B2 North Spring 2011 Preview

By FPlaise

Hello, my name is Francis Plaise and I have just joined the C.A.C. staff. I’m very excited to be a part of the C.A.C. basketball league and can’t wait to get started next Monday. I don’t have too much knowledge on the teams in the league as I am a rookie to this statkeeper position, so maybe I can just tell you a little about myself. I’m originally from Rockland County, New York but moved out here to pursue a career in professional wrestling (I can see your faces now —> :shock: ). Back in New York I used to play in an upstart football league in New Jersey called TownBeef, which is a no-pad tackle football league….yes I said no-pads lol. The league was very fun and competitive and I used to do write-ups for the 2010 season while playing for the Rockland Rocboyz. (if you want to check it out it’s http://www.townbeef.com, view one video and your hooked lol) Ever since I joined that league in 2008 I’ve been wanting to be a part of a basketball league that had the same idea of TownBeef and C.A.C. Basketball is the closest thing I’ve seen so far. I like the legitimacy of the league and from what I seen from the Winter Playoffs @ C.A.C. I was very impressed, and I can’t wait to get this B2 North league off and running. From what I’ve heard, there’s one team that is the definite team to watch in this league, and it is Jack ‘Em N Hack ‘Em. The name is great because I already know what I’m in for lol. I expect the other 5 teams in this league to step up and dethrone the defending champs but I know that a champion never goes down without a fight. Good luck to Tummy Sticks, Lo and Behold, Nation of Allocation, Excessive Wipings, Jack Em N Hack Em and Data Nuggets this upcoming season!

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