B2 North Preview!!!

By Matty Bells

I know Mason’s been staring at his computer, hitting the refresh button over and over again.

I can’t really post a preview at work, but you will be seeing one….eventually. Before the start of the season.

A couple of quick notes:

– Young Money has taken this season off, but Danny Suida and Bobby Skanes have hopped on with Super JaMario. Which bring me to…

– Super JaMario staples, the Barrett Brother and John Thompson, have taken their talents….to some other team. Leaving me scared and alone.

– The Beacontown Beavers and Biddeford Tigers are also out for this season…but leaves two slots for some newbie teams. (Ghandi’s Lunchbox and Jamil’s new team.)

– I’m hearing rumors that Rodney Clifford’s “GameChangers” have added THE Ryan Shea (aka: R. Poison!!!) This addition has been loooong-overdue. Again, just a rumor, but I think we’re all hoping its true.

So, yeah…I’ll be hitting ya’ll up with a little power poll when I get some time near a computer.

Ok, then.


Its been too long, Northeners!

The last time we were together, we crowned MVP-Craig Henricksen and Abusement Park as our B2North Champions, their second title in three seasons.

Ravishing Rick Rude was there, too. Remember, guys? Or have you blocked out the 1-19 3PT performance?

But all of that’s in the past, we’re moving on. Let’s go to the Power Poll.

8: The StepDads (They’ll have a new name when the WebSite is updated)

Two weeks ago, Young Money dropped out of the B2North, leaving Tibbs in a tough position. The league was in danger of only playing with seven teams, meaning we were going to have to deal with Bye Weeks…which are awful.

Luckily for us, Tomas and Co. decided to return, restoring order in the North.

So they’re back…but that’s about all I know about this team. Heald and Tomas are playing, obviously…but Punzell isn’t a sure thing and the rest of their roster is comprised of CAC Rookies.

It might not have been apparent by looking at the record, but everyone in the league agreed, they took a giant step up in fielding a competitive team last season. We’ll see if Tomas can build on that Monday night.

7: Ghandi’s Lunchbox

One of our two “New” teams here in the North.

While I know some of these guys (The Marrone brothers), I’m not sure what to expect of them on the court. Sarro called me the other day and gave me a pretty extensive scouting report on each player..but I’ve forgotten most of what he said.

Sarro contends that these guys will start off slow (they face Super JaMario in Week One), but will be one of the top teams in this league as the season winds down.

I’m pretty sure Andrew’s going to make himself known on the boards…which, in the end, means more than anything.

6: The GameChangers

Last season, the GameChangers had themselves some of the strangest games we’ve seen in the past three seasons.

– Playing without Pat Shea, the GameChangers defeat a fully-loaded RRR squad.

– Playing against the Beavers (without Keeney), the Changers are throttled. The team spends most of the game yelling at each other…watching Sacks hit shot after shot.

– Playing as the #7 seed, the Changers open a 20-point lead on Young Money…only to let that lead diminish…and head into overtime. Four Overtimes later, the Changers pull off the upset and advance to the next round.

– Changers, this time with Pat Shea, faceoff against RRR. Pat goes to the line with the game on the line…and ya’ll know the rest.

It was the perfect ending for GC’s wild season. I think you could attribute some of their inconsistencies to their unstable roster (PAT SHEA).

From what I’m hearing, it seems to be a similar case this season. It looked like Rodney was adding B1East stud, Bryan Bingham, but that fell through. Chas is moving to Cali. Danny Shea is rumored to be out….Ryan Shea is rumored to be in. Is Pat Shea coming back? Who knows?

5: Super JaMario

Sooooopa J is back…and with basically a brand-new roster.

The off-season was full of turmoil.

– The Barrett brothers have “moved-on” and created their own team….taking John along with them.

– Swannie, tired of playing with Sarro, has decided to leave the North.

– Young Money, dissolving just weeks before the start of the season, left some serious talent on the waiver wire….which I quickly scavenged.

Super J won the lottery here. Danny Siuda and Bobby Skanes are two of the most-versatile players that the B2N offers….plus, Skanes can dunk. Sooooo, yeah.

Oh, and we picked up Jesse Singal. He’s got a little Dave Keeney in him…yeah, I just compared him to the 2-time MVP winner. No pressure, big guy.

4: Ravishing Rick Rude

RRR is back….and from what I can see, exactly the same.

What is there to say, really? Everyone know what to expect from these guys; Freddy and Mason pick up the bulk of the scoring; Ruppert takes care of the boards; Adams, Ritchie and Imbrigs all bring the sex-appeal to the B2North. Been there, done that.

What’s also “been done” is RRR making it deep into the playoffs only to lose before the championship. I have to imagine losing like that has grown tiresome for them…I can relate to that…personally.

I spoke to Freddy a few weeks ago, he mentioned that Ruppert is likely out for the first two weeks. I’m hoping Brierley borrowed some of Adams’ HGH supply before the start of the season. They’re going to need him to play HUGE if Ruppert is out.

3: Put a Beat On

Jamil Ball got himself a free league when his team won the 3v3 Tounry a few weeks ago and decided to use it wisely, with an entry into the B2North.

Anyone who knows Jamil is aware of his tendency of sandbagging teams (meaning, his teams are normally really, really, really good). So, even though we haven’t seen any of these guys play, I’m willing to give them the #3 slot. Some of his guys played in the B15v5 and, more impressively, put up some good numbers.

Lets just say, I’m not excited to play them. And ya’ll shouldn’t be either.

2: Abusement Park

Ranking the defending champions second is probably disrespectful, huh? Eh, they’ll deal with it.

Abusement fought off all comers last season, led by the MVP, Craig Henricksen. As the league knows all too well; they don’t win with flash, but they do win…a lot.

Not a whole lot to say about these guys…they were good last season, they’ll be good this season, too. No one could guard Craig last season, can any of our newbies slow the big man down?

1: Jack Em N Hack Em


Check out the roster, they’re stacked. Jtho and the Barrett’s are good enough to put a team deep into the playoffs…but throw in B1East Champion Kyle Silva and Wooowwww. That’s deadly.

The Barrett’s are also bringing in two new guys (Strange, Crowe) and let’s face it….those two guys are probably really good. Sooooo, yeah….the league should take notice.

PreSeason All Star Rosters

First Team:

Kyle Silva
Josh Barrett
Bobby Skanes
Craig Henricksen

Second Team

Brian Fredrickson
Jeff Mason
Bobby Haas
Brain Barrett

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