B2 5v5 South Winter 13 Awards

You guys, I had a ton of fun covering the B2 5v5 South this season (blah blah, write-ups from week 9, come on Tibbs!) and I can’t believe the playoffs are already upon us. You all know the drill with the Uni Games by now, right? I swore I sent an email for that. Check out the schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap8yZgk0io8MdEpIUnVRT1JRWWVYSFhZQWI0YklKUEE#gid=1

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Take a look at my (very biased) awards wrap-up and lines for tonight’s Rd 1 games for the South and let me know what you think!

MVP – Adrian Chaisson, #pigslife – ADDI quietly put together one of the best seasons in the league for the upstart #pigslife squad that no one believed in but somehow earned the #2 seed overall. His scoring was down from a season ago (25.5 vs 18.6) but his work on the O glass and his ability to pass out of the post were huge for his team. Oh and they’re tiny without him. A good postseason run for Adrian would help to shut up all the complaints that are already arising from Birrell and Bagdasarian’s most ardent supporters.

OPoY – Rob Bagdasarian, Team F – It’s tough when your own teammate gives you a run for Offensive Player of the Year (Season). Rob barely edges out Haig based on his ability to get to the hoop at will and head to the charity stripe. Doesn’t matter who’s standing in front of him, Rob is going by him to the hole. He’s the biggest reason Team F has a chance to make some noise in the post-season.

All-Chuckers Team – there are 2 common threads that unite all 5 of these guys, can you guess what they are?
DPig, Champagne, Ben Umiker, John Kelly, Greg Long

RoY – Jim Birrell, Kevin Ali – Nate’s teams usually underperform, but bringing in Jim Birrell gave his franchise (they don’t have an overarching team name that I can refer to them as) some much needed stability (Said misses too many games). He’s one of the few guys in the league that can miss a half dozen 3s and his teammates STILL want him to keep shooting. Oh yea yea he rebounded well and seems like a good teammate, whatever!

All-Rookie Team – So many good rookies came into CAC this season. I hope you guys stick around and have long, productive CAC careers!
Birrell, Haig, Rob, Franz, Champagne

DPoY – Derek Barton, Kevin Ali – The Glove 2.0 made life miserable for opposing guards. The key to Ali’s fast breaking was usually good pressure defense (turnovers or bad shots) and it all started with Derek this season.

All-GTFO Team – These guys are sending your weak sh!t
Champagne, Jim Wilson, Addi, Kyle Crowell, Paul Carroll

All-Quotable Team – These guys made even blowouts bearable with their never ending stream of quips
Will Otto, Chris Harris, Will King, Dave Begley, Jason Schwartz

GM – Nate Weitzer, Kevin Ali – Nate has finally shored up his franchise and presented the league with a certified juggernaut looking to take the title. It only took him 2 years of tinkering!

6th Man – Kevin Lehman, Ball So Hard – Barely qualified for this, or the playoffs, but he’s instrumental to BSH’s success going forward. He came off the bench each time he suited up for BSH and they immediately get better when he steps onto the floor.

1st Team
G – Rob Bagdasarian
G – Brendan Mahoney
F – Jim Birrell
F – Nick Candito
C – Adrian Chaisson

2nd Team
G – Haig
G – Champagne
F – Paul Carroll
F – Sean Sylver
C – Brian Kimball

Honorable Mention
G – Barton
G – Mike Delfanti
G – Franz
F – Will Otto

Round 1 Lines!
6:00 PM #pigslife vs Manswers (+14.5)
This *should* be an easy round 1 game for #pigslife, but those are always decieving in the playoffs. The pace of the game slows down, you’re suddenly overthinking everything because its win or go home, and oh shit, why did I just let my man get an O Board. What? Oh I’m not haunted by the ghosts of playoff losses past, why do you ask? SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

7:00 PM Ball So Hard vs Careful What You Swish For (+8.5)
Despite the blowout last week, I have (some) faith that Swish can keep this game close. It’s not like BSH is an offensive juggernaut or anything. So what if they’re the hottest team in the league, winning 5 straight to end the season, BSH is still susceptible to an upset! Swish needs to continue to hit the glass hard, but if they want to pull this off, they’re going to need to vastly improve their league worst .48 number. Do they have it in them?!

8:00 PM Bropocolypse vs Team F (+2.5) GAME OF THE WEEK!
The team no one wants to ref vs the team no one wants to play. Should be a great battle! Seriously though, if Bropoc’s zone is letting Rob walk into the paint they’re not going to be playing next week. Hopefully Bropoc has a more complete roster than the one they’ve been bringing the past couple weeks. Who am I kididng, I’m pulling for Team F!

9:00 PM Kevin Ali vs The Fly Ballers (+22.5)
Fly Ballers were very surprised to make the postseason, but I’m hoping they surprise Kevin Ali with a good game. It may not happen, but you never know! The #1 seed usually has difficulties when I’m covering a league. I like to pull for upsets and I feel like the lower seeds can feel that and play off my energy. What, too far fetched?