B2 5v5 Unification Recap

by Saul and Sparks

Redeem Boat – 65, The Expendables – 73

editor’s note: find the stats for the Unification Game –> here also, huge props to Sparks and Saul for holding it down in the B2 5v5 this season, they did a great job.

Coming into the game, these scorekeepers predicted Redeem Boat’s full court pressure would throw The Expendables off to start, but they would be able to recover & adapt to the pressure. Early on, we saw turnovers on both sides, travels & 3 second violations. The Expendables were thrown off their game by the pressure, allowing Redeem Boat to grab 17 (!) steals in the game. But the Expendables made controlled passes to get through the press & were able to finish the first half up 38-28.

In the second half Redeem Boat got serious about the full court press & held the Expendables scoreless in the first 4 minutes. They were able to really put a dent in the Expendables’ lead, cutting it to 3 with 15 minutes to go in the second half. Even though they didn’t have home court advantage, Redeem Boat brought their coach & their high-intensity vocalizations, encouraging the team, “pressure pressure!” off the bench (although Peter Prial was quieter than normal). At 12 minutes to go, The Expendables were showing signs off wear & tear & were walking the ball up the floor when RB wasn’t applying their trademark full-court press. But when the pressure was on, they adapted & started rotating the ball well, making RB run around like crazy.  Jeff “OPOY” Graham & Jasper Hoitsma went to the bench & The Expendables’ lead ballooned to 18 with 8:30 left. As soon as Jeff came back in he drained a 3, and with the energy he brought, RB was able to cut the lead back down to 5 points with 1:52 left (Graham finished with 7 steals). But that was as close as it got, as Redeem Boat called a timeout with 15 seconds left, down by 10. They asked if we could add an 8-point circle (they would pay ahead of time for next season). We referred their request to Tibbs, and The Expendables went on to win by 8.

Amahl Williams had a killer game with 22 points (7 for 8 from the line & 3 for 6 from 3). Ted Sullivan was the second leading scorer for the Expendables with 19, & he pulled down 12 boards & finished with 5 (!) blocks.

Great season to The Expendables. Good luck to Redeem Boat on their ultimate frisbee season. Hope to see all of you in a future league & thanks to Graham for the Reebok schwag, which did not in any way influence the numbers below.

B2 5v5 Unification CHAMPS!



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