nibs and Nate and you think, these guys lost a lot right? WRONG, they add Tim Lens and Royal Healy, two guys I covered over in the B2 5v5 leagues on the For The Win squad, and you add a legit PG and C. Roberts will move to the forward spot and Polin won’t have to bang with the bigs in the league night in and night out. These guys are my pick to win the title again, but in the B2 4v4 ranks, anything can happen!!

Team MVP: Greg Polin


Pre-Season All B2 Team

F – Greg Polin

F – Shane Doyle

F – Dylan Venell

G – Tim Lens


The referee this season will be Matt “Kap” Kaplan. This session should be a lot of fun!!! Good luck to all the teams!!