B2 5v5 West Preview

I know little to nothing about most of these teams but ignorance has never stopped me before. I’m looking forward to covering this league at the Kennedy School with DMac and Marcus all season long. Feel free to come up to the scorers table after the game to check out your stats and hit me up, it’s alright, I don’t bite.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be posting an updated Power Poll after the week 1 action, so check back in tomorrow. Hell, if I go straight home and start drinking after tonight’s games, you might see more 1am posts from me than you care to even think about. We’ll see, but let’s get on to this terribly inaccurately preview, shall we?

8 – Just the TipOffs – They’ve made changes to their roster, I think, but will it equal wins? Time will tell.
See that’s the kind of great insight you can only get from someone who knows less than nothing about a subject. I DON’T KNOW BUT TIME WILL RUN ITS COURSE!

7 – Hull City – Eckstut knows what it takes to win in the C.A.C. Basketball Leagues (that’s nearly as drawn out and annoying as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, as if there’s another NFL) but I don’t know half his roster, so can’t bump him up past 7 to start. Hopefully this squad surprises me, and not in the, unsuspecting gatorade shower, category of surprises.

6 – Press’d HAM – They’re Noobs that I know nothing about, and rather than Google everyone’s name to see if anything basketball related comes up, I’ll just wait until tonight and talk them up after seeing them play a game. Because we all know that what you see in week 1 sets the entire tone for the season, right right?!?!?! Whatever, Brady is on pace to pass for 8272 yards and 64 touchdowns. IT COULD HAPPEN!

5 – Above the Rim Jobs – The former “Men, Myths, LEGENDS” are back and rebranded, looking to turn their fortunes around. This is probably too high for them, but I expect them to compete and I know nothing about the noobs, so it works. We seem to have a theme going on at CAC – lots of team names are getting repeated over and over. We have a number of teams names “Pippen Ain’t Easy” and “Genzyme” (wait that doesn’t count) as well as ‘Above the Rim Jobs”. All I’m saying is that they hope to fare better than the other Jobber franchines, which is still searching for its first title.

3B – 603 – Ronty has the boys back in action and I expect 603 to be competitive on the court and a consistent presence in my inbox. I’d offer you more insight, but I’m completely blanking on how 603 finished the season in the Spring and efforts to reach Saul went unanswered. This seems about right for them.

3A – Oxford Boys Club – It’s been a while since I’ve seen OBC and 603, two stalwarts of the B2 5v5 leagues, in action, so it was tough for me to rank them. OBC gets the edge with a quote from ScottyGorgeous
“New Season, New Players, New Shoes, Same Old Swagger #OxfordBoysClubAfterDark”
Im going to go out of my way to make that a trending topic, yea Im excited for a new season!

2 – Tummy Sticks – They ran ish last time they were in the league, and figure to have their big guy for at least 2/3rds of the season. That means trouble for opposing teams and they should *probably* be ranked number 1. The lesson, as usual, is that I have no idea what I’m doing.

1 – PrimioTickets.com – They won the league last season, so they’re in the top spot, practically by default. It was such a tightly contested league last season that attendance matters more than usual, and you can’t afford an off week or two. Tummy Sticks will be breathing down their throat all season long, but I have faith that the Diprimio brothers tinkered with their roster just enough to stay at the top of the league.

Like I said, stay tuned for an updated power poll sometime after tonight’s games – and don’t forget to let me know what you think! If you’re active on the message boards, then you’ll get better coverage outside the write-ups. You know you want it.