B2 East Winter ’10 Awards

And the Winner Is…

Lots of debate here for the B2 East Winter 2010 awards.  Whenever you have two different scorekeepers they’re going to be disagreements. And that’s BEFORE the ref threw his two cents into the ring. I’m not kidding, he was offended I didn’t ask him for his thoughts on the award winners! Since he took the time to compose a few thoughts and his own ballot, you can see it here. Nice work Koz, I didn’t know you’d be so involved and know everyone.  I guess you just don’t check out your own stats on the website after all!

Anyway, as you’re about to see, his ballot differs vastly from mine.  And you know what, I’m ok with that.  Serge and I were able to come to a number of compromises and we think we’ve put together one of the better award blurbs you’re bound to see this season!

As always, if you feel differently, head to the message boards to let us know what you think, how you feel, or how wrong we are!

MVP: Matt Forelizzi, Kutol – No one on the message boards could agree on who the MVP was, with four guys getting at least 3 votes this was a wide open race.  As everyone knows, you can define an MVP in a variety of ways. The best player on the best team, or the player that puts up the best numbers.  Both of the guys that fit into this mold (Watson and Greer respectively) had outstanding seasons that at any other time would have won them this MVP award. But, if you’ve watched Kutol play at all this season, and I certainly have,

RoY: Andrew Worden, Warrior Country – Serge and I both broke with our “must play the majority of games” to win an award with this one. Kid Flash, thanks to an early season injury, only played in five games this season, but had an obvious impact whenever he stepped onto the court.  In my mind, he’s the real MVP of WC this season (I <3 Greer, don’t get me wrong) but the team just looked so much better when he was on the floor. And sure, Steve will give us the whole ‘my entire team hasn’t showed up yet!’ routine.  With playoffs starting it’s put up or shut up time, and I have a feeling Worden is going to lead WC deeeeep into the post season.
Runner Up: Greer, Nicodemus, Almeida

All Rookie Team
Kid Flash – RoY, so you know, duh
Mike Greer – led the league in PR
Kyle Nicodemus – edging out his teammate Higgins!
Mark Almeida – The Poet had a huge impact on and off the court, although Sex Mutombo didn’t win until he went down!

Offensive PoY: Andrew Worden, Warrior Country – I really, really, really hate to do this, give out two major awards to the same guy, but Kid Flash led the league in points scored. He also had to share the ball with Greer before hi’s ankle got FUBAR and then carried the team after Greer’s ankle underwent a sympathy injury.  So yea, he can come and collect his second piece of hardware in the early going.

Defensive PoY
Matt Fuerch, Cleary Club – For once, I went away from the obvious choice, you know, the big guy that led the league in blocks. I always do that. This season I paid more attention to the games, which guys shut their man down, which guys played help D, I didn’t rely fully on the stats.  That’s how I’m coming away with Fuerch. He consistantly was assigned to the opposition’s best scorers and did great work on all of them, making everyone else’s job easier and not requiring help D.  It’s about time someone game this unassuming guy some pub!!

All Defensive Team
Fuerch – DPoY a lock down defender
Mullane – 2 guards! I’m evolving, Mullane’s D is top notch
Spann – Who averages 5 blocks??
Greer – Beastly!

GM of the Year: Ken Cleary
, Cleary Club – You go undefeated, you’re usually going to get the GM of the Year award.  He put together a great team AND got them to show up week in and week out.  He knew what he was doing when he added Meyer to the roster. Sure the guy hadn’t touched a ball in 6 months, but the season is over now, and he’s playing his best ball.  That makes Cleary Club look unstoppable heading into the B2 Unification Dance!
Runner Up: Steve P

5th Man: Mike Clavadetscher, Genzyme – Clava got more minutes off the pine this season and he made them count, continuing to show off his shooting touch from downtown and hustling like no one’s business. Hopefully the Evil Empire is able to find room for him on the uberB2 East squad that’s rumored to be forming.  You always need role players who can get the job done!
Runner Up: Ryan K

Most Improved PoY
Dan Bernstein, Average Joes – It’s not even that Dan wasn’t good last season, his first at Wall Ball Arena.  He was just trying to feel his way out. On a team loaded with studs he seemed happy to take a back seat to the rest of tte guys.  With the Joes usual attendance problems, Dan stepped up in a big way with more minutes and bigger numbers.  Keep doing your thing man!
Runner Up: Roly, Foster

All-Star Squads

Lots of tough cuts here, but basically, if you only played 5 games, it was really, really hard to get on this list, just the way it goes this season. Obviously, there is an exception that proves the rule.

1st Team
Matt Forelizzi – MVP! MVP! MVP!
Q Walsh – Always the MVP runner up isn’t he?
Dan Watson – CC is undefeated in part because of his scoring touch
Andy Worden – Kid Flash lighting up the scoreboard

2nd Team
Mike Greer – MONSTER numbers
Jeff Spann – Joes go to presence
Ken Mullane – DPoY!! Obviously that puts him over the top
Pat Spaeth – Joes are an all-star caliber squad, do they all show for playoffs?

Honorable Mention
Dave Frazier – An unstoppable force when he has the mind to be
Dan Toohill – TwoGuns need I say more
Chris Dubois – Mr. Consistant for Alnylam
Drew Morgan – No one defines KLD’s scrap it out style better