B2 East Spring 2010 Awards

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Once again, the B2 East never failed to disappoint me this season.  Tons of great teams, characters and subplots to go around as the season progressed. It’s great that so many of the teams come back season after season and it helps build the rivalries, back stories and intrigue.  With that being said, it’s time to start thinking about next season as we look back at what went down in the Spring 2010 season! if you want to play in the fall here’s the link (Fall 2010 Info). Send an email to CACBasketball@gmail.com to save your spot!

Let’s get on with the awards, shall we?!

B2 East Spring 2010 Awards

MVP: Pat Lawson, Genzyme – This really, really pains me.  Not as much as it pains Watson I’m sure. For once this didn’t just come down to highest PR or most PPG.  Oh no, this took an in-depth look at what each player meant to his team.  With Brad gone for a significant stretch of the season, I thought Genzyme would be resigned to the middle class again. After all, those two were split up last season in the B2 and that ended disastrously for both squads.  But this season, Carrot Hop took his game to another level.  He refused to let Genzyme go down without a fight. And sure, it wasn’t always pretty (you’ve got to take the bad 3s with the good) but he got it done and up’ed the level of play from the supporting cast. That’s an MVP in my book!

Runners Up: Dan Watson, Chris Burke, Andrew Worden

RoY: Javier Fores, Hurricane Ditka – We had so, so many good rookies in the B2 East this season, that I had to narrow down all my rookie related awards to guys who had never played in Wall Ball Arena before. Usually it’s enough if a guy had simply never played in this division before, but not this season.  So, with apologizes to the Average Joes, Javier had the biggest impact of any rookie in the league this season.  Sure it took him a few weeks to get accustomed to Wall Ball Arena (let he who feels comfortable in game 1, cast the first stone) but once he got into the groove, there was no deny Fores or Ditka.  Winners of 6 straight at one point, Ditka was able to keep their team identity (defense first) and add one of the best pure scorers in the league.   He makes them a legitimate contender to win the B2 title!

Runners Up: Ryan Brown, Jack Lomasney

All Rookie Team – As above, I opted to only go with guys that were actual rookies to C.A.C., having never played in a league before the Spring 2010 season.  I still had enough eligible and good players to make two teams of ‘all-rookies’. So that’s what I did! Enjoy.

1st team

Javier Fores – RoY!

Ryan Brown – Joes are title contenders with him in tow

Jack Lomasney – see above!

Josh Barrett – Kept BP in a ton of games with the 3 ball

2nd team

Ethan Robert, Shane Taylor, Joe Schweon, Steve Boyle

Offensive PoY: Dan Watson, Cleary Club – For the second time in 3 seasons, Watson has to settle for the consolation prize as a Gang Greener takes home the MVP award.  It’s becoming habit forming for the all time leader in PPG for B2.  And it’s got to be frustrating.  When will he get his Kobe moment?!?! Maybe at the end of these playoffs, if he can bring Cleary Club to the promised land. They were oh so close last season. All he did this time around was cut down his threes, get to the free throw line more, and become (maybe) the most efficient scorer in the league.  Oh and his team is undefeated again.  Another solid season’s work for The Mountain Man.

Runner Up: Burke

All Chuckers Team

Dan Watson – MVP of this squad! Hi-oh!

Matt Kaplan – Triple Digit 3s this season! And he restrained himself

Jacob Hanson – Dude rolled in with a ‘Sheed jersey this season, he should captain this team

Josh Barrett – 1st Half version (of each game) need not apply

Defensive PoY: Ken Mullane, Hurricane Ditka – Once again, everyone knows by now that Hurricane Ditka thrives off their defensive intensity.  Its all starts at the top with captain Ken Mullane. He of the absurd nearly 5 steals per game!! THat’s just crazy talk. Should be a record, I wish I knew for sure.  But Ken doesn’t just gamble for steals, he plays great help defense, on the ball D, and really sets the tone for Ditka.  A great season from the understated captain, it’s about time he got recognized!

All Defensive Team

Ken Mullane, Dave Frazier, Mike Greer, Jeff Spann

GM of the Year: Kevin Westervelt, Average Joes – This is the easiest award to hand out this season.  KWesty took the attendance plagued Joes, added two guys that missed only a game between them, and made the Joes a legit threat to win every week.  Gone are the days when they coast through the regular season waiting to get to the post season.  Ryan and Jack were huge hits for the team this season and the PT issues were handled with perfection. Great work by Westy this season. Now there’s even MORE pressure for the team to produce going forward.

Runner Up: Ken Mullane

Most Improved PoY: Marc Frail, Genzyme – You all know how much this pains me, right? Career high in points this season (no matter the league) and second most rebounds.  He’s come a long way.  Also, DYK that Frail had the 3rd highest 3 point percent this season (among the top 20 in makes per game)!? I would have bet almost anything (given my propensity to lose bets) at the beginning of the season he’d be outside the top 10.  Who woulda thought that?!  Plus, he had to go out of his way to complain about other divisions rather than this one, that’s all a step in the right direction.

