B2 North Preview

I can’t believe it, but games start MONDAY. As in, THIS Monday. Wow. Anyway, here’s a Power-Poll. BOOM,

8: The StepDads (Chris Kamen You)
Key Players: Tomas Alivez, Jason Heald

Tomas changed the team name, but I’m going to continue refering to the squad as the StepDads until they’ve won a game.

Last season went, well, poorly. While Tomas and Jason Heald scored some awesome stats, it didn’t translate to any wins. The core has returned (Dunbar, Tomas, Heald) and they’ll be flanked by a couple of dudes that I’ve never seen play. Hopefully Tomas can hit us up with some sort of scouting report before Monday.

7: Young Money
Key Players: Jevic Muteba, Teddy Hayes

The ONLY brand-new team to the league (which is crazy), but luckily for me, I actually know most of these guys and have a little idea of what to expect.

Jevic is a name that everyone should quickly learn, he immediately become the best athlete in the B2North, crazy hops, insane quickness and big enough to slow down some of the giants that play in the North. The only question that remains concerns his commitment, can he make it to all these games? His captain (Dom Federico) isn’t so sure.

6: GameChangers
Key Players: Bobby Haas, Danny Shea

The team that stuggled through the entire regular season was thisclose from beating the eventual B2North champions (Industrial Economics) a few weeks ago. One reason they kept that game so close? The implementation of the 2-2 Zone! I mean, they have a Shea on their team, those dudes ONLY play Zone-defense. What took so long? They definetly have the tools; Shea and Clifford have awesome wingspans, Chas is quick enough to recover on shooters and Bobby single-handily controls the boards. I’m assuming the 2-2 zone is now a GameChanger staple.

The Changers are only running with five now, so that should solve some of Chas’ questionable substitutions…but fewer players also offers the danger of getting someone hurt and being left with no subs. Annnnnd of course that scary-truth has already reared its head. Chas cut his hand open Friday, he’s out for the first two weeks. Oh, and breaking-news, Danny Shea (“dickysimpkins” on the boards) isn’t a sure-thing to play this season….yikes.

5: Biddeford Tigers
Key Players: Chris Coffey (2nd Team All-Star), Dimitios Makos

Another team that struggled in the regular season only to blossom during the playoffs, Chris Coffey and the Tigers are back….but according the roster, no Picardi or Houghton, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. I’ve seen Makos play, so losing Picardi shouldn’t kill them. But absence of one of the B2’s best energy-guys (Houghton) is rough. Coffey’s got a couple of dudes I’ve never heard of, but he generally brings in ballers. I wouldn’t be surpirsed if he kinda stacked this team, he doesn’t enjoy losing.

4: Beacontown Beavers
Key Players: Dave Keeney (Two-Time B2N MVP), Joe Sacks (2nd Team All-Star)

What to say? Tremendous regular season…heartbreak in the playoffs. Is this their M.O.? Yikes.

Everyone should know by know what to expect against these guys. Keeney is a monster on both ends, Sacks is an offensive machine….but where’s their third guy, Freddy Wyshak? He’s on the roster, but last I heard, he had moved to New York. Is he planning on commuting? Or have the Beavers added another guy? If Cush is the crafty GM I think he is, we should be seeing at least one new face Monday night.

3: Abusement Park
Key Players: Craig Henricksen, Mike Sorrentino, Brian Gelow (2nd Team AllStar), Jason Baklavas

Soooooo much talent on this team, seriously. Where’s the weakness? Anyone know? Glumac’s probably upset, he hates when I boast about his teams, but I can’t help it. They’re soooooooooo good!

….I got nothing else, really. I think Jesse Brown should come back…love that guy.

2: Slampig Millionaires
Key Players: John Thompson, Brian Barret (2nd Team AllStar)

That’s right, #2! I feel great about this team! Why the optimism? No, we didn’t get rid of Jtho (Rob Greenfield is gone, unfortunetly). We added some solidddddddd basketball players, Justin Sarro and Josh Barrett (Brian’s younger brother.)

Now, you might be feeling weary, envisioning two Barrett monsters roaming around the WSNC, but Josh doesn’t measure up to Brian like that. Here’s the scouting report from his bro:

“Tall shooting guard with range, owns most of my post moves. Not a great ball handler but a solid defender and is ALMOST as smart as me.”

I’d say Sarro fits the mold of RRR’s Jon Adams, super-strong, active defender. But, unlike Adams, Sarro will kill defenders from the outside. Pairing him with Swannie offers the league’s best defensive backcourt, IMO.

This team should be good, despite their shitting point guard.

1: Ravishing Rick Rude
Key Players: Jeff Mason (OPOY, 1st Team AllStar), Brian Fredricksen (2nd Team AllStar), Jon Ruppert

The boys are back…and this time, they’ll likely have a chip on their shoulder. RRR failed to grab the North title a few weeks ago, I doubt they took that well.

Brian (GM of the Season) is bringing back basically the same roster, so if anything, with another season playing with each under their belt, we should see some improvement. Here’s Mason’s thoughts on the roster:

“We should have the same squad except for 1 guy. If you remember we had Dave Shane for a few games last year, but he tore his ACL skiing. (If you ask me, the GM screwed that up by letting him go skiing during the season…haha.) But we didn’t have him during the playoffs obviously, which hurt us in our loss.

We picked up my friend Matt Brierley. He’s already said he knows he’ll be a “role player”. He’s got pretty good size, and should be able to help us battle some of the bigger players inside. He can step outside and hit a jumper (or the occasional 3-pt), but he isn’t a real threat to create on his own. It wouldn’t be out of the question for him to be a combination of Joakim Noah’s energy/grit, Mehmet Okur’s shooting, and Brendan Haywood’s D/physicality…although I’ll be extremely pleased if he can do that all. He’s going to be the most valuable 6ppg-5rpg guy in the league. With all that said, we essentially got him to defend a guy like Donlan if we saw Industrial Economics again, but of course they aren’t playing this year. We’ll see how it all works out.”

RRR had the deepest bench in the league last season (Adams, Ritchie, Imbriglio)….it looks like they just got deeper.

Should be a great season, lines will be up tomorrow!

…and oh yeah, it’s supposed to rain Monday. Awesome.

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