B2 East S10 Preview

We’ve got another great season of B2 Action ready to kick off tonight, and even though Cleary Club disappointed us all and didn’t bring home the DISH in the Uni game (for the first time in 4 seasons!!) we can forgive them, for now. It will just make the target on their back all that much bigger.

Don’t forget to hit up Tommy Doyles after your game for $10 pitchers of Coors Lite. That’s right people, TDs and I listened to you and we got the price of pitchers lowered for the season, so get out and show your support.

Get at it this season! Once again, email any questions/concerns/suggestions to CACBasketball@gmail.com

12 – Fama PR – The old Balco guys with another come back? They’ve recruited some guys from work, Matt Gil aka the Big Tuna is still the main guy, but since I don’t see Ben Gregory on this roster (the deft lefty!) I’ve got to rank them here not knowing a single thing about any of the other guys. Prove it to me on the court boys!

11 – The Freeballaz – A couple of these guys have some CAC history, but I don’t see enough offense to get it done at Wall Ball Arena this season. No offense fellas, but you’re going to have to prove it to me on the court before I think of moving you up these rankings. You know, in week 3, at the first trimester poll, there will be an ‘updated’ ‘rankings’ that, in all honesty, will probably reflect the standings, but hey, you all want something out of me, don’t you. Don’t complain too much….

10 – CyberTwan – You might remember these guys better as Sex Mutombo. They’ve undergone more offseason surgery than Heidi Montag
Yea, I really just wanted an excuse to post her pic, sue me.
OhMyDa is no more after his brutal injury to end last season, so who has Joe Golec added to the roster to help pick up the slack? Someone needs to step it up both on the court and on the message boards for this team. Unless of course Almeida will still be commenting from afar, that’d be awesome. If not, who will it be?! Ah well, we don’t have to wait long to see if these new guys will make immediate contributions or if it will a long

9 – Alnylam – I kept flip-flopping CyberTwan and Alnylam in this spot, but figured I had to give the CAC vets the benefit of the doubt here. But last I heard, the roster was in turmoil, and they didn’t exactly live up to expectations last season. If they’ve got the core of Dubois, Nugent and Manny they should be able to compete, but who else is Deon adding to the mix this season?! So many unanswered questions totally should have ranked these guys lower and let them play the disrespect card.

8 – Bling Pros – Matty Bells is in the B2 East ladies and gentlemen! I’m excited, he was the first to bother me about the preview this morning! Fantastic. He’s brought new CAC stud Chris Burke (of B1 East and West fame) to B2 to help make a run at the title, but who else is going to put the ball in the hoop?? I hope Matty plans on being more aggressive, which means shooting. His last game at CAC he was MONEY from 3, but didn’t get the ball at the end of the game. As usual, blame JTho. Oh wait, Earthquake isn’t on this team, thank god, no more complaining from him! Get to it Matty!!

7 – Tiger’s Wood
 – Kaplan spurned Cold Turkey and brought his B1 core (that hasn’t won anything since 02) to B2 to make a run of it. Way to ruin what worked man. Cold Turkey was guaranteed to go 5-5, make the playoffs and then make a run to the B2 South finals. Why would you throw that all away to play at CAC and get beaten up by a bunch of monsters. B2 South is open and freewheeling. This is physical and ugly. Hizzle is NOT going to appreciate the East at all, he would have like the South much better. Ah well, change is inevitable.

6 – Warrior Country – The team is in shambles. Last update I received had Greer out for the season AND Delicious Dobos taking the summer off. Even still, they’ve got Kid Flash to build around, so it’s not the end of the world, I’m sure Steve P will come up with something. Oh what, he signed DocSpauld, OH MY SUNNY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! I just, Doc will be more vocal on the boards than his impact on the court warrants, so get used to it B2 East, you’ve got another loud mouth to compete with. As Kaplan is murdering my B1 East baby, it’s good to see that the B2 East will be re-claiming it’s rightful place as CAC’s most vocal league!

5 – Average Joes – Plummeting with the loss of Bernstein and Drama, let’s see if a couple of new guys can inject new blood and drive and desire and heart into a Joes team that seems to have fallen off since winning the B2 Unification Title a couple seasons ago. Of course, from the pinnacle there’s no where to go but down, so maybe I’m just nitpicking here. They’ve got 3 perennial all-stars in BarStool Acosta, Sparkles Spaeth and Jeff Spann. Man that guy needs a nickname, I’ll see what I can do this season!

4 – N.W.O.
 – Everyone’s favorite bad (old) boys (men) are back with midnight posts, photoshoped pics and ugly wins! I’m so excited. I can’t even tell you. With all their old nemesis’ back at full strength it only gives N.W.O. another excuse for when they inevitably flame out in the playoffs, defying expectations and losing even earlier than expected. Like I said, I’m excited for this same group of 6 guys to come back and do the same thing they’ve done for countless seasons. As long as Mike D is picking up bar tabs that is. Carbombs?!?!

3 – Hurricane Ditka 
– Last season’s surprise squad returns fully intact to make another run at the B2 East championship! Once again, I’ll warn the league, these guys don’t score a lot of points, and they don’t have to. They play defense from the opening tip of the season until they’ve got to go home in August. Jacob and Ken lead this team on both ends of the floor, and their bigs do a great job no matter who they’re playing. I can’t say enough about this squads teamwork and willingness to put it all on the line for each other every Tuesday at Wall Ball Arena. A genuinely fun to root for, and they’ll be back upsetting each and every team that takes them lightly once again in the Spring!

2 – Genzyme – Guess who’s back with a brand new track?? Genzyme comes back fully loaded, and the last time that happened this squad went 23-2 over two seasons (or something like that, I guarantee Gerrity has the exact record in his memory banks). BMul, Carrot Hop, Five Hard Fouls, MNicey, the entire gang is back together. Expect a ton of offensive fire power, no one caring about D because they’re already up 20 on you, and a ton of smack talk from the GM, BFlab himself.
What’s that, Frail is playing too?!? Gah, I wonder if he’ll complain about Hizzle in the league now, or wait until the playoffs…
Anyway, none of that matters now, Genzyme is looking to take the top spot back from Cleary Club, claim their B2 East title and do what CC couldn’t, win the Uni game!!

1 – Cleary Club – We’ve got to give the defending East champs the respect they deserve, even if they did gag away the Uni game. Cleary says that the roster is in flux but I don’t believe him. He’s built an unreal nucleus around the White Mamba (31 in his A1 debut!!) and the guys all seem to enjoy playing together. Frazier doesn’t care about his minutes (but should), Roly can score at will (unless it’s the finals) and even with only a part time defensive player of the season, this squad is still fully armed and loaded to defend their East title. But they’ve got a giant target on their backs and the schedule doesn’t do them any favors. Can they hold up under pressure, or will we all be wondering, ‘what happened?!’ by mid june?!

Thus wraps up the Spring 2010 preview, get out there and prove me wrong on the court (I usually am) and don’t forget to contribute on the boards!!

Quickie Lines

5:30 PM Genzyme vs Freeballaz (+14.5) – Welcome to the League boys

6:20 PM Hurricane Ditka vs Cleary Club (-6.5) – Rematch of the East Finals!

7:10 PM CyberTwan vs Warrior Country (-9.5) – WC will miss Greer all season

8:00 PM Tiger’s Wood vs Fama PR (+3.5) – Hizzle making his B2 debut

8:50 PM Alnylam vs N.W.O. (-11.5) – MIKE D!!!

9:40 PM Average Joes vs Bling Pros – Welcome to the League boys