B2 5v5 East Awards and Playoff Week 1 Game Lines

It’s already that time of year guys and it looks to be an interesting postseason with a couple teams in the mix. It looked like NUB would run the table, but NUB lost to Swamp Donkey Legends, who may end up winning it all by the time this is all said and done.

The Awards:

MVP: Bill Butler (19 PPG, 3 APG)
Butler may have only played six games that were recorded, but he was the main reason that Swamp Donkey Legends finished with the top seed. He had a monster game against NUB and his play will be what takes SDL into the finals.

Offense Player of the Year: Jeff Mason (13.57 PPG, 9 APG)
Kevin Spates may have led the league with 24 points per game, but Mason put on a clinic offensively whenever he was on the floor. Whether pulling up for a triple or just passing the ball off to Spates for a score, Mason just made it look easy from the point guard position.

Defense Player of the Year: Steve Kelly (8.9 DRPG, 2.3 Steals, 2.9 Blocks)
Another NUB player who gets the job done is Steve Kelly. He would get into the passing lanes and get up close and personal when defending a shot, which led to his great block totals.

First Team:
G Jeff Mason
F Kevin Spates
F Steve Kelly
F Dan Popko
G/F Bill Butler

Second Team:
F Sam King
G Matt Trakimas
G Felix Trede
G Drew Gallagher
G Rob Martin

Game Lines:
6 p.m. The Donkeys vs. The Orangemen – (+5.5)
The Orangemen almost won the second time these two teams met, but The Donkeys dominated the first contest. This may be a close game to start, but The Donkeys will pull away in the second half.

7 p.m. NUB vs. Natural Poppin’ – (+9.5)
Natural Poppin’ may have had a shot against one of the middle seeds. but NUB is just too much for this team to handle.

8 p.m. Minus 1 Cuban vs. Court Blazers – (+4.5)
Minus 1 Cuban put up some stinkers this season, but its best game came against Court Blazers about a month ago. Maybe the success will continue?

9 p.m. Swamp Donkey Legends vs. Wyld Stallyns – (+14.5)
Swamp Donkey Legends is the No. 1 seed and Wyld Stallyns won’t stand a chance in this matchup.