B2 5v5 – West Season Preview

By Harry

What is up B2 5v5 West? Cause as we all know the west side is always the best side….I thought I would hit you guys with the Preseason outlook and maybe a power poll if my boss doesn’t hit me with some Sh!t to do before i’m done.

So, After a real tough season for all three 8-1 giants all falling down the stretch to WWBD in the playoffs, we got two back in Minus 1 Cuban and 603. You know what that means? Hell yea, it means I get to see Carl streak down the sideline with the patented Randy Moss “I’m open hand” giving Cuse the birds call signifying that he would like to jack a 3. That and we get to see Boris coast for half the game until he gets really pissed off and takes like nine guys to the rack. Seriously though, these two teams were always my personal favorites from last season and I am pumped to see them go at it again. I look for both to have another strong showing and be even more hungry going into the playoffs for their second go at it. I know both are watering at the mouth to get another crack at the coveted hardware

In addition to these two returning powerhouses, we also have added two of the top three teams from the East; Just the Tip Offs and B2 5v5 champs from 2 season ago, The Silk Nasties. I’ve played against both of these teams before and believe me, they can ball out. These guys finished up last season at 7-2 and 8-1, respectively, and I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t be able to pull it off again. To spite my calls for Collier/Bursten as Uni MVP, many people challenged that Wigman was the best player in all of B2 5v5 last season…….Looks like we are going to get a chance to flush out that question this season.

So we got 4 of the 6 teams showing combined record of 31-5 from one season ago…something has got to give right??!??

Well lets not call this one too early because we got some newcomers to the CAC racing up the pipe in the Mookie Blaylocks and Dunking on a Reindeer.

First for the Blaylocks – Word on the street is that these guys all have the high basketball IQ which we all know can easily take you far in this league. They aren’t the biggest team in the league but they def have played a lot of ball together and are in about their mid 20’s ….Their Captain eluded to be that they were a bit older and then let me know they were all 26……What??! 26??? That’s CAC prime brotha!!! The Wolverine has to be like 40 by now and he is still punking on people left and right around these parts. Anyway, I got a real good feeling about these guys. Bottom line….They are extremely competitive players, love to win, expect to win, and will do anything to do so. Guys with attitude like that are going to smoke your ass if you take them lightly.

Now on to the Reindeers. These guys look like they have the makings of a very respectable squad as well…..They also look to be one of, if not THE, biggest and most athletic squads in the league from what i’ve been told. They have a few guys that have played college sports, Football and Soccer, so you can also conclude that they are going to be fast and physical. Sounds like a pretty deadly combination to me – BIG FAST AND PHYSICAL. All i’m saying, if these guys have a shred of basketball ability….they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Boss hasn’t come in yet to give me the ‘WTF are you doing’ yet so I’m going to throw out the power poll and post it up on the League Discussion Forum.

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