B2 5v5 West Awards and Playoff Preview Fall 2013



You’re going down Thuy!


MVP – Marcin Papla, Patrick Chewing – I think it was around week 7 I came around to the fact that Marcin was more than just the league’s best offensive player. When he committed to it, he could change the game on both ends, from causing turnovers, crashing the boards and of course, that deadly 3 point shot. He ended the season with an even 26 points per game and hit nearly 6 3s per game at 47%! That’s insane people.

RoY – Xin Zhou, A-Show – An entire team of new players ripped off four straight wins to end the regular season and Xin Zhou is a major reason why.

All-Rookie Team – So many great rookies this season, look at this starting 5, would you want to face this squad?
Xin Zhou, Eric Benvenuti, Tyler Seever, Jordan Day, Pat O’Brien

GM of the Season – Chris Danner, Is It the Shoes? – A partial overhaul of the roster was all that was needed for Danner to have his team on the cusp of dominance in just its second season. That’s the reason he’s getting the nod here over Goodwin. Matt had do completely remake Chewing, while Danner made a couple subtle tweaks that were just what the team needed.

OPoY – Mike Sweeney, Tickle-Shits – An inconsistent season for the squad wasn’t the fault of the Hefty Lefty. Mike scores at will inside or out, and no this is not a desperate attempt by me to make sure they include me on the team next season.

6th Man of the Season – Clyde Ford, 603 – Someone explain to me how one of the better players in the league comes off the bench each week! He provides a huge lift for 603 off the bench by attacking the hoop and wrecking havoc on team’s 2nd units ball handlers.

All-Attendance Team – These guys showed every.single.week and deserve to be recognized for it
Pat O’Brien – Andrew Coombs – Zach Abrams – Dan Caloia – Mike Burzyk

All-Twitter Team

Jason Tibbetts – Obviously the MVP of this team

Today I dressed up as the only person excited for the Celtics home opener #halloween #daylate

— CACBasketball-Tibbs (@CACBasketball) November 1, 2013

Chris Danner – Been prepping for this all season long

@CACBasketball told the shoes we need a definitive win for me to campaign for GMoY . Looks like they listened. #B25v5west

— Caution, Dangerous (@ChrisWDanner) November 8, 2013

Kris Young – nearly stole the MVP of Twitter from me!

@CACBasketball Started from the bottom now we [still] here. Started from the bottom and we stayed right fu*kin here.

— K.Y. (@KrisYoung12) November 7, 2013

Mike Malley – took notes from me and kinda slacked off as the season went on

@CACBasketball when does the CAC over 30 league get started? i’d like to be a founding member next june #iplaybetteragainstzones

— Mike Malley (@MalleyMW) October 28, 2013

Will Otto – yes a guy not in the league bumps Scotty Gorgeous from his usual spot (well Willy and Scott’s honeymoon)

@nweitzer7 not coming back to Kevin Ali for anything less than 4/40M & a no-trade clause, you can quote me @CACBasketball

— I, Will, Made It (@trillotto) October 28, 2013

All-Star Teams – Attendance played a pretty big role in whether or not you made the All-Star teams. With so many good players in the league, my job of narrowing this list down was difficult enough without considering guys that only played in 4 games!

1st Team
G – Marcin Papla
G – Mike Sweeney
G – Greg Hughes
F – Mike Joachin
F – Tyler Seever

2nd Team
G – Xin Zhou
G – Jamey Guess
G – Andrew Coombs
F – Chris McMahon
F – Eric Benvenuti – I think this sums up his inaugural season nicely

@CACBasketball also, notice to the league. Don’t make Eric mad. He might posterize you.

— Caution, Dangerous (@ChrisWDanner) November 8, 2013

Honorable Mention

Pat O’Brien, Ali Torshizi, Matt Goodwin, Bryan Sweeney, Jordan Day, Mike Burzyk, Gray Visco



Lines and Season in Review before we get to the big night of games tomorrow!


Before I get to the playoff teams, I’d be remiss not to give a shout out to the 4 squads that won’t be joining us in the quest for the B2 5v5 Unification Title. To the Old Goats, you were my favorites to win the entire thing, even with a disappointing regular season, and then the second forfeit happened. We’ll never know what could have been in a second or third round match-up with Chewing. Both Rick Fox The Actor and Hot Rim Action looked to make late season playoff but came up just short. I really thought that after Fox beat the Shits that they’d be able to sneak in, but attendance doomed them all season long. Hopefully both these teams return next season with better commitment from their rosters. Maybe HRA signs Emma to a full season deal too, that would help. And finally, Oxford Boys Club, we hardly knew thee. With the rumored move to the B2 5v5 East (where SDL moved this season and immediately went 8-1) OBC will try to end The Streak in 2014 away from our prying eyes. i’ll still keep tabs on them though, and will let you all know when they get that elusive win.

#1 Seed – Patrick Chewing

Season in Review: Back around week 4 I said that Chewing would go undefeated through the regular season but lose in the postseason. Now, the one team that beat them, and really, had a chance to beat them, is out of the postseason! Stupid Old Goats. T-Will is somehow playoff eligible with 4 games played, so if he starts showing (I don’t think he has since week 6) then you can’t bet against Chewing, no matter how large the spread. Marcin rightfully won the MVP award, by the front court combo of Seever and Goodwin might be even more important to their playoff success. These guys are BEASTS down low. If you box one out, the other is crashing the glass. They both run the break better than any other big in the league, and good lord how is anyone going to beat these guys?!

