B2 East Summer 08 Awards

A great B2 East season comes to a close and anything can happen in tonight’s playoff games. Here’s the awards, posted last minute on Tuesday of course, so be sure to come back on Wednesday and rip into me all you want for snubbing ‘your guy’! As always, head to the message boards for further discussion and polls on the end of the B2 season and the lines for your playoff games!!

MVP – Fred Bermont, Serenity Now – I know Mr. Fantasy Stat is secretly pining for this award, and I can’t see not giving it to him. He lives up to his Wolverine inspired nickname by leading the league in PR wire-to-wire. And as a shining beacon that lit the way for Serenity Now to a #3 seed, lives up to mine too! Fred easily had the biggest impact on his team too, as without him, Serenity Now is nowhere near the top of the rankings, but losing guys like Acosta and Van Tran could have been easier to absorb for those respective teams. Soak it up Freddy, and when Mazzone doesn’t win the A2 MVP, be sure to mention this to him!
Runners Up: Jake Acosta, Chris O, Van Tran

RoY – Mark Svare, Average Joes – I’ve been inundated with votes for the Spare Tire all week long by his teammates, even the selfish ones. It’s good to see a team get behind the new guy and pull for him to win the award. But honestly, Svare would have won it going away without his ‘mates pulling for him. In his debut season, Svare finished in the top 10 in PR and 2nd in Rebounds, doing all the little things that made the Joes successfull this season. Hey, not everyone has to be a scorer, and Svare worked for his point by hitting the offensive glass. Dude was clutch and in a good crop of rookies, take the award hands down.
Runners Up: Dan Laffy, Ben Torbert, Eric Wang

GM – Brian Fabry, Genzyme – The first and last time BFab will every be receiving this award from me. Is it a make-up for season’s past? Maybe, but the Evil Empire did dominate the regular season once again. Plus it’s the last hurrah for Kmiec (moving up) and Matty O (moving to Sweeden), so the real challenge is in the seasons to come. Does Genzyme stay competitive without sandbagging, or will they be content battling to stay about .500 and shocking teams in the playoffs? Only the future can tell, but for this season, BFab has put together another title favorite.
Runners Up: Mike D, AK

Defensive PoY – Issac Sparks, Serenity Now – SN takes another of the major awards in what was definitely a surprise season for the AK led squad. Anytime there was someone on the opposition that just had to be stopped, Pockets was the guy to get the assignment. And he never dissapointed or complained about having to do all the dirty work with none of the praise. Well here’s plenty of recognition now!
Runners Up: Kmiec, Karl Magloire, Scott Dobos

Most Improved – Chris Mudarri, Cha-Ching – Mudarri-Sour was the guy that was holding it down all season long despite the absence of Weapon X and kept Cha-Ching in the hunt for a top seed. He battle bigs nearly twice his size all season long and never backed down. Heck, I didn’t need to rely on my sources for this one, I saw it with my own eyes his one game at CAC. Without Mudarri’s drastic improvement this season, Cha-Ching would have been a team in turmoil.
Runners Up: Delicious Dobos

Best Teammate ñ Bob Viercinski, Homeland Security – Bob didn’t let a tough season get him down, and when he had to shut it down because of a chipped bone in his elbow, he didn’t sulk at home. He showed up to his team’s final two games to cheer them on from the balcony and sideline. That’s dedication right there, and it’s easy to see why the guys from Homeland Security like playing with him and invited him back next season.

All Defensive
Issac Sparks – DPoY hands down the best 1v1 lockdown guy in the L
Mike Kmiec – woulda, coulda stopped anyone he wanted
Karl Magloire – stats guy that wasn’t afraid to gamble for steals or blocks
Delicious Dobos – surprising steals leader in the league and definitely deserves the headsup for it!

All C.A.C.
1st Team
Lighthouse – Does Freddy retire after an MVP season, does it get any better?
Chris O – Tossing all the MVP candidates on the first team because I can
Jake Acosta – Unstoppable (when sober!)
Van Tran – offensive sparkplug for the Evil Empire and the 9-1 record

2nd Team
Mike Kmiec – Great season in his farewell tour of the B2 League
Sparkles Spaeth – Toughest guy to defend with that turnaround j
Bob V – Injury derailed a great season
Ben Torbert – Made a splash with Mine Oranges

3rd Team
Dan Toohill – TwoGuns the latest in a long line of great B2 floor generals
Mark Svare – 3 Average Joes?? They better make the finals!
Dan Laffy – Radio Flyers made a great pickup with Laffy Taffy
Chris Adams – Bright spot for rough WW season – couldn’t be stopped when focused