B2 East Winter 09 Awards

The First All-Star Game Participants are Announced!!

I know you’ve been waiting for these since last week, when the regular season ended, but hey, i was in sunny san diego. After a bit of back and forth with Reeves, your Morse statkeeper, we hammered out this awards ballot. Don’t forget, the All-Star game is April 21st, even if you didn’t make it, come out and watch the guys go at it! Oh, and head over to the message boards to vote in the poll.

MVP – Brad Mulholland, Genzyme – Not only was BMul the best player on the best team, but also arguably also the best player in the league, well that just about locks up an MVP trophy any season. As much as I hate to admit it, BFab has found another gem hiding in the cubicle walls over in the Greenest Building this side of the river. What didn’t Brad do for the Evil Empire? He put up a double double nearly every night, efficiently (57%) tossed in 3 bombs from downtown a night, and actually played some D, getting nearly 2 steals and blocks a game. All that, despite facing constant heat and criticism from a media and league that’s had enough of the Zyme overload. There is nothing more you could possibly have asked for as he helped lead Genzyme to an unblemished record (so far!). Now, let’s see if this regular season award carries over to the post season.
Runners Up: Matty O’Brien, Ben Gregory

Rookie of the Year – Matty O’Brien, The Abusement Park – This award was tougher than I expected it to be at the beginning of the season, but that just proves that I usually don’t know what I’m talking about. This thing was a three-headed monster from the middle of the season on, and Matty O’Brien, by getting his team into the playoffs, wins out in the RoY race. The dude has an absolutely deadly three point shot and knows the perfect time to take over a game and knows how to get his teammates involved the rest of the time. Heck, he came off the bench to start the season since he was knew to the league and to his teammates, who had been around a while. Talk about being the consummate teammate! Here’s hoping he’s not a one and done, flash in the pan, CACer.
Runners Up: Ben Fresh, Mike Balboa,

GM of the Season – Ken Cleary, Cleary Club – Captain Ken does it again, and this is the guy the GM Award should be named after! I don’t care how much BFab protests differently. As always, Cleary Club underwent a roster change in the off-season and still emerged as one of the threats to take home the Dish this season. It starts with Ken putting together the guys that play the right way and enjoy playing together (Raj and DEE), plus finding the guys that will do the little things necessary to win (The Wills and Rob). I guess those hockey guys have some brains after all!
Runners Up: Anthony Di Mari, Brian Fabry, Jon Glumac

Defensive Player of the Season – Aaron Chang, GSD Squad – It could have been Evans last season, this season, Chang stepped up in a big way and wins this award for anchoring the best defense in the entire league. There really isn’t much of an argument you can make against that, is there? Yea, the dude alters shots, gets those long arms in passing lanes and throws one of the best outlet passes in the league.
Runners Up: Raj Singh, Joff Spaulding, Matt Peredna

Offensive Player of the Season – Ben Gregory, Balco – At C.A.C. we’re all about putting the biscuit in the basket, so of course we have an Offensive Player of the Season Award. These are the guys that could, and did, score absolutely any time they wanted. In the end, I had to choose the Deft Lefty for Balco’s big turnaround this season as they thrust themselves into the championship picture. It makes it all that much sweeter for him, since Acosta snuck away with it last season when Gregory maaaaybe should have won it, and Definitely should have won RoY. Man, what was I thinking? Even as teams focus on stopping him, and only him, he finds ways to score, you can only hope to contain him!! Runners Up: Jake Acosta, Greg Noel, Matty O’Brien

Most Improved – Jesse Brown, The Abusement Park – The Abusement Park racking in a couple major awards this season. Jesse slid over to second fiddle after filling in for Glumac a couple times last season, and the dude absolutely took off. In the off-season, Jon must have asked, what more can Brown do for me?, let’s get him the ball and find out! As a result, his squad made great strides this season, from missing the playoffs to making them, and giving the top teams a run for their money every single week. Jesse dominated the glass and got a lot of easy buckets as a result, and is now comfortable with Wall Ball Arena. Opponents in the future better watch out for him!
Runner Up: Anthony DiMari

5th Man of the Season – Anthony DiMari & Ryan Losche, GSD Squad – GSD’s uptick in offensive output has been spread across the board, but the biggest increases have come from the bench, where DiMari and Losche has been much more comfortable and confident this season. As a result, they’re splitting the 5th Man award this season and it’s well deserved. It’s going to make the team much harder to knock out in the post season, as their improved play means they don’t loose any intensity or skill when they have to dig into their bench.

All Defensive Team
Aaron Chang – DPoY is always a lock for this squad
Raj Singh – No help down low didn’t matter as White Wine continues to get better with age (and chilled??)
Joff Spaulding – The Eraser continues to make his mark as one of the most explosive swatters (and personalities) in the League
Matt Peredna – One of the few guards in the league that played D this season

All Star Teams – These are the guys that are representing the B2 East in the All Star Game! I’ll be sending out an email to all of these players to determine whether or not they can make the game (April 21st) and then we will fill in with ‘injury replacement’ players should the need arise. The day of the game, Paul and I will split up the teams and give you preview of the game!

1st Team
Brad Mulholland, Genzyme – One more time, MVP! MVP!
Ben Gregory, Balco – Undeniably one of the best players in the league
Ken Cleary, Cleary Club – Captain Ken’s lunch Pup workouts have benefited his team
Greg Noel, Cha-Ching – Reeves gives the nod to Noel as a sure-fire first teammer

2nd Team
Patrick Spaeth, Average Joes – I could only pick one Joe, and Sparkles is far from average
Aaron Chang, GSD Squad – DPoY and a vastly improved offensive game land you on the all-star squads!
Ben Fresh, International – The Shining Star in the In’l lost season
Joff Spaulding, Radio Flyers – The Eraser left his Mark this season

3rd Team
Matt O’Brien, Abusement Park – Dude did it all, despite coming off the bench for half the season
Quintin Walsh, NWO – About time we mentioned someone from Mike D’s ’empire’
Pat Lawson, Genzyme – The only team with 2 nods – stupid Carrot Hop
Jamil Ball, The Outcome – JBall juuuuuuuust sneaks onto my All-Star Ballot