B2 North Preseason Preview

With a Sneak Peek at the Week 1 Lines!

B2 has absolutely EXPLODED this season, with 32 total teams.  The B2 North is going to be a permanent fixture on Thursday night moving forward.  This season, we’ve got yet another great 12 team league in the works – and here’s your preview.  If you haven’t done so yet, head to the message boards (http://www.crfcbasketball.com/phpBB2/index.php) and talk this league up!!  Also included in the preview is the week 1 lines which will be on the message boards weekly!
11. (tie) KLD / Industrial Economics – The newbies, as always, get ranked dead last.  I never saw enough of IE when they were around last time to judge the roster, but they’ll be with Five Hard Fouls at the Morse for every 6:10 game.  They’re going to know each other inside and out by the end of the season. KLD is breaking into the league as a new team with a team in B2 AND The B5v5.  That’s the type of jump first, ask questions later mentality that I love!!
10. Sixth Sense – You’ll recognize a couple of the free agents on this squad, and a couple you won’t. What’s it all mean? Well they’ll take a few weeks to get to know each other’s style on the court and off.  Who knows, they might be great together and storm up the rankings, but they’ve got to prove it first!
9. You Got Rondo’D – Ron Phelan is putting in a team of noobies, and it’s really going to take a couple weeks to sort out where everyone belongs in terms of the rankings.  But everyone is soooooo impatient to get a preview, that despite half the teams in the league being new, I can’t wait a week until I see them all. So this is what you get, it’s like the morning after a terrible hookup.  A lot of shoulder shrugging, some mumbled apologies, and I’m getting out of here as fast as humanly possible!!
8. Scalabrines – Just knowing that Andrew Darien is the matermind behind the Scalabrines is enough to separate them enough from the rest of the pack when it comes to the new teams. Why? Cuz I said so, that’s why!!
7. Ruckus – Ah thank god, finally some teams I’m familiar with.  But what’s this, Ike Andessy isn’t on the roster?? The Big Man On Campus dominated the league last season and he’s cut to save a few extra bucks?? ERRONEOUS!!  Dude would have dominated the league again and was an integral part of making Ruckus a successful team last season.  Maybe they want to prove that they can do it without him.  Who knows what Chris Louis is thinking.  Enough about the past, on to the present….uh…uh….go team?
6. CTC – Katz had a rude return to Wall Ball Arena last season.  When he left a year ago, he was one of the best players in the B1 East, could score at will, and the team around him contributed to every hard earned win.  Last season he struggled with his shooting touch, faced tougher defenders (and tougher walls) than he remembered, and CTC busted their butts off with little to show for it.  Brandon Freeman came back to Wall Ball and was more of a menace than I remember, flying for boards, fighting for loose balls, but again, it didn’t translate to wins.  Now, they’ve revamped in the offseason and are ready to make a big statement in their comeback.  Will we see the Katz of old??
5.  Scalped Tickets – Torin is re-entering the Scalped Tickets after a magical trip through last season.  Defying all expectations, they raced out to a 4-0 record behind some scrappy defense and GREAT three point shooting.  Sure the shooting cooled off in the second half of the season, but the team still competed week in and week out for victories.  It was great to watch them roll over unsuspecting teams who looked at them and thought and easy win was on the way.  They’re going to need to pick up that intensity again this season and hope the 3s are falling at Wall Ball once more.  I want to see these guys do well again!
4. ORA – These are mighty high expectations for a team that finished last season 0-10 (the Conj – same team/company) so what’s the difference? Well first of all, Rah has a team in the B 5v5 and will be poaching some of the players from that league’s 8pm games to stick around Cambridge and head to Wall Ball Arena for another run.  They might as well get their company’s hard earned money’s worth, right?  That’s a lot of apostrophe, s’es in the last sentence, did any make heads or tails of all that? Maybe Ambra shows up for a couple games, or either of the other two Mike’s that litter the roster. Either way, 0-10 should not even be on this team’s mind.  wHipe it away and start over, this is your season!!
