B2 5v5 South Schedule

Tuesday May 3rd
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMWilmerHale  59vs.Plenty of Lotion  79Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMMEMINGER  42vs.Breen Says BANG!  54Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMThe Jack Daniel Martins  77vs.The Long Shots  87Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday May 10th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMMEMINGER  88vs.The Long Shots  61Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMBreen Says BANG!  88vs.The Jack Daniel Martins  77Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMSoup-A-Stars  62vs.WilmerHale  61Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday May 17th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMSoup-A-Stars  87vs.Breen Says BANG!  76Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMPlenty of Lotion  86vs.The Long Shots  80Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMMEMINGER  76vs.WilmerHale  70Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday May 24th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMThe Long Shots  54vs.WilmerHale  62Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMPlenty of Lotion  62vs.Soup-A-Stars  83Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMThe Jack Daniel Martins  54vs.MEMINGER  87Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday May 31st
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMBreen Says BANG!  vs.Plenty of Lotion  Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMWilmerHale  5vs.The Jack Daniel Martins  2Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMSoup-A-Stars  vs.The Long Shots  Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday June 7th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMThe Jack Daniel Martins  66vs.Plenty of Lotion  75Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMMEMINGER  71vs.Soup-A-Stars  80Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMWilmerHale  60vs.Breen Says BANG!  70Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday June 14th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:45 PMThe Jack Daniel Martins  vs.Soup-A-Stars  Bigelow Middle School
7:45 PMThe Lexington Steals  vs.Breen Says BANG!  Bigelow Middle School
8:45 PMPlenty of Lotion  56vs.MEMINGER  71Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday June 21st
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMBreen Says BANG!  vs.MEMINGER  Bigelow Middle School
7:00 PMWilmerHale  vs.Plenty of Lotion  Bigelow Middle School
8:00 PMThe Long Shots  vs.The Jack Daniel Martins  Bigelow Middle School
9:00 PMThe Long Shots  vs.Soup-A-Stars  Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday June 28th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMMEMINGER  vs.WilmerHale  Bigelow Middle School
7:00 PMPlenty of Lotion  vs.The Long Shots  Bigelow Middle School
8:00 PMSoup-A-Stars  vs.Breen Says BANG!  Bigelow Middle School
9:00 PMBreen Says BANG!  vs.The Jack Daniel Martins  Bigelow Middle School

Tuesday July 5th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMThe Jack Daniel Martins  vs.Plenty of Lotion  Bigelow Middle School
7:00 PMMEMINGER  vs.Soup-A-Stars  Bigelow Middle School
8:00 PMMEMINGER  vs.The Long Shots  Bigelow Middle School
9:00 PMWilmerHale  vs.Breen Says BANG!  Bigelow Middle School