B2 South 5v5 Awards

By ASaid

I want to thank everyone for a really enjoyable winter session. I had a lot of fun watching you guys play every week and did my best to keep accurate stats (I’m sure I missed stuff but I tried). A thanks to Mike and Dave who did a great job reffing even though I’m sure all you guys think they sucked. Reffing sucks, you’ll never be apart of a game you think was well reffed especially when you lose but these guys were consistent. Without further ado (yeah its taken too long), your end of the season awards…

James Marquedant
Week in and week out the kid was unguardable and just generally had the best basketball sense. He showed crazy court vision and coupled it with a nice stroke and led his team to a tie for first place at the end of the season. Nice playing James.

-Runner ups
Raffi Afeyan/Jeff Rieger
Raffi was a monster downlow and on the boards and teams pretty much had to give up on trying to guard him. Jeff got to the basket at will and was kind of freakish athletically. Either would have been good choices for MVP but Marq just seemed to stand out more, possibly because his team was better. But if any of you guys wanna run with me in the spring, open invitation.

Team Jordan (All 1st team/All defensive)
There was no sense in making any distinction between the first team and the all defensive team because these are the only guys for both lists. This team would be filthy to watch if there was an all-star game.

James Marquedant (44 Minutes of Hell)
Mark LeMarbre (44 Minutes of Hell)
Raffi Afeyan (Grumpy Old Men)
Jeff Rieger (Converse Weapons)
Chad Patterson (Double Dribble Dragons)

Team Pippen (All 2nd team)
Not a group of guys you’d want to play against either. Not Jordan worthy but Jordan didn’t win any ‘chips without Pippen either.

Danny Larkin (Giant Elephant)
Tom McSharry (Hurricane Ditka)
Ken Mullane (Hurricane Ditka)
Mike Rogosa (Double Dribble Dragons)
Andy Collard (Team Andy Collard)
Ken Wen (Double Dribble Dragons)

Antoine Walker All Stars (All Chuckers)
If you say to any of these guys “Don’t shoot the ball!” when they’re standing behind the arc all they here is “Shoot the ball!” Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight against these guys because they will not hesitate to fire at will.

John Kelly (Team F)
Cory Geanis (Team F)
Jake Hanson (Hurricane Ditka)
John McMinn (Giant Elephant)
Ian So (Double Dribble Dragons)

Hondo’s Heroes (All Glue Guys)
In honor of the city we all live in, an award to a Celtic and NBA great John Havlicek. Don’t get me wrong he was super filthy (Havlicek steal it! Havlicek steals the ball!) but he played with Bill Russell so you can never really consider him the best player on the team. Maybe I just like the name ‘Hondo’s Heroes’. But this award goes to the glue guys, not necessarily the best on the team, but guys you’d want to play with and ones you can count on.

Tim Schmitt (Converse Weapons)
DJ Hill (Hurricane Ditka)
Mike Delfanti (Giant Elephant)
Ralph Chiang (Double Dribble Dragons)
Brian Peckrill (44 Minutes of Hell)

Thanks again to everyone. I had a blast.

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