B2 East Preview – Spring 09

You know you’re not first, hopefully you’re not worst

What is it about the East this season that just gets a player’s blood bubbling? Between the 14 team B1 East, and the 14 team B2 East, I expect a TON of chatter on the boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) from you clowns!  Here we go with another great season with a lot of returning favorites and new character to add into the mix.  Let your voice be heard!

The Long Shots
Seems like I need to give these teams a little extra motivation. I’m not sure if these teams have a prayer of hanging tough in this league.

14. Two Handed Hook Shot – The Free Agent team is almost always going to be picked last.  No offense or anything guys, but that’s just how it goes.  I don’t know a few of the guys, the others, well I don’t know how they’ll play together.  So hustle, try real hard, and hope you have an easy schedule.  That’s all you can do to start out.  What’s that, the schedule is tough? Suck it up and deal!!

13. Blackbeard’s Delight – The bastard child of Cha-Ching and Cha-Gina has finally emerged, and look at that, Mudarri is involved in this one as well.  These guys are going to have to prove to me that they can fight on a weekly basis.  They’re not very big, they don’t have a lot of outside shooting (don’t count Mudarri, I think he still owes me a 6 Pack!!) and could be overwhelmed.  Can you prove me wrong??  Hopefully the new guys can bring something to the table!

12. WW II – Out of respect for the Jet, Wolverine’s World II is NOT ranked last this season.  Could they be? Well yea, the Jet is starting on this squad!!  We’ll see how he fits Averett, Fitzy, and Nally around T-Gun and his potential to average 30 points a night.  If he’s going to do it for a winning franchise, he should demand a trade! I kid, I kid.  It’s going to be a rough season for WW II, especially without the Wolverine to blame all their losses and frustrations on.  He’s over in the C league, if you’re looking for him fellas.

11. Mikki Moorriors – This team is a train wreck waiting to happen, and the best part is going to be standing next to the tracks as it veers off course.  You’re telling me that a team with the Spaulding Brothers, VIAAAA-ESSS, and JBall is going to peacefully co-exist?? I don’t think so!  Battling for shots, yammering on missed defensive assignments, foul trouble, a tough schedule, oh yea, I can’t WAIT for the explosions to start rippling through Wall Ball Arena.  I’m giddy…

10. Serenity Now – Coming back to B2, you’d think you’d bring the MVP back with you, right? Nope, there is no Freddy Lighthouse Bermont on this squad, so how is AK going to make up for that production?  That seems to be the biggest thing holding this squad back.  We know the defensive intensity that Pockets and Big Shot Biggins bring, but someone is going to have to step up and supply the extra offensive boost that would be necessary to bump this squad to the next level.

The Wannabes
These are the guys that are on the cusp of something special, but might need a little luck to make it happen

9. Dynasty Heat 2 – I’m not sure how I feel about this squad.  DMart wanted a second entry (who doesn’t now adays? If you’re captaining one team, why not a second?)  and got it, into a very, very tough B2 East league.  Rollinson is a staple of the DH franchise, and Fingerroll Jackson is making a comeback.  DMart added the B2 North ASG MVP, Benson Hyde, to compliment Jackson on the inside. He and Gumby should be very, very tough to score against.  But where is the offensive punch coming from? Is Duece (the new guy) enough to get it done? He’s been worked out by DMart in lunch pickup, so knows what to expect, but I feel like this team needs a 3point sniper.  The roster has been in constant flux, so we’ll see who we actually end up with on this team, but it’s going to take a huge effort to get into the post season from them.

8. N.W.O. – I’m still not impressed with Mike D or his Funky Bunch.  He was in such desperate straights after last season that he tried to sneak Chise on the roster.  Yea, that guy.  It didn’t happen, and as a result, N.W.O. (didn’t they have to change their team name!?!) is back and talking as loudly as ever, or at least will be, once Dan O and Mike D get some liquid courage into their system.  The core is solid, Lu, Q, but they couldn’t get it done last time, what’s different about this season?  They’ll be lucky to finish 5-5 and make the post season.

