B2 East Preason Preview – Winter 09

It was up on the message boards yesterday!

Last season, the East came around and had a good sized contingent repping themselves on the message boards every week. Let’s build off of that this season, shall we? Can’t be outdone by the West, or heaven forbid, the Thursday North league. Get on the boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) and let the debating begin!
Onto the preview!

12. The International – Sorry guys, I’m all googled out searching for players, so you’re ranked last because I don’t know you. If I ever get around to a mid-season power poll, you’ve definitely got a chance to move up, but this is where you start. Prove on the court that you belong!

11. The Abusement Park – I like all these guys, I really do, I just don’t know where they fit into the picture this season. They’ve got some great defenders in Gelow and Tino so the points against should be in the middle of the pack for the league, but that’s not the side of the court I’m worried about. It’s going to be tough going for the Abusement Park on offense. Kerry Dineen is going to have to shoulder a bigger load than last season, and is Jesse Brown, last season’s late acquisition, can get used to Wall Ball Arena in a hurry, he should improve on last season’s stats. All in all, this will be a hyper aggressive team and very fun to watch when they’re in everyone’s grille, but if they can’t score, they won’t be winning games. Dust off the long ball Glumac!!

10. The Outcome – Am I not giving the X-Man enough credit after last season’s run and his signing of Jamil Ball in the offseason? Probably not, but oh well. It’s a new season, and time for the Outcome to earn my respect all over again. It certainly won’t be easy, as they’ve got a murderous couple games to start the season, but you’ve got to play the big boys eventually, so the better to get them out of the way. If the Outcome can find a way to split the first two, they’ll have to consider it a win and I’ll be bumping them up my respect-o-meter. Good luck fellas!

9. Radio Flyers – The Flyers have beefed up again this season, but with C.A.C. always hating on them (the late games, the refs, the scorekeeper, damn, everyone) it’s only fitting that they have to overcome their #9 seed in the preseason poll and find a way to sneak into the playoffs. Rumor has it the offense is back, as Laffy Taffy is making a return after a season off. That will really help, as the Erase could use a hand in putting the bisket in the basket! Got get’em guys!

8. Bad News Bears – Bob V has broken the mold and formed his own squad. Let’s hope their fundamentals are better than the team their named after. But just in case they’re not, I’ve put them right here at lucky #8. We all know a few of the faces, Ben Hendricks’ offense has come around in the B2, and Elvis always has his dancing shoes on in the paint. But how do the rest of the guys fit in to the team and the league? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

7. N.W.O. – Didn’t Mike D learn his lesson already? He goes from one extreme to another, putting in a guard oriented squad with Paul Z trying to win the MVP all on his own. That didn’t work. Now he’s gone to the super beefed up line-up with nary a guard in sight (Mike D doesn’t count, only Diamantides are Forever will be able to handle the rock). This team won’t have any spacing, everyone will be gunning for their own shots, and when Danamal is your best free throw shooter, you’re doomed in the playoffs before you even start. That is, if they even get there. This is a very tough league with lots of good guard play. If they can’t defend the perimeter, they’ll be one of the four teams on the outside looking in come the post season. But it’s Mike D, I expect a big name signing sometime soon (Steve O, Chise, JaySar have already been denied by League Offices, keep trying).

6. Cleary Club – Welcome back to the League Raj, you get to take on the defending East champs! I swear Ken, it wasn’t on purpose. Sure I may have my hopes a bit high for these guys, but Raj and Captain Ken have developed some good chemistry during the lunch time runs, and I like their hard-nosed attitude. If their new guys play ball anything like they do, they should take more than a few teams by surprise this season. Yea no other amazing insight here, I just like these guys. See that, that’s my bias being taken with me. Who needs journalistic integrity? Not this guy…

5. Balco – I really liked Balco’s return last season, especially the addition of Ben Gregory, and this time around I expectd them to be even better! Let’s hope it’s not my famed kiss of death. They’re only ranked at #5, so they should be safe from them. Definitely higher expectations than last season though. Everyone is used to the Gregory get the hell out of the way offense, and if guys like Frail, Kevin Reilly, and the James Boys can give them quality minutes, they’ll be my dark horse for the Winter 09 season. (That should have just about sufficiently jinxed them)

4. GSD Squad – As stated in the Lines, GSD squad will be playing this season with a chip on their shoulder. Teams figured out how to beat them down the stretch (hint: good outside shooting is effective) and it led to an early playoff exit. Now, with the same roster, Di Mari leads his boys back into battle. The B2 is a better defensive league than I give it credit for (I usually just blame it on bad offense) and GSD is the best of the best. But again, they’ll need to find a way to score more. Is the answer more Glasser 3s? More Evans post moves? Who knows, that’s up for them to figure out. I really hope Glasser ran a few off-season practices, especially at the charity stripe. They could be a top team, or they could fall back to the pack, it all hinges on that O.

3. Average Joes – Westervelt is striving to build a winner, you all know that. I love this team, with Sparkles and Bar Stool surrounded by quality role players, they’ve got a great shot to be a contender. Now that Sparkles off of Thursday nights, where he’s gone head to head with DMac a few times, he’s got a clean slate with Bald Brian the Ref. Can he turn his attitude around like Sheed, if only for one season, for the good of the team?? Word on the Boards is that Balboa was fantastic in his B2 West debut on Monday night, so if he contributes in a significant way to this squad, they’ll be tough to beat.

2. Genzyme – GAH @$#%*@ – Stupid Duke of C.A.C. I don’t even know who they’ve got (except that traitorous traitor MNicey) but I know they’ll have a top team this season. They always do in B2. It’s the team that they ensure is a post season title contender. It’s the bread and butter of the Zyme operation, and it’s definitely BFab’s well-nurtured baby. But no Kmiec was a letdown for them last season, how did he re-up this time around? We’ll find out in just a couple hours, but I’m sure he has a trick or two up his expansive sleeves.

1. Cha-Ching – What the??! Huh? How did I end up ranking Cha-Ching #1? This must be some sort of mistake right? Is it April Fools already? I backed myself into a corner and they’re the only team I’ve got left on my list, so they have to be put here. Oh wait, it helps that they won the East last season, and were an injury away (Weapon X) from reversing their fortunes in the Unification game. Cha-Ching knows three things coming into this season
1 – They’ve played in every type of game in the B2 and have seen it all, huge advantage.
2 – Noel can shoot the sh!t out of the ball – when the offense stalls some just needs to get him the ball
3 – Weapon X will be out of commission for half the season, meaning:
a – lots of PT for Kuzdeba (my favorite Chinger) and Bryce to bang bodies down low
b – half those extra shots go to Noel
c – and a bone-a-fide coach on the sidelines to make adjustments, cheer the boys on and belittle them when they suck.

The B2 East is back people – get out there and make it the best season yet!!