Runner Up: Jay Kraunelis

All Attendance Team

Sure these guys don’t get the most publicity, or hardly any at all, but the show up every week and bust their hump for their team. And literally, the show up EVERY WEEK!

Dave Munsell – Came up with big buckets all season long.

Chris Barnes – Constant hustle for Sex/Cyber

Matt Kesner – 3rd Matt, as I call him, comes ready to ball whether it’s for 15 minutes or 40

Matty Bells – Ok so Matty gets pub, but usually it’s for what he does off the court

All-Star Squads – Once again, my criteria to make an all-star squad is tough. You’ve got to show, a lot. None of this four game minimum bull sh!t.  If you only come to 2/3rds of your team’s games (6 of 9) it’s nearly impossible to make this squad, as you’ll see below.  Gotta commit boys! We had a great season and if you’re on the top two teams, you’ll be taking on the B2 South in the East vs South All Star Game! Stay tuned for details!

1st Team

Lawson, Watson, Burke, Worden

2nd Team
Spann, Javier, Hizzle, Mullane

Honorable Mention
Kap, Peredna, Jack, Barrett

Playoff Lines! 

And we’re off and running for the playoffs.  Honestly, the only team that I think doesn’t have a shot to win this thing (and by thing, i mean all of B2 East) is the Bling Pros.  Get Big Matty!!

6:00 PM # 2 Genzyme vs # 7 Warrior Country (+1.5)

Very dangerous game for Genzyme in round 1.  Probably their worst possible match-up.  Frail had to bail the squad out two weeks ago to eek out a 1 point win and I expect this one to be just as close.  Of course, Zyme will give the excuse (they always have one) that Brad was just coming off his injury and blah blah blah – no one cares!! Warrior Country matches up perfectly against this squad.  Greer can bang with Muse, Noah is a higher-scoring Gerrity (in life and on the court?!?) while Kid Flash is one of the few guards that can deny Peredna the dribble drive and kick. Frail, well all someone has to do is actually play D on him, can someone please PLEASE do that.  He’s a boarderline all-star out there this season. Jesus.  Ah I left out Lawson and Brad, didn’t I.  Sure, no one really matches up with them, so let them get theirs.  Let’s see if the MVP (and the former MVP) can carry Zyme by themselves.  They might have to.

6:50 PM #1 Cleary Clubs vs # 8 Bling Pros (+15.5)

As noted above, Bling Pros, I just don’t think they’ve got ‘it’ this season, their first in the B2 East.  They’ve had their ups and downs, but i just don’t think that Burke can carry a team for 3 straight games. That would require the ability to hit a jumper.  You hear me Burke?!? YOU SUCK!!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I don’t think it matters what combination of the 8 playoff eligible guys that CC brings to the table tonight.  You know Watson is going to be there and super-pissed that he didn’t get the MVP award.  He’ll come out playing his Kobe’s off, doesn’t matter if it’s Roly, Frazier, Fuerch or Cleary that steps up as his #2.  Either way it’s going to be a rout. Fitting of the #1 seed that went undefeated for the second straight season (through the regular season).  The biggest question for them this week will be “Will CC move up next season?!”

7:40 PM #3 Average Joes vs # 6 Tiger’s Wood (+2.5)

Epic game in the making right here. When these two teams met in the regular season, Kap and Hizzle had a chance to end this thing in regulation. Of course, they choked, so the Joes won in OT.  I’m thinking first to 95 wins this game. No one on the floor knows how to play any D, so this thing will be fast paced up and down the floor.  The Joes will love it, as Acosta and Spaeth can jack 3s against a 2-2 zone.  Meanwhile, Kap and Linehan can get into the lane against the Joes OLE defense where they hope Spann will just block anyone that goes inside.  The Key here is Hizzle, obviously.  He didn’t play like a b!tch when these two teams first met, and he can’t afford to again. If Spann runs wild, or he’s not playing help D in the zone, the Joes could turn this thing into a blowout.  I like that TW is the #6 seed in the East, it has a lot of good history to it, don’t let us down boys!

8:30 PM # 4 Hurricane Ditka vs # 5 N.W.O. (+3.5)

Ditka took care of business the first time these two teams met, and I expect them to do the same again.  N.W.O. just has no answer for the Javier/Jacob combo.  Plus they’re old. And slow, and suck at free throws and only want to jack 3s. Shall I go on!??! Seriously though, NWO always does well in the regular season (6-3 this time) only to flame out way too early in the playoffs. We had this match-up last season adn it wasn’t even close (was it? I don’t really remember, but sounds better if it wasn’t).  I don’t think they have a prayer this time around either. It’s time for Mike D to shake things up, maybe bring back JaySar next season?!  It’s called making adjustments man!