B2 North/East Awards

Here are my awards for the season as voted upon by, well, me and me alone with no help from anyone, ever.  Therefore, please send all thank you cards and gifts to me and me alone. And if you have a serious problem with any of these awards and feel really angry about it, well, Serge helped me pick them and was probably responsible for whatever you are angry about, so please see them the next time you are at CAC.




North: ìEFPGî Matty O, Genzyme In a season that truly had no real dominant superstud as we have in the past, it was finally the time for a player like Matty O to garner some MVP support and take home the award. In addition to being Everyoneís Favorite Point Guard, he is the prototype point guard that can shoot, pass, control the offense, and play great defense against the opposing teamís best player. Well earned and itís about time! Take that, Connelly!

Also receiving votes if I had asked for them: ìCOî Chris OíConnell,  NWO


East: Paul Collins, Big Tickets. The best player on the best team in the league will usually get you the MVP award, and Collins was no different. A fantastic inaugural season at the CAC for Collins as he did it all for the #1 ranked BTís. Please note that he is not eligible for ROY because he got MVP, even though it makes little sense that it is his 1st season. But it makes CAC sense, and that is all that matters.

Also receiving votes if I had asked for them: Mike Mohr, Sparhwaks




North: ìCaptain Americaî Ken Cleary, Cleary Club Ken re-assembled an already solid team to be maybe the most the favorite for the title (sorry, G-Unit). With all that talent, you are bound to have some rough patches during the season with the egos involved, but that looks to be all behind them now as Ken has his team playing great ball just at the right time. Is his 1st CAC title in the works? Stay tuned.  

Also receiving votes if I had asked for them: BFab, Genzyme (I am sure heíll win it in another league?)


East: Chris Glasser, Ragin Rondos Even though Mr. Glasser has accused me of man love for Jon ìGood Timesî Evans, he is well deserving of this award. Not only did he assemble his talented team, but he made sure everyone got their moneyís worth as he had a very complex subbing schedule to get everybody playing time. I admire that as I have seen quite a few teams not play certain players, which I think stinks, as everyone pays the same amount. Good for Glasser I say and he is a model citizen in that regard, not to mention a solid player in his own right. My pre-season #1 doesnít look all that bad heading into the playoffs.

Also receiving votes if I had asked for them: Tom Duval, Solid Gold




North: ìCOî Chris OíDonnell, NWO The misunderstood CO came into the league with high expectations of both point totals and technical fouls. But so far it has only been the former as he has scored plenty of points, with out getting a single technical foul. He has this team a serious threat for a title and Mike D says itís inevitable. Stay tuned.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Jake Acosta, Averge Joeís


East: James McCarron, Solid Gold What a pickup for Solid Gold as McCarronís jumper is as smooth as a landing at the LV airport. His outside shooting is exactly what SG needed to compete in this league and they have to be considered dangerous come playoff time. Great 1st season for Mr. McCarron.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Sara Drosdik, Lazy Eyes




North: Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club Do I really have to provide an explanation for this one? Anyone who has ever tried to drive the lane on Cleary Club knows Meyer is the most dominant defensive presence in the north since the Abominable Snowman. Heís athletic, tall and long ñ a womanís dream really.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Pat ìCarrot Hopî Lawson, Genzyme


East: Stephen Curwen, Lazy Eyes. This kid is the fastest person I have ever seen at the CAC. And that goes for any league. Period. He makes Pierre look like he is walking. And once he does steal it form you, forget about catching him.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Jon ìGood Timesî Evans , Ragin Rondos




North: Bryan Kessel Kopter Average Joeís/îUncle Krackerî Mark Kuether, Big State, In my mind, these guys are a mirror image of each other and when they play against each other, itís like Travolta and cage in Face-Off. Both guys had very solid seasons as they stepped up their game in all aspects: defense, shooting, passing, and no Techís (well, this only refers to Kessel really as Kuether rarely says a peep)

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: None, it was a tie.


East: Chris Mastriano, Wolverineís World. Once we finally got this guyís name right on the stats, he showed he was indeed one of the most improved players since he last played at the CAC. He is aggressive on both ends of the floor and is the unsung hero of this squad. Whitney deserves no credit.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Ian Whitney, Wolverineís World




North: Isaac ìPocketsî Sparks, Serenity Now. A perennial winner really, but this is a guy that ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont has called ìthe best teammate I have ever had. A million times better than Whitneyî Ok, so I added in the Whitney part, but still.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them:


East: Kenji Foster, Weezer  Kenji emerged onto the CAC seen with an intense enthusiasm yet very nice demeanor as he played his way throughn the season. A model citizen of the CAC really as despite his intensity and competitiveness, he plays like a gentlemen.

Also receiving votes if I asked for them: Jeff Dixon, Solid Gold





 ìEFPGî Matty Oí, Genzyme ñ still everybodyís favorite point guard and now everybodyís favorite MVP!

Chris ìCOî OíConnell, NOW ñ Misunderstood no more

 ìThe Siberian Bullî Chris Roy, Big State ñ  An off season for him still gets all 1st team honors

Patrick Spaeth, Average Joeís ñ In Spaeth We Trust ñ the Joeís moniker

Micah ìGeneralî Sherman, More Cowbell ñ  Dominant on both ends as always



Tom ìBigshotî Biggins, Serenity Now ñ like Baskin Robbins, he is making the scoop relevant again

J-Red Gustafson, Big State ñ  Came on late after a slow start ñ the exact opposite of last season for him

Danny O, NWO ñ Always steady, always solid defense, often overlooked

Mike Kmiec, Genzyme ñ One of the best when he shows up

ìThe Good Kingî Adam Kneeland and ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont, Serenity Now ñ another fine all around season from the Good King and Bermont, take your pick.



Pat ìCarrot Hopî Lawson, Genzyme ñ Thunder From Down Under opens this Fall at the CAC.

ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont, Serenity Now ñ Despite the fact he fouls alot

Phi Slamma Jamma EBrown, NWO ñ Always a block party when he is in the house.

Geoffrey Meyer, Cleary Club ñ Defensive Player of the Year

Micah ìGeneralî Sherman, More Cowbell ñ  Former Defensive Player of the Year



James McCarron, Solid Gold ñ A solid 1st season at the CAC

Steven Curwen, Lazy Eyes ñ fast, fast, fast

Paul Collins, Big Tickets ñ MVP! MVP! MVP!

Mike Mohr, Sparhawks ñ Sundayís showcase

Jon ìGood Times Evans, Ragin Rondos ñ Excitement and athleticism on both ends of the floor.



Craig ìAAAî Averett, Wolverineís World ñ Late season surge gets him on, still donít know what AAA means.

Chris Glasser, Ragin Rondos ñ Best player/coach we have at the CAC

Kevin Smith, 5th Street ñ Big man that must be dealt with

Tom Neyarapally Weezer ñ possibly the best offensive rebounder in the league

Sean McNabb, Drago ñ what is an all-star team without a McNabb?



Stephen Curwen, Lazy Eyes  -fast, fast, fast

Ken Mullane, Big Tickets ñ very solid defensively

Ian ìThe Jetî Whitney, Wolverineís World ñ did I just write this?

Jon ìGood Timesî Evans, Ragin Rondos – #1 rated defensive player

Mike Mohr, Sparhawks ñ Sundayís defensive showcase