7. Balco – They had a great run of it last season, and still only ended up with the 6 seed.  Can they get any better than that? That depends on if the Big Tuna (Gill) really is ok on that shakey ankle, and if the Deft Lefty (Gregory) wants to continue to shoulder the offensive burden on a weekly basis.  You know there’s a team that he’d be able to kick back and relax on, and that’s my All-Lefty Dream Team.  I think we’re entering it into B5v5 East (Wednesday) next season.  Hypothetical roster includes JRod, Sweens, Cheese, Darcy, Gregory, O’Brien, Koziol, and Tibbs – you in Ben?!?  Anywho, I like the make-up of this squad despite Mr. Appletini 2009 (Frail) and his constant yammering.  They’ll be competitive, but will need a lot of help if they think they can get into the top half of the playoff pool.

6. Average Joes – They’re all condensed back into one squad, but will that make them any better? The star power is certainly there. Sparkles, Bar Stool, Drama all bring big numbers to the table.  But is this the season they finally start trying on defense, going after boards, and not settling for quick-fire 3s? If they don’t it will be another colosall disappointment.  I mean seriously, they have 3 of the better players in the entire league, all on one team.  What the hell is your problem guys?!? Get your act together!

The Odds on Favorites
These are the guys that will be battling for the Stick when all is said and done.  Good luck trying to beat them!

5. Kutol – Ah you don’t know these guys, but I do.  They’ve bounced around B1 for a couple seasons, usually taking a season off at a time so no one gets too comfortable with them.  They’re good, don’t you worry, and will immediately earn the respect of the B2 league.  The Caveman, Pat Smith is bringing the heat on Tuesday nights, you will all know to respect Forelizzi’s J by week 2, and Outback (Justin Foster) is going to do some damage in the paint.  IF Rawlins recognizes that he’ll have a size/speed advantage against the guards in B2 as opposed to B1, this team could be very, very dangerous, and should contend for the title in their first season.

4. Cleary Club – A solid squad last season, this team just got gooooood.  Spyder Singh and Dan “Mountain Man” Warren together on the court at the same time?? The rest of the league better watch their backs.  And did I mention this team is deeeeeep.  DEE, Will Madden and Swint can all hurt you in different ways.  While rocking the Green CC jerseys, this squad is going to be one of the most fun to watch and root for.

3. Killa Beez – That’s right, the Beez are back! You know you’re all terrified, but this roster looks trimmed down a bit from the last time they were in this league.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a weaker one.  Karl brings back all his big names, Siafa and AP, and some new ones.  That means less PT for them, but fresher legs at the end of the season and for the playoffs.

2. GSD Squad – Much respect going out to GSD Squad again this season.  For the second season in a row they finished near the top of the league after a great regular season run.  Now they need to start getting it done in the post season.  This is STILL the exact same GSD squad you’ve come to know and loathe over the past year, so no surprises here.  They’ve got who they’ve got, and they do what they do.  That’s play stiffling defense, run the fast break like their pants are on fire, and occasionally get red flaming hot from downtown (again with the whole fire, and pants, thing).  Can anyone take them down in the regular season, um, no!

1. Genzyme – Once again, Genzyme is fully loaded, coming into the league with a full set of troops to defend their title.  They better enjoy this ride while it lasts, because this is the swan song season for BMul, Carrot Hop, et al in the B2 East together as a unit.  BFab now has plenty of notice to start genetically engineering a few Todd Billet clones to sneak into the league next season.  But yea, the core of this team is back (bye bye DLee), with a couple new adds in Nate Batchel and Joe Jeffrey.  Yea that means this team is rolling 8 deep, but that won’t hurt the chemistry, or their ability to win every game.  While I’m not predicting an undefeated season, I am predicting another shot at perfection and the top overall spot heading into the playoffs.  Guh, down with the Evil Empire!!