B2 5v5 East Awards Winter 11

t’s been a great season full of a lot of solid teams full of great players and probably some of the best scorekeeping you’ll ever witness.  Don’t forget to sign up for next season at http://cacbasketball.com/signup-leagues.php.

Now for this season’s B2 5v5 East awards:

MVP: Bryan Moore (Mirey Ball) 18.6 pts, 9.4 drebs, 4.3 orebs, 4.3 ast, 1.4 stl, 0.9 blk
This guy has owned a number of teams — especially on offense and the fast break (and particularly in the first half).  He’s got great speed and quickness for a guy his size with a stunningly accurate mid-range jumper.  He does a lot of acting on the court(who me?), but has really done the job for Mirey Ball.  Great season.
Honorable mention: Fernando Rosario (Millennium), Jeff Graham (Redeem Boat)

ROY: Chris MacKay (Steamboats)
Tough-as-nails inside/outside player for the Steamboats who can also defend incredibly well.
Honorable mention: Timothy (O’) Keefe (Tummy Sticks)

OPOY: Jeff Graham (Redeem Boat)
Incredible to watch, very creative with the ball and killer defense to boot.
Honorable mention: Mike Comtois (Mirey Ball), Fernando Rosario (Millennium)

DPOY: Leng Tang (Steamboats)
There’s nobody quicker in any league I’ve watched.  Don’t divert your eyes for even a second lest the ball be stolen by this kid.

Coach of the Year: Paul Batten (Redeem Boat), obviously
No contest.  Pure motivator and source of encouragement and style for RB.

All Defensive
Leng Tang (Steamboats) — bonafied thief extraordinaire
Mike Zalisk (Redeem Boat) — this kid picks pockets on the regular
Philip Cho (Highrock) — don’t bring the ball near him in the paint
Nate Brigham (Mirey Ball) — Ford-tough defender who never looks like he’s having a good time
Honorable mention: Peter Prial (Redeem Boat), Chris MacKay (Steamboats), Tim (O’)
Keefe (Tummy Sticks), Boris Perlovsky (Minus 1 Cuban)

All Offensive
Jeff Graham (Redeem Boat)  — the OPOY tears up the offense from all angles
Jon Flinn (Tummy Sticks) — nobody else in the league can function like Jon in the tight confines of the area on the baseline under and around the hoop
Bryan Moore (Mirey Ball) — MVP is rarely even slowed on offense
Fernando Rosario (Millennium) — teams are rarely more frustrated guarding an individual than they are against Fernando
Honorable mention: Leng Tang (Steamboats), Mike Comtois (Mirey Ball), Javier Flores (Hurricane Ditka)

All first team
Jeff Graham (Redeem Boat)
Chris MacKay (Steamboats)
Leng Tang (Steamboats)
Bryan Moore (Mirey Ball)

All second team
Mike Comtois (Mirey Ball)
Jon Flinn (Tummy Sticks)
Tom Neufeld (Minus 1 Cuban)
Thomas Snelling (Millennium)

All third team
Fernando Rosario (Millennium)
Philip Cho (Highrock)
Randall Yee (Steamboats)
Javier Flores (Hurricane Ditka)

Unsung Heroes
Mike Dinh (Steamboats)
Tom McSharry (Hurricane Ditka)
Ryan Vanderstreet (Tummy Sticks)
Matt Rebholz, Jasper Hoitsma, Jacob Goldstein (Redeem Boat)
Dan Dumont (Mirey Ball)

All trendsetters team
Tom Snelling (Millennium) — one sock high, one sock low
Paul Batten (Redem Boat) — rocking pants during a game of basketball
Fernando Rosario (Millennium) — the king of oufit coordination
Kalin Mitchell (Millennium) — innovating the long johns hoops outfit

Master of Illusion
Kalin Mitchell (Millennium) — almost had a different jersey number each week of the season

Pure Energy
Boris Perlovsky (Minus 1 Cuban) — if you try to take a charge against Boris, you will probably have your teeth knocked out with his knee.  If you try to get a jump ball going against Boris, you will probably have your arms torn from your body. Nobody plays with more intensity than Boris.

Thanks again for a great season, everyone.  Good luck in the play-offs.  Go Highrock!


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