3. Runnin’ Rebels – No idea who Jamil is bringing to the table, but that sandbagging SoB learned from the best (BFab) so I expect this team to be loaded and ready to compete for a title.  Yea, that’s all i’ve got, deal with it!@
2. Dynasty Heat – They came oh so close last season to taking the B1 West, but they knew they were just a missing piece away. So in the offseason they signed the latest C.A.C. Scribe (for the B2 East) Paul Reeves.  He’s going to give them a verstile option on offense that can carry them through some of the lulls they hit last season.  With the VeeMan pulling down boards, DFrazier in the Bruce Bowen role (similar offensive games even, gotta respect Dave’s J), and DMart pushing the pace, the only thing stopping Dynasty Heat from winning the title could be the Steamboats.  They’re developing quite a nice little rivalry over the last season + playoffs, so expect the game that they play to be heated and probably have top seed implications.
1. Steamboats – The defending B1 West champs have got to be the favorite to take this league down, even without MJD at the proceedings on a weekly basis.  Something about liking 5v5 and the Spread Offense better than Wall Ball Arena.  Still, Thuy, Pootie Teng, and Martin make a formidable trio for any team to overcome.  With the Secret Asian Man pulling the strings better than Gepeto this team will always be motivated to win, but finding enough PT to keep everyone happy is always the challenge with this 15 man roster.  Fresh legs and Line Changes are going to be a norm for the ‘Boats opponents. Remember, they LOVE the break, so even if you score, you’ve got get back
6:10 PM Industrial Economics vs You Got Rondo’D (-1.5) @ Morse
I promise, these lines are posted before 4PM the day of the games, in fact, I’m going to be posting them the day before starting next week! Yea, you read that right!
Five Hard Fouls is holding down the Morse for the B2 North this season after a great debut run in the Fall 08 league.  He’s going to keep it going strong over at the HotBox, but make sure you get him your names and numbers so he can track your stats.  We all know it’s ONLY about the stats!!
This is really a pick’em game since I haven’t seen either one in action.  IE makes it’s return to C.A.C., even though they’re at Morse every week, and Rondo’D has one of the best teamnames.  Let’s see if it translates to wins on the court for either team.
6:20 PM Scalabrines vs KLD @ C.A.C.
More new teams! Yay!! I promise these lines will be much more exciting and detailed once I get to know all the guys in the league.  Wow, I feel like Mixtape, making up excuses for not knowing anyone.  That’s not excuse!!
7:00 PM Dynasty Heat vs Sixth Sense (+9.5) @ Morse
FHF is also going to get used to seeing Dynasty Heat over at the Morse, as they have half their games over there.  Hey, that’s just the way the schedule shakes out sometimes.  The really good teams adjust and adapt accordingly, and I really think that Dynasty Heat has a chance to be one of those really good teams this season.  We’ll see how they fare, but week 1, against one of the new free agent teams should be an opportunity for them to rick roll all over the court.  Every week the VeeMan is in attandance should be a win – get at it fellas!!
7:10 PM CTC vs Ruckus @ C.A.C.
Sweet, teams I’m familiar with.  Ruckus got a low preseason ranking because the Big Man On Campus isn’t on their roster.  That’s bad news, as he was a significant part of both their offense and defense.  Who’s going to step in and fill the Giantsized hole left by BMOC?  Is it going to Loius or Fitz or one of the new guys?  CTC has remade their roster in Katz’s image, and that should help them out a whole lot, especially with having to go up against BMOC.  This is a loaded league, so both of these teams need to get off to a good start in the league, but only one can win the game (No Donavan, there are no ties at CAC).
8:00 PM Runnin’ Rebels vs Scalped Tickets (-1.5) @ C.A.C.
Who knows the sandbaggers that Jamil Ball is bringing to the B2 this season, only he does.  But the Scalped Tickets made a great run through the B1 West last season, winning improbably games, getting by with scrappy defense and timely three point shooting, can they pick up this season where they left off? We’ll find out tonight!
9:40 PM ORA vs Steamboats (-7.5) @ C.A.C.
Ah the Bulgin Conj has shed their 0-10 team name and gone back to ORA, hoping for a drastic improvement in the win column.  It won’t be easy week 1, as they take on the preseason favorite for the title.  It depends on who they bring with them from the B 5v5 league to run afterwards.  1) they’ll be tired, but 2) they should be decent players. It’s a trade off, how you going to handle it Rah?  The ‘Boats don’t need no stinkin’ MJD, they can win on their own, as they proved in their C league opener last week.  All I know is that this league needs a whole lot more of the Secret Asian Man’s 3 point bombs – get after it!