***B2 5v5 Central Preview***

Hello CACers!! My name is Francis Plaise and I once again will be covering the B2 5v5 Central League this season. Last season, this league birthed the Unification Champions in Hurricane Ditka. This season, the defending champs have been moved to the South, and this league is wide open as it looks more like a Rookie League. A lot of newcomers in this division, let’s see who will be the most impressive by the end of this season!


Without much to go on these new players besides some stats, here is my biased Pre-Season Power Rankings!


#6 Atomic Colonics

This team is filled with CAC rookies and are always the team to watch in week 1. What kind of impression will they make? Will they flounder or flourish? The first 22 minutes of basketball should answer that question, we’ll see what happens.


#5 More Alley’s Less Oops

Another team with rookies and guys who’ve only played one game of 4v4 basketball. Another team that’s up in the air, let’s see how many wins they can pull off this season.


#4 Leo’s Legends

Once again another rookie squad with only one player with CAC experience. Tommy Beaton will have to show his team how to win ball games in the CAC leagues, hopefully he can bring his 13.8 ppg from Co-Ed to the B2 ranks


#3 ESPN Highlight

The only B2 5v5 team name that I recognize, this team was a top contender when I started scorekeeping a couple of years ago. As I check the stat sheet, not one player averaged over 8 points per game, but something tells me that they will come with more than what’s on paper right now.


#2 Team Will Herberich

The only team in this league in which every play has some CAC experience. TWH earns the #2 spot in the pre-season ranks simply because of that, let’s hope they can live up to the hype.


#1 Boston Huskers

This team has players that averaged significant ppg in leagues that have better talent level than the usual talent in B2. Averaging 19 points in A Draft (Jeff Yeakley) and 18 points in B1 5v5 (Jay Branwell), these guys are my early pick to win it all. Hopefully the rest of the squad can hang with their counterparts and pull off an epic run.


Good luck to all teams tonight!!!