B2 East Playoff Preview

The 2007 Fall B2 East playoff season is upon us and what better to way to celebrate than a gift from the Wolverine in the form of a holiday themed playoff preview. I donít even know if I have ever accurately predicted anything in any of these previews (I donít keep track of this stuff like Tibbs does!), but I love creating a bit of a stir and firing teams up. So far, nobody has stabbed me in the chest cavity for it yet, so here it goes again:


Stocking Stuffers: Thanks, but what else did I get?

Stellum, Cleary Club

Man, I am never going to get that nice, yellow Cleary Club shirt now! And my Saugus card is already very close to being revoked by the townís Board of Selectmen, so I realize that I am treading on very thin ice here. Iíll never get that steak and cheese from J&M now! But, of the 8 teams in the dance, these two teams have to be considered in the dreaded ìthanks for comingî bucket. Mike D swears they can beat Cha-Ching, but I donít see it happening even though the game will be played at the friendly confines of CAC, which Cha-Ching has always had trouble. As for the Cleary Club, I love Cleary and both the Mattís games, but I think they are still one scorer away from being a top tier team (and Geoffrey Meyer isnít walking through that door)! However, I do wish both teams a safe and happy holiday season, except Usok.


The Office Ballbag Grab: You never know what you are going to come away with!

More Cowbell, Cha-Ching

Man, I canít write any more about Cha-Chingís lack of a title because it hurts me. It really does. Even though I havenít even seen these guys play this season, I still have much love for that squad. So, let me move on to More Cowbell before I tear up and canít see the screen anymore. Iíve seen MC play great team basketball with everyone, including main man General Sherman, clicking on all cylinders. And then Iíve seen them play just uninspired ball where it looks as if they all just met in the parking lot 5 minutes before the game. Whatever each teamís fate is, it canít be determined until right before they step on the court and that makes for an interesting story regardless of what happens.


Cash stuffed in a box of magnum condoms? A good gift that could really surprise you!

Genzyme, Serenity Now

These two teams are arguably the two best fundamentally sound and coached teams in the league. The defending champs are trying to shake the ìyou canít win without a D1 playerî tag, but all signs point to the fact that if they have the right combination of players (but it has to include Lawson!), they can make a run for it. As for Serenity Now, Mr. Fantasy Statís ankle seemed to hold up just fine last week, but will he be extra careful in the playoffs as to not re-injure it for the all important ski season? AK has proven he is one of the best coaches in the biz and Bigshot Biggins is playing out of his XL shorts right now (as is ìJean Claudeî Van Tran, by the way), but does either team have the firepower and size to compete with the big guns? Plenty of questions remain for each of these teams, but given just the right combination of mountain dew and mozzarella, they do have an outside shot at the title.


Diamonds and Pearls: The gifts you know just canít lose!

Average Joeís, Big State

Ok, if all goes as planned, these two teams will meet in the Finals and Iíll need about 6 other refs and a police escort out of the gym. I have already informed the Commish and he has put it in the December league budget. But who is the favorite between these two teams? The Joeís are a Pats perfect 10-0 right now and havenít really been tested all season, so the fact that they arenít alone the favorites has to be considered a slap in the face. At least that is how Belichick would put it. Itís true that the 1-2 punch of JLoh and Sparkles hasnít been stopped all season, but these two teams played before Big State got on its role and started riding the back of the ìSiberian Bullî Chris Roy and J-Red Gustafson. In my opinion, itíll come down to the supporting casts – they will determine who gets their name on our hallowed walls.  That means you, Kessell Kopter, Kuether, Tomaro, Thibeault, etc. No pressure though.


Best of luck to all teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!