B2 South Awards

By LGraham

B2 South Ballas! Yes this is your MIA scorekeeper this spring returning with your post-season awards. Sorry guys I missed the last two weeks of the regular season but Watertown Recreation slapped the ankle bracelet on me two weeks ago. But none the less I’m back with your post-season awards and to wish you guys luck in the Spring 2010 playoffs.

Before I get to the awards, I just wanted to say I had a great time as a your scorekeeper and want to thank all of you for for your patience. It was a difficult I really did not want to miss the last two weeks because you guys made every Tuesday night at the West Somerville Neighborhood School exciting with some great basketball to watch. Thank you guys for a great spring.

MVP: Carlos Ribiero, Team R.O.C.
It was a tough decision that I wrestled with for the last couple of weeks but Team R.O.C runs through Carlos Ribiero. Not only does he lead B2 South with 21 points per game but he also sits a top in assists, averaging five a game.
Runner Up: Tom Waters, Scalopini;

Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Waters, Scalopini
Tom sealed the B2 South Offensive Player of Year recording a night-high 32 points last week in their 62-59 victory over Serenity Now to secure the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.
Runners Up: Bob Viercinski, I’m Nasty; Carlos Ribiero, Team R.O.C

Defensive Player of the Year: Leo Berezovskii, Junk Yard Dogs
Runners Up: Fred Bermont, Serenity Now; Dina Wavezwa, I’m Nasty; Kris Fitzgerald, Serenity Now

Tommy Award: Fred Bermont, Serenity Now
I give out the Tommy Award to the player who grits it out each game, every season. Fred was in the top three of the player and played with such intensity on every play. Appearing in eight games, he was a solid defender under the boards as well as at the other end of the court on offense.
Runners Up: Tomas Avilez, Fresh Meat; Ahmari Jacobs, Tummy Sticks
(These two guys, Tomas and Ahmari, put it all out on the line every Tuesday night. Have to appreciate all their hardwork.)

GM of the Year: Brian Wadman, Team R.O.C
Brian had a young team from Charlestown that improved every week. After a tough loss in their second game of the season to the Tummy Sticks, Wadman knew how to motivate his players and he did just that. They got their revenge last week, evening up the head-to-head match-up. Their 73-65 win to close out the B2 South regular season earned them the second seed in the playoffs with a 7-2 record.

Most Dangerous 3-Point Shooter: Tom Waters, Scalopini
Now I am sure you are saying “why does Tom get another award?” All I have to say is “have you ever seen this guy when he gets hot from beyond the arc?” He is simply unstoppable.
Runners Up: Bob Viercinski, I’m Nasty; Ryan Vanderstreet, Tummy Sticks

All-B2 South First Team
Carlos Ribiero, Team R.O.C
Tom Waters, Scalopini
Leo Berezovskii, The Junk Yard Dogs
Fred Bermont, Serenity Now

All-B2 South Second Team
Ryan Vanderstreet, Tummy Sticks
Jamie McDonald, Scalopini
Randy Gambaro, Team R.O.C
Bob Viercinski, I’m Nasty

All-B2 South Honorable Mention
Kris Fitzgerald, Serenity Now
Tomas Avilez, Fresh Meat
Ahmari Jacobs, Tummy Sticks
Dina Waveswa, I’m Nasty

B2 South it was a great season with you guys over at WSNS. Once again I am sorry I could not see you through to the end. Looking forward to returning in the fall after my Watertown summer league action is finished. And also sorry these awards were late. I meant to have them completed Friday afternoon.

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