B2 East Winter 10 Preview

Wall Ball is the PLACE TO BE!!
B2 has expanded ever so slightly for the fourth season in a row.  Last season, we had 4 divisions with 8 teams each, giving us 32 great teams. It’s more of the same this time around, except in the B2 East, which as ballooned up to an enormous 12 team league!  This is the B2 league where everyone will be fighting for their playoff lives from week 1 on.  Enough with the foreplay, let’s get on with it!

12 – Sex Mutombo
What I like: The team name, it’s awesome. “Sex Mutombo” just rolls off the tongue and brings up images of wagging fingers.  The original team name, of course, was “Who Wants to Sex Mutombo?” But that was a tad long. I’m glad they kept their original idea in tact.  If these guys are

What I Don’t Like:
 Nothing personal of course, I just know absolutely nothing about you guys, so you’ve got to be ranked here.

11 – Warrior Country

What I like: Steve Pacheco, after just a season on staff, is putting his own team in the league.  I ALWAYS like new teams.  Have I mentioned we’ve got 161 total this season? Yea, I didn’t have a busy off season or anything.

What I Don’t Like:
 Once again, I don’t know anyone.  He says they’ll be competitive, but I don’t know that!! Bottom ranking teams are easy, I don’t have to put in any effort.  Of course, I could have gone out of my way to do a little research, google-style, but that would have required caring!!

10 – Finger Roll Sandwiches
What I like: A couple Cha-Ching castoffs putting in their own team.  DTree and Two Guns Toohill are always a pleasure to have in the leagues. And they usually put in a competitive squad. But…

What I Don’t Like: 
I don’t know the rest of the guys!! Once again, you can see the amount of effort I put in to finding out a bit about them. None, zero, zip, nada. If I had taken the time to do that, I wouldn’t have been able to answer O’Cal’s probing questions. http://www.cacbasketball.com/tcorner.php?newsid=410  Prove it to me on the court fellas!!

10 – Hurricane Ditka
What I like: Ken Mullane expanding the Big Tickets empire to include 4v4 teams! Back where it all started, at Wall Ball Arena.

What I Don’t Like: 
The seeming lack of offense, unless the new guys provide some, and I’m sure they will.  With a 12 team league, only the top 8 make the playoffs, and it looks like we’ve got 4 teams I know nothing about.  You know what that means?! These rankings are useless.  I’m betting that at least 2 of these bottom ranked 4 teams DO make the playoffs and a couple of old favorites don’t.  That’s just the way it works fellas.

8 – KLD

What I like: Benson is back!! Last time KLD was in the league a few season’s ago, they were the # 8 seed and knocked off the league’s #1 team in the opening round of the playoffs.  For that alone I’ve got to pre-emptively put them in the playoff mix. I always love me some playoff upsets (unless I’m a victim).

What I Don’t Like:
 Other than Benson, only one other guy has averaged double figures in his CAC career.  That’s not going to cut it in this rough and tumble league.  Who’s going to step up and get the job done?  So basically, there’s no Prickle to Benson’s Gumby.  You can always use a flying fire breathing dragon on your side.  Who’s stepping up on KLD?!

7 – Evil Empire

What I like: Lawson as a dominant B2 force.  He just belongs, it feels right.  Plus I get to see Peredna at Wall Ball (a few times anyway) and it’s been far too long since I’ve had the pleasure of seeing those reDONKulous lay-ups go in.  With GTingle (the MAN who’s made the Tommy Doyle’s Sponsorship happen – 2 For 1 Burger night on Tuesday! $12 Pitchers Coors Lite!  Tommy Points!) also in the mix, this team will bear down (chicago bears) on defense!

What I Don’t Like: 
It took this team 7 weeks to get warmed up last season.  If it wasn’t for the “Everyone makes the Playoffs” West, it would have been too little too late. Can’t be having that this season.  9 Man rosters. I hate those. Let’s see what else, oh well BFab is captaining this team, so that’s another strike against them.  I also don’t like Lawson splitting time between A1 (Monday), B2 East (Tuesday), B1 East (Wednesday) AND B2 5v5 (Thursday).  Talk about taking a toll on your body.  What, there was no room in the Sunday league for him??