Round 1 Matchup vs Spacely’s Sprockets (+25.5) – Like I said, their only challenge should come in the Unification Rounds. And no, this totally isn’t a jinx of any kind!

#2 Seed – Is It the Shoes?

Season in Review: I have absolutely no idea how this team managed to finish the season 8-1. Obviously Eric and Pat were huge additions for Danner, earning him the GM of the season nod, but still, this team should have lost more than 1 game right?! I feel like everyone else in the league feels that way too. I mean they’re good, but 8-1? That’s crazy talk. They have the toughest road to win the West, having to run a gauntlet of tough teams.

Round 1 Matchup vs 603 (+6.5) – This is actually the toughest first round matchup that Shoes could have drawn, as 603 has good size to negate Eric inside, physical guards to match up with Greg, Jeff and Eric. Wait, is BMitch still alive? What happened to him this season? His numbers dove off a cliff!

#3 Seed – Steamboats

Season in Review: A lot of people (OK just me) thought they wouldn’t be as big of a threat without their big man Steve Z patrolling the middle, but the Boats proved the doubters wrong with another great season. Jamey Guess was again a 6th man of the season candidate because he ALWAYS comes off the pine and still leads the team in scoring. Pootie and MJD had ‘down’ seasons, by their standards, but Saul and McKay picked up the slack and they didn’t miss a beat.

Round 1 Matchup vs Tickle-Shits (+8.5) – Steamboats better hope that 3 is their lucky number. In both the Corporate and B2 5v5 leagues the Boats earned the #3 seed, despite only have 3 combined losses between the two teams. They may be faster, deeper, better shooters and better defenders tahn the Tickle Shits, but that doesn’t mean this game is going to be easy for them to win.

 #4 Seed – Kung Fu Pandas

Season in Review: KFP had such an up and down season. First Rubin left, and everyone was happy! The team played well when Ali showed and watned to dominate. Then Rubin returned and everyone was sad. But it’s the playoffs! And that’s when KFP plays their best ball

And everyone is happy again, except for me (that was the first of THREE finals losses that season, I haven’t been back to the big game since 🙁 )

Round 1 Matchuup vs A-Show (-6.5) – Word on the street is that Ali is out, meaning KFP is in BIG trouble tomorrow night. I mean really, really big trouble. Rubin was away for a month and looked worse than I feel out on the court last week. That leaves the play making duties to Boudrow, who is much more suited to jacking corner 3s. As long as he’s getting the ball in to Joachin KFP will have a chance, but I’m picking the upset here.

#5 Seed – A-Show

Season in Review: A 4 game winning streak to end the season, aided by an Old Goats forfeit in there, got them them all the way up to the ⅘ game. No one would have expected that when they started the season 1-4, but here we are, with Xin Zhou throwing himself into the RoY race (and winning it). This team is FAST and presents a nightmare matchup for KFP without Ali in attendance.

Round 1 Matchup vs KFP (+6.5) – They’re getting an opponent that hasn’t played its best basketball recently and who is missing their best playmaker, so if the noobs are going to pull off a first round upset and advance, this is the perfect opponent for them. Actually I have no idea if that’s true or not, I haven’t seen them play enough this season!

#6 Seed – Tickle-Shits

Season in Review: Ugly start, solid stretch in the middle, shocking loss to RFTA, shaky attendance, iffy injury luck, a forfeit, god good lemon this is a season to forget for the Shits.  We can turn that all around tonight though, and by god we’re going to.

Round 1 Matchup vs Steamboats (-8.5) – Just when I thought the Shits were going to play against the Steamboats with a full squad for the first time in 2013, The Worm is OUT due to parent teacher conferences! GD real life getting in the way of playoff basketball! He’s only our quickest defender on the perimeter against a team that features Pootie, Jamey, MJD, Ong, christ…

 #7 Seed – 603

Season in Review: The hot start is long forgotten in the midst of a 4 game losing streak after the schedule stiffened up a bit. They really could have used Rahill this season. Gotta get guys like him committed!

Round 1 Matchup vs Is It the Shoes? (-6.5) – They’ve certainly got a chance to pull off the upset. When Blake and Clyde have it working, they’re nearly impossible to stop in the half court offense. The issue is, that Clyde always comes off the bench about 7 minutes into the game. If there’s ever a game that he’s going to start, you’d think it would be this one.

#8 Seed – Spacely’s Sprockets

Season in Review: Three wins in your inaugural CAC season ain’t half bad! Stowe learned from past captain mistakes (stretching rosters thin with 2 teams being the main one) and consolidated his team into one big roster. It worked well, and like I said, three wins! Not a bad effort, we’ll see you next season right?! Nope. They should be sending the Goats a few fruit baskets or something. Thought to be on the outside looking in when the playoffs started, they got in thanks to a not at all obscure rule that says if you forfeit twice in a season you don’t make the playoffs. So Burzyk and Co get a chance to pull off one of the biggest upsets in CAC history.

Round 1 Matchup vs Patrick Chewing (-24.5) – It won’t be easy, but if Jordan is attacking instead of settling and Stowe magically heals in the next 24 hours, they might be able to slow the game down enough….nooooooo who am I kidding?!


Rd 1 – Chewing, A-Show, Shits, Shoes win

Rd 2 – Chewing, Shoes win

Finals – Chewing wins the West!

B2 5v5 Unification Games

Chewing (West), Donkeys (East), Legends (Central), The D (South), Hoopsters (North)

Playin – Donkeys beat The D

Rd 2 – Chewing beats Donkeys, Hoopsters beat Legends

Finals – Chewing beats Hoopsters