B2 East Power Poll

Spreading the Love Around

So I didn’t know enough about the B2 East to do a preseason ranking, and I completely forgot about the Lines this week (they’ll be back next week, promise, check out the message boards if you don’t know what I’m talking about!). So instead, you’ve got the very first installment of the B2 East Power Poll, where I take a look at the overall standing of the league and how it’s shaping up every couple weeks. Most, as usual, won’t agree with how I see things, but if you only feel comfortable complaining about the state of things behind your internet annonymity, then you’ve got more issues than Lindsay Lohan.
Let me have it on the boards, where I’ll be working all season long to generate outside interest and internal trash-talk for the B2 East!

1. N.W.O. (2-0) – The boys are sitting pretty at the top of the league, they’ve already knocked off one of the main contenders to the title this season in Cha-ching last night. Mike D is motivated, and he’s offered to pay their 9s tab for life if his guys will just get him the Stick this season.

2. Genzyme (2-0) – Sure the reigning Champs have yet to lose, but their early season schedule is being held against them for this Power Poll. N.W.O. has faced better competition and come out well ahead of last season’s 4-6 pace. The roster is still in flux, and we’ll see how much talent the new B1 West entry drains from the Tuesday night boys in the coming weeks. But as longs as Kmiec and Matty O are on the squad, they’ll be a contender.

3. Serenity Now (2-0) – A cushy early schedule gets much harder next weeks as they take on the defending champs (Genzyme). Oh look at that, they’re just a spot behind Genzyme and can really move up with a win next weel. AK has enjoyed a couple early season blowouts, so we’ll find out next week if he remembers how to coach ’em up in a close one.

4. Cha-Ching (0-1) – The loss isn’t held against them too much, as N.W.O. is clearly the team to beat this season. Their hopes hinge on the health of Weapon X, getting up and down the big court @ Morse with an ankle injury is no easy task. If they can finally get healthy, look for better things in the week to come, especially from R.o.Y. candidate Nick Baum.

5. Average Joes (2-0) – From “In Spaeth We Trust” to “In Jake we Trust” in the blink of an eye. Acosta is going to carry these boys all season long, and once again, Westervelt has made the necessary roster adjustments to be a contender. Sure Spaeth has already made one game, but as a ‘fill-in’ roleplayer, I don’t know if the Joes really deserve to be further up this list.

6. Radio Flyers (1-1) – Based on their play in the first two weeks, the Flyers would wipe the floor with OIYF, so that’s why they get the nod in the # 6 spot. What’s that you say, The Flyers face off against Off in Your Face in Week 3?? How convienent!! I expect both of these teams to play with a lot of energy and well above their normal playing level in this rivalry game. The Flyers have a chance to improve on last week’s success and put Rugga, along with OIYF deeper into their hole come Tuesday!

7. Off in Your Face (0-2) – After a couple of very, very tough opening games, Off in Your Face doesn’t have a pretty record. But the good news is that they’ve got 8 more games to go, and they’ll only get better. They can only go up in the standings, but if they don’t show signs of improvement, expect them to slide the next time the Power Poll comes out.

8. Wolverine’s World (0-1) – What to make of this motley crew? Their first game was at Morse, so this seems about right. Without Filosa to scream at, how’s Angry Ian going to live up to his nickname??

9. Mine Oranges (0-2) – Kenji has his boys playing with a lot of emotion and effort early in the season, but it’s still amounted to two tough loses. The Torbert Trio has made an immediate impact, but the schedule hasn’t exactly been kind to them in the early going, so when it lightens up later in the season, expect these guys to shoot up the rankings.

10. Menacing Gesture (0-1) – With a bye week last night, this is another team that’s only played 1 game at this early juncture. We’ve only got the Week 1 debacle to base our opinion off of so I know this isn’t what the guys want to see. Of course, that doens’t mean that this is where they’ll end up, it’s just where they’ve at right now. Get the offense in order!

11.Homeland Security (0-1) – The Free Agent Squad is in a tough spot, with just one game under their belt they’re just used to getting to play with each other. I’m sure it will take a couple weeks for them to iron out the kinks, so this is only a temporary stop for them. Expect Homeland Security to be threat level Red by the end of the season!