6 – N.W.O.
What I like: Mike D’s persistance.  And I’m not just talking with the Mrs. (kid # 6 coming soon!).  Despite the fact that his title drought, is, well, longer than mine (and both of us can’t win without JaySar!!) he’s still bringing N.W.O. back for more punishment.

What I Don’t Like:
 The fluid roster.  Who do they have, who don’t they have, and why isn’t Mike D’s email working?? Frustrating, just like their up and down play the last few seasons. They always seem big enough, or like they finally have the guard play to get it done, but they always come up short.  Aging wrastlers, that’s what they are…

5 – Kutol
What I like:
 They have the best pure shooter in the league, Forelizzi, plus Captain Caveman (and the Teen Angels!!) is back at CAC with a chance to take out the B2 league.  I like the balance of this team with the big man, Foster, and hustle guy, Rawlins, doing solid work.  Oh, and of course, “unga bunga”!

What I Don’t Like:
 Last time they were in B2, they failed to live up to (my) expectations.  Sure they were like the 5 seed and made a little noise in the playoffs, but I expected a title contender!! They have the parts to make it work. Oh, and they never actually bring any teen angels to their games…

4 – Alnylam

What I Like: I’ve finally spelled their name right on the website!! If any higher ups check in, they’ll be happy to know that the company is being repped well.  That is, this is still a company team right?? Adding Manny for the entire season is a step in the right direction and will keep them at the top of the heap with CD and Nugent(y goodness) in the line-up.

What I Don’t Like:  Consistancy.  Who’s gonna show up every week?  Plus, every time I rank them high, they disappoint and every time I rank them low, they take it personally and run over the league!! Come on fellas, get your act together, I like you guys, just side with me for once!!

3 – Cleary Club
What I Like: Captain Ken revamped the roster to make sure there aren’t any attendance issues, revamped the defense and they’re ready to prove that the 5-0 start to last season is just a sign of things to come.  A healthy and happy David Frazier is another huge bonus.  Getting him to commit to the season shot this team way up the rankings.

What I don’t Like: 8 guys?!?! Who’s ever going to get a run in?!  I have no idea how PT and egos are going to be managed and massaged on this team. If they can work that out in the first few weeks they’ll be way ahead of the curve and have a shot at contending for the league title.

2 – Genzyme
What I like:  This is essentially the same team that finished with the best overall record in the league last season.  League MVP BMul is flanked by Greez, Gerrity and Big Bob Muse once again.  It’s a formidable line-up to say the least.  Muse really came into his own the second half of the season, as an offensive weapon, not just the league’s best defender.  If he continues his improvement along the same arc as last season, this team won’t be bothered by missing BMul week 1 (ok, yes they will)

What I don’t like: With a mix of 5:30 and 8 PM games, they’ll be seeing a lot more fully staffed teams.  Does that mean they’ll win fewer games? Maybe, maybe not, do I look like Nostradamous?!  Gerrity is offically running this team now, so there’s no BFab to hate on, and I dislike that immensely.

1 – Average Joes
What I Like: 
They won the entire B2 last season, what do you mean, what do I like?!? What isn’t there to like.  This team is huge, it’s athletic, it has scorers galore and it has finally proven that it can win the big playoff game (or 5)!!  Sure they were bailed out by Acosta at the Buzzer TWICE during the ride, but hey, what’s luck got to do with it? (Got to do with it?!)

What I don’t Like:
  Unless it’s the playoffs, the Joes probably aren’t going to field their entire roster. Which means they won’t finish near the top of the league.  But that didn’t stop them last time. Of course, they can’t finish lower than 8 if they want to defend their title. Other than that, there’s not a lot to NOT like. They’re huge, they’re deep, and they’re loaded for another title run!!