B2 North Awards

By Matty BellsHey guys.

OMGeee who won?!!!?

B2 North All Stars

First Team:

G: Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude
G: Bobby Skanes – Super JaMario
F: Nigel Slack – Game Changers
F: Craig Henricksen – Abusement Park

Second Team:

G: Ryan Shea – Game Changers
G: Kyle Silva – Hack Em….
F: Mike Strange – Hack Em….
F: Jesse Singal – Super JaMario

Honorable Mention: John Thompson, Brian Fredriksen, Danny Siuda, James Cobb

Most Improved Player: Andrew Imbriglio – Ravishing Rick Rude

Honorable Mention: Jon Adams, Jon Glumac, Justin Sarro

How close was I to giving the award to Adams? So close. So, so close. But I can’t do it, look at the numbers Imbrigs put up…they’re pretty outstanding. More importantly, this award goes to the “Most Improved” player… see below.

Spring 2010:
Imbriglio: 5.8 pts, 2.7 rebs, 0.8 asts, 40% FT, 35% 3PT

Fall 2010:

Imbriglio: 13.6 pts, 4.0 rebs, 1.8 asts, 58% FT, 44% 3PT

I mean, wow. The guy was just a completely different player this season, and with the league taking a gigantic step up in competition, it was good timing on his part.

Adams made a strong case. Adams has developed the ability to finish around the basket with consistency. Unless of course it’s just a One-on-None fast-break, in that case, he’s missing the layup…every time.

Most Valuable Player
Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude

Player Rating: 60.63 (2nd overall)
18 ppg, 9.5 rebounds, 7.0 asts, 3.0 stls, 38% 3PT

Remember last season? I think we all wondered aloud, what’s going on with Mason? He averaged 20+ppg in the Winter Session and saw his scoring get cut in half (11.5) in the Spring. It was an unexpected fall.

But I guess, if you’re gonna come back, come back big. And winning the MVP is a good way to go.

Mason put up some gawdy numbers, made even more impressive when you consider that he’s playing on a team that uses SEVEN guys. And unlike most teams, all seven guys play basically the same amount of time. So Mason is garnering those numbers in, I’d say, 25-28 minutes a game.

Mason is the engine that keeps RRR going. When the threes aren’t falling, RRR looks to score in transition, and who runs the break in the North better than Mason? Nobody, at least, not this season.

So, there you go, Mason. There’s your MVP. Now prove everyone wrong and win a B2N Championship…you guys should be spending your weekends shooting around at the CAC. That’s what champions do!


Defensive Player of the Season: Craig Henricksen – Abusement Park

All Defense Team:

G: Jon Adams – RRR
G: Justin Sarro – SuperJaMario
F: Nigel Slack – GameChangers
F: Craig Henricksen – Abusement Park

Honorable Mention: Mike Sorrentino, Bobby Skanes


Rookie of the Season: Jesse Singal – Super JaMario

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Jesse brought his array of odd post-moves and awkward looking shot-release and dominated from Week One. The only man to that actually kept him under 20 points was Craig…other than that, no one had an answer for him.

All-Rookie Team:

G: Mike Zarkaian – Ghandi’s Lunchbox
G/F: James Cobb – PABO
F: Mike Strange – Hack Em…
F: Jesse Singal – Super JaMario

Offensive Player of the Season: Ryan Shea – GameChangers

“Offensive” in many ways: Shot selection, facial hair, language…but more importantly, he an effective scorer and did it better than anyone in the North this